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Our Body Language Certification Program has yielded amazing trainers and coaches. We get tons of emails from people asking if we have trainers in their area. We wanted to publish a post with our current list of cities.

Check out the maps and bios below, here is the full list. Simply click the link of the location you’re interested to insta-jump to the trainer in your area:


USA Body Language Trainers

Danielle M. Baker

Location: Portland, OR

Bio: Danielle M. Baker is a Certified Body Language Trainer and Coach through the Science of People, a human behavior lab in Portland, OR. Danielle has had the opportunity to present to and train professionals, entrepreneur groups, rotary clubs and students. Most people don’t realize how important body language and nonverbal communication is in our daily lives, so she has the amazing opportunity to help people harness that superpower. As a native Floridian and graduate of the University of Florida, Danielle now resides in Portland, OR.

Specialties: Female Entrepreneurs, Government Groups, High-functioning Autistic Teens & Adults, Networking Organizations


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danielle m baker, danielle mcrae, science of people, body language

Allie Irwin

Location: Lansing, MI

Bio: Allie teaches mad skilled, STEM professionals the people skills they didn’t learn in school and loves working with smart, funny people who are ready to get things done. With Body Language Training Certification, Life Coach training and a degree in Mechanical Engineering, her fusion of deep science with deep listening unlocks the proven power of body language to transform your business and personal relationships. Through group workshops and private consulting she loves to talk about the Art of Negotiations, Interviewing, Persuasion and Decoding Hidden Emotions.

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Allie Irwin

Todd Fonseca

Location: Andover, MN

Bio: A twenty year medical device executive, published author, columnist, and international speaker, Fonseca specializes in leadership development at all levels working with clients ranging from High School students to Fortune 100 executives. Like all skills, executive presence, confidence, and inspiring leadership can be learned, and Fonseca’s experience and engaging methods entertain, inform, and transform his clients and audiences.

Todd Fonseca PDF

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Todd Fonseca

Jeff Baird

Location: Lehi, UT

Bio: Jeff Baird lives in Utah with his wife and kids. For almost 10 years he’s worked as a Business Intelligence engineer, assisting organizations measure progress towards goals. He’s a certified body language trainer helping individuals, groups & companies to increase their nonverbal impact. Additionally he is a certified mentor through, teaching addiction prevention & Self Mastery.

Jeff Baird


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Jeff Baird

Leo (pronounced Lay-O) Cardenas

Location: Dallas, TX

Bio: Leo is a Certified Body Language Trainer and a Master Griller. Since the beginning of his career as a trainer, Leo has continuously utilized body language techniques to not only improve his delivery, but also as a tool to help his students become better trainers.Leo callas Dallas, Texas his home, but calls the aisle seat of an airplane his office. His trainings are delivered in both English and Spanish in the United States and all over South America.Having worked as an entrepreneur, as a trainer for small businesses, and as principal instructor for a large corporation has given Leo a unique approach to training that fits any need. And if your body language training has to be done 1 on 1, and on a golf course, you won’t be breaking his heart.


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Leo Cardenas

Anthony Awerbuch

Location: Passaic, NJ

Bio: Anthony Awerbuch is a certified Body Language Trainer and an expert in facial expression identification. He earned his certifications through Science of People, The Paul Ekman Group and Humintell. Anthony grew up in South Africa when television was a novelty and boys had to dig deep to find amusement. He served in SA Army College and did basic training in The Armour Tank Corps where he had his first encounter with body language in a military police interrogation. He traveled extensively in the Middle East as he worked in many varied vocations incl security, construction and landscaping to support what he calls his “time of discovery”. Anthony immigrated to the US in 1998 where he has enjoyed a successful corporate career and gained extensive experience in managing people and developing talent. Anthony came to the realization in his corporate career that having the most brilliant ideas just doesn’t cut it. To ensure success we need to be able to captivate our audience in a compelling way. He began to concentrate more and more on mentoring and discovered that he is most alive when he is inspiring others to super charge their influence and what better way than through the purposeful engagement of our body language because our face and body really do speak louder than words.

