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Category : Lifestyle

The Secret Behind How The New York Times Creates Viral Articles


This guest post is written by Robby Smith. Robby is on the Science of People Team and is working toward his certification as a Certified Body Language Trainer and Coach. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.    Have you ever wondered what makes a story so compelling? Or why certain stories go viral? At the Science […]

What Tango Taught Me About People


I really love this…and I really hate it. Thats how I felt about tango approximately 7 minutes into my first class. Tango totally blindsided me. I agreed to go with a friend thinking it would be something fun to try on a Wednesday night. Little did I know that it would ROCK MY WORLD. I should […]

A man’s body was Photoshopped to show different beauty standards around the world

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 5.35.58 PM

What does the ideal man look like? The answer may depend on where you live. Superdrug Online Doctor conducted research to better understand body image issues around the world. In Part I of their study, they asked 18 female graphic designers to modify an original photo of a woman to match their own culture’s definition […]

Woman’s Photoshop Experiment Shows There Are Many Ways to Be Beautiful

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 5.36.57 PM

What makes someone beautiful? How do even we define beauty? Perceptions and beliefs surrounding beauty are widely debated: blond and blue-eyed or brunette and curvy? Dark skin and dark hair or light skin and light eyes? Superdrug Online Doctor conducted an eye-opening experiment called ‘Perceptions of Perfection Across Borders‘ where they aimed to discover the answer to: […]



How do our brains process? How do we think without thinking? How do we make decisions at home, at work, in the kitchen, in the bedroom? Let’s discover how often our best decisions are those that are impossible to explain to others. Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking By: Malcolm Gladwell Book Description: In […]

9 Ways to Increase Your Social Intelligence


How smart are you? We usually answer this question by referring to IQ, test scores and our grades in school. True intelligence is about both book smarts and street smarts. That Guy On my first day of college, I met Max. He was unloading all of his boxes right outside our dorm. Average height and build, brown […]

What Your Favorite Cereal Says About You

Favorite Cereal

Cereal is an incredibly important part of our waking lives. Here at the Science of People we decided to study the behavioral patterns of cereal eating. We believe this is the next frontier in behavioral, psychological, economical, emotional and spiritual well-being. I stumbled upon this idea when a friend recently asked me the question: If […]

How to Get Psyched Up for a First Date

How to Get Psyched for a First Date

This guest post is written by Shannon McNay. Shannon is a freelance writer and co-founder of Off The Rails, a mentorship platform for creative women. You can follow her on Twitter at @shannonmcnay. First dates can arouse in us the most complicated emotions. On the one hand, going on a first date is like partaking in a potential […]

The Scientific Benefits of Music

Scientific Benefits of music

This guest post is written by Danielle M. Baker. Danielle is a manager with Science of People and a certified body language trainer. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or even better, follow her on Instagram and see pictures of her cats.  Did you know that listening to music is good for your health? Crank up the tunes […]

How My Brain Works


This guest post is written by Dave Wolf. Dave is on the Science of People Team working towards his Body Language Trainer Certification. He has been teaching Special Education for the past 6 years and does some side work in Sound Engineering and as a Reiki practitioner. He is a fan of water-sports, College Football […]

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