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Category : Lifestyle

The Science of Willpower

The Science of

Your mind can do anything. The question is: can your spirit? Willpower is a combination of courage, mental stamina and determination. New Years resolutions are upon us, and you need to be mentally strong to prepare to meet your goals. As humans, we have tremendous capability. We can solve complicated problems, dream and imagine new […]

The Science of First Impressions

The Science of First Impressions

First impressions are everything. In most business situations, you only get one chance to sell your product or yourself. Whether you’re at a networking event or you’re doing a sales pitch to a potential client, you must focus on presenting yourself in the best way possible. You can do this by utilizing the proper body […]

3 Steps to Design Your Life

Life Design Workbook

Every year, New Year’s rolls around and I am consumed by should’s: I should make a New Year’s resolution. I should lose 10 pounds. I should start that project. This year, I want it to be different. My team and I started talking about New Year’s back in July this year because I wanted to do […]

30 Gift Ideas That People Will Actually Like

30 Gifts that People Will Actually Like

We’ve all gotten a gift we didn’t like– maybe a fruit cake from Aunt Kathy or an itchy sweater from Cousin Joe. Or maybe we’ve given a subpar gift to someone, unsure of what they like or their preferences– are they more of a Backstreet Boys or an NSYNC fan? Do they prefer books, clothes […]

How to Be Right All the Time

How to Be

I was wrong. I picked the book “Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error” by Kathryn Schulz, and it sounded like a good choice for the Science of People book club. I was wrong. This post is all about how to be really good at being wrong. Yes, I tricked you. I titled this […]

The Secret of Charismatic People

Secret of Charismatic People

In one moment I learned my first major secret to people. Let me tell you the story: Back in college, I was standing talking to one of my favorite professors at the club fair. Dr. David Edwards was not only my psychology professor at the time, but he was also one of the most beloved […]

The Willpower Instinct

Science of People

Want to get more done? Think you need to be more successful? Willpower is the answer. There is a science to getting things done and it doesn’t have anything to do with your to do list. Nope, it all comes down to willpower. For our Science of People book club this month I have chosen: […]

The Science of Great Conversation

The Science of Great Conversation

You’re going to a party, networking event or cocktail hour to meet new contacts and make connections. However, you always have a problem figuring out how to approach people, no matter what the situation. Thankfully, there are skills you can hone and then use in social or business settings. They may be verbal or nonverbal, […]

Post Traumatic Growth

Post Traumatic Growth

Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Our wounds, our failures and our challenges eventually heal. And if we’re lucky, we become stronger because of them. Today I want to make sure: You heal stronger. You don’t bounce back, you bounce forward. You recover better. What do we do when bad things happen to good […]

What’s the Best Thing You Ever Built?

best thing you built

Are you a builder? I don’t just mean a physical builder–I also mean an emotional builder. Have you built a company? A story? An idea? A team? I’m playing with a new idea that we, as humans are all builders. One of my favorite things to do in my courses is to ask our students and […]

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