Specialties: Corporate Management, In-house Recruitment Specialists and Recruitment Agencies, Job seekers

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Anthony Awerbuch

Kelly Blackwell

Location: Pensacola, FL

Bio: Kelly is a Certified Body Language Trainer with more than 15 years of award-winning experience in hospitality and graphic design. With true Southern style and charm, Kelly applies her unique perspective of body language training with visual, verbal and nonverbal communication to help individuals and companies cultivate experiences that matter. Whether you are a creative interested in learning how nonverbal communication can steer a client meeting in your direction or are in need of pointers on how to resolve internal service industry issues through effective communication, Kelly can help you improve client collaborations, enhance guest experiences and increase revenue. Kelly currently resides in Pensacola, Florida.

kelly blackwell

Specialties: Hospitality Industry Professionals, Creatives, Job Seekers, Awkward People

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Kelly Blackwell

José Piña

Location: Houston, TX

Bio: José has a background in the restaurant and construction industries where he realized body language was a needed fundamental skill. Forced to master people skills at a young age due to a change in location and language, he now exudes joy while teaching others the science of nonverbal communication. The greater goal is to position himself as a building block in the foundation of your future goals. He uses his strong ENTJ personality to drive people to excel in their own presence and impact those around them. A self proclaimed “functional” psychopath (do not fret, he’s safe), the only crazy about him is the amount of focus and ambition he commits to his students.

J Zyncd Body Language PDF

José Piña One Sheet

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Jose Pina

Mark Logue

Location: Delray Beach, FL

Bio: Today, Mark Anthony Logue is an elite Tony Robbins Peak Performance Coach, Influence Trainer & Presentation Professional.  Mark is currently one of the key Body Language Experts in the Real Estate/Mortgage industry. Since emigrating to America from Ireland, Mark has over 20 years experience as a Real Estate Investor and successful Entrepreneur. As a corporate leader in Wells Fargo; running a joint venture in the North East Division, Mark was responsible for taking his division to an increase in sales and profitability of over 400% in a three year period. Mark is currently dividing his results coaching between multi-million dollar businesses and individuals seeking improvement in their personal relationships. Having played Collegiate level Futbol (Soccer) on a full university scholarship and then having played Semi-Pro in the North East United States for 10 years, Mark attributes much of his understanding of discipline, focus and team dynamics to time spent on many successful teams. Mark uses the strengths of understanding team dynamics and effective communication in both the business level coaching and with his individual clients.  Mark is presently on a public speaking tour to share the power of Body language and Sales and how Masculine & Feminine energy can shape our personal and business lives.

Specialties: Business Language of Sales and Negotiations


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Mark Logue

Marcello Guglielmi

Location: Manhattan, NY

Bio: Dr. Marcello Guglielmi is an Oral & MaxilloFacial Surgeon. Author of scientific publications and a book chapter in his specialty, Marcello is a Certified Body Language Trainer.

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Marcello Guglielmi

Virginia Jimenez

Location: Pinecrest, FL

BioVirginia Jimenez is a transformational and relationship coach who believes that when we explore, discover and take action, you can lead an extraordinary life. Known for bringing out the best in others, she’s committed to increase the wealth of individuals and organizations by improving their communication and relationship skills. Her workshops are a bridge to understanding the power of choice, presence and one’s perceptiveness.

She studied Business Administration and has a bachelor’s in Finance from Florida International University (2007), is a former Landmark Forum graduate, Tony Robbins UPW fire walker, and a certified Body Language Coach through the Science of People. After years of experience in a corporate setting, she underwent her own transformation moving from the corporate world to her calling as a coach and entrepreneur.

Last, but not least, she’s a parent, fitness instructor, creative poet and life-long goal-getter. One of her favorite quotes is:

Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position.” M. Gandhi

Virginia Jimenez, TMHC Sales Pitch and Negotiation Workshop 2016


Podcast Website

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Lisa Mitchell

Location: Fishers, IN

Bio: Founder of Power Body Language, Lisa Mitchell is a Certified Body Language Trainer and Non Verbal Skills Coach. She is also an entrepreneur, 18 year corporate operations veteran, mother to an awesome 10 year old, and want-to-be yogi. In her words: “My goal is to help everyone I meet master the ‘SuperPower’ of Body Language. It’s a skill we are all born with, and with just a little targeted training and practice, it can be strengthened just like any muscle. Taking control of your non verbal power will increase your confidence in any situation, make you more charismatic, and help you leave a powerful, positive impression on the people you interact with.”

Lisa Mitchell PDF


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Lisa Mitchell

Kyle McNatt

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Bio: Everybody wants to be understood and make meaningful connections whether in business or in their personal life.  That is what understanding body language does for you, and that is why Kyle became a certified body language trainer.  He helps people communicate better with coaching, workshops, and speaking at events around the country.  This makes them happier and more successful, which makes Kyle happier and more successful. Kyle is based in Phoenix Arizona but loves to travel, so if you want to book him for your event in Hawaii or Costa Rica…I think that can definitely be arranged.


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kyle mcnatt

Tosha Alani :o)

Location: Seattle, WA

Bio: Tosha has a BA in Psychology from the University of WA, she has been fascinated with the science of human behavior ever since she was a wee child :o) – constantly wondering about the who, what, where, why and how of it all.

Over the last few years, her ambition has been seeking out her why and listening to the cues of the Universe ;o). She aspires to make a difference with Love, Intention, & Purpose – to change lives, and to love the heck out of doing it – Yay!

Her professional background is in Real Estate, she loves the interactions she gets to have & the spectrum of people she gets to work with (and the negotiating!). She’s from Seattle, WA – adores her city, has a Mini-Aussie named Jai – which she’s absolutely smitten over, and loves traveling. Silly Factoid: When she’s eating something a-mazing, she unknowingly starts to dance in her seat, now that’s some body language congruent with her taste buds – happy dance!

Empowering others about body language coupled with emotional intelligence speaks to her at the core. She’s open to travel and being utilized where she best fits. She loves the entrepreneurial spirit and working with small companies teaching body language and helping bring their business to the next level – she finds immense JOY in impacting others lives to make a difference all while having a ton of fun doing it ~ !

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tosha alani, science of people, science of people body language trainers

Chris Cook

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Bio: Chris Cook provides you the skills you need to get your team’s body language game on point! He believes anyone and everyone can learn to communicate more effectively and authentically with the use of appropriate body language in any situation. Chris delivers high-energy speaking engagements, workshops, and coaching sessions. Now have fun discovering and unlocking a new way of seeing the world by contacting Chris today!

Specialties: Sales Training, Entrepreneurs, Hospitality, Customer Service, Politicians


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Chris Cook

Kristin Bock

Location: Oshkosh, WI

Bio: Kristin Bock is a certified body language trainer and coach. As a communication architect at “Body Language Blueprints”, Kristin designs custom plans to build and improve nonverbal interactions. As a trainer, she not only teaches the foundation of body language, but also the science behind it. Kristin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and has over two decades of experience in the caregiving field. She has worked in a variety of positions including a Live-in Manager at a group home, Management Supervisor, and Human Resources Specialist. For the past 13 years, Kristin has been honing her public speaking skills as an Employee Trainer, where she became aware of the true power of body language. As a lifelong learner, she has combined her psychology background and teaching skills with her love of body language. As a certified body language trainer and coach, her goal is to educate and empower others to reveal their inner awesome. By teaching necessary nonverbal skills, she gives clients tools and blueprints to successfully interact with others. Kristin does group and corporate speaking engagements as well as one-on-one coaching sessions.

kristin bock

Specialties: Supporting caregivers and people with developmental disabilities/mental illness


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Kristin Bock

Shana Compton

Location: Between Dallas/Fort Worth and Oklahoma City

Bio: Shana is a Certified Body Language Trainer who possesses a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate Degrees in Education. She taught 12+ years in the public school system as well as several years at the University level. Having an entrepreneurial spirit and a burning urge to be her own boss she left the teaching profession and started doing corporate training, as she loves to work with people and enjoys providing them with information that can help them in their daily lives. She has been a National Trainer for