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Melanie Nashan is extraordinary. As a destination wedding photographer based out of Livingston, Montana, she has been chosen as one of America’s top wedding photographers by Photo District News, and her work has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, The Knot, Style Me Pretty and Snippet & Ink.

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Photo By Melanie Nashan


Her Mission:

I see myself as a visual historian and love creating photographs that capture the love that people share with the people around them.

I wanted to feature Melanie because of her inspiring vision, her story and how she learned to close the deal. I met Melanie as a student on our Supercharge Your Sales with Body Language course and was blown away when I heard how the course had changed her business.

Photo By Melanie Nashan

Photo By Melanie Nashan

The Struggle:

Melanie explained to me that she was had been using basic body language skills as a wedding photographer and helping in her husband’s watch company, but

“I felt that I was missing something and wanted to know how to find out what people were thinking and feeling and to be able to respond to their thoughts and feelings even if they weren’t able to articulate them.”

One of the most important skills for building a business is being able to spot and address customer hesitations. Melanie tapped into this need. More importantly,

“I also was having a problem closing sales and really couldn’t understand why.”

Sealing the deal is one of the toughest things about running your own business. There is an art and science to selling which we were able to teach Melanie. Read on…

The Turning Point:

In our course we explain sales in a 4 step process. Melanie rocked through it and understood how the Dynamic Nonverbal Sales Model can change your business:

“Vanessa presented each aspect of learning how to sell with body language in a very systematic way. I never felt overwhelmed with too much information or bored with information being repeated too often. I felt there was useful information in every segment of her presentation.”

Melanie told me that she had a few favorite skills she picked up in the course, not only did she supercharge her first impression:

“Whenever I meet someone for the first time I make the most of those first few seconds by using the power and trust nonverbal from your course.”

We also taught her the importance of timing to get the close.

“When I am talking with a client I can spot disinterest signals to address them. I now know how to get them to open up to the conversation again with anti-blocking skills.”

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Photo By Melanie Nashan

The Skills:

I think it is incredibly important to keep improving our courses. So, we asked Melanie which skills helped her the most so we could focus on them as we add to the course. Her list blew us away! Here are the specific skills she said helped her most:

  • “Vanessa made me aware of how people judge each other and how the first few seconds of an interaction are omni important.
  • Her advice on how much non-verbal interaction transpires is really dumbfounding. I now see it as another language that has to be practiced.
  • Her tips on how to present yourself in a warm and competent manner are easy to implement.
  • The information she shares makes good common sense and is also backed up with scientific fact from a variety of people and institutions which makes it more believable for skeptics.
  • Facial expressions have always been of interest to me. Paying attention to the seven most common expressions, and being able to label them is incredibly helpful to me both professionally and personally.
  • I have recorded myself doing my 30 second elevator pitch several times. It has been so helpful to watch my body language, facial expressions and to listen to the tone and inflections of my voice. I had a very different idea of how people perceived me.”

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