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Category : Lifestyle

If I Were a Robot…

If I was a

If I were a robot…what would I need to know? I can’t stop thinking about this question. Specifically, I am recently consumed by the question: How do you teach a robot human behavior? WARNING: I am about to geek out about robots, technology and artificial intelligence in this post. Interested? Terrified? Baffled? Read on. The […]

Looking for Sports Coaches!

Sports Coaches

Are you a coach? Do you know anyone who coaches a sports team? We want to run a power posing experiment and we need your help. Here at the Science of People we run all kinds of crazy experiments. And we are ready to start our next one. Will you help? Hypothesis: Does body language prime you […]

How To Be Great

How to Be-3

In 1885, a monk set out to run a 1,000 day marathon. Specifically he and his fellow monks ran 40 kilometers a day for 100 days. Yes, you read that right. 40 kilometers per day! They did this for 5 years. They are called the Gyoja, or marathon monks and they do the impossible. For […]

The Psychology of Revenge

The Psychology of Revenge

A blogger was stealing my ideas. And it made me very, very angry. Like foot stomping, slobbery snarling, pirate cursing angry. Let me back up…I give a slice of my heart and thumb every time I write for this blog. (Don’t worry they regrow pretty fast). Basically, I LOVE writing for the Science of People—and […]

The Moral Molecule: How Trust Works

July Bookclub

Do you love to cuddle? Do you often have that warm and fuzzy feeling when you meet someone? Then you know oxytocin. Oxytocin is a powerful little molecule that our body produces to help us build relationships and as we will learn in this book it is a huge part of what shapes our world. […]

Are You Successful?

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 10.37.50 AM

We are in the process of researching success and I want to hear from you! We are doing a massive research experiment on success and our perceptions of what makes people successful. We want to know if there are patterns or behavioral markers of successful people and what the major differences are between successful and unsuccessful […]

How to Beat Burn-Out

How to Beat Burnout

Are you in a funk? Are you exhausted or overwhelmed? Are you in burn-out? If so, you are not alone. For this post I decided to answer a reader question I think we can all relate to: “Hey Vanessa! I love the science of people and I am hoping you can shed some light on […]

Supercharge Your Next Corporate Retreat


Do you have a corporate retreat coming up? Vanessa and the Science of People team can help make your next company off-site or corporate retreat a wonderful experience for your team. It’s time for a new kind of corporate retreat. We have worked with over 75,000 participants in the last 10 years and have consulted […]

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Bucket List

Bucket List Guide

Are you living the life you want to live? 7 months ago I was sitting on the beach in Thaliand with my husband gearing up to play with a local baby elephant. Suddenly my husband got an alert on his phone. He was silent for a few minutes while peering intently at the screen. Worried […]

Why Couples Fight: The Top 5 Issues

Why Couples Fight_ The Top 5 Issues

I love to talk about love—even some of the darker parts of coupledom like arguments, fights and problems. After all, without the dark we wouldn’t have the light! Most of us don’t realize that there are patterns to how we fight…and make-up if we so choose to work at it. Ask yourself: Are you having […]

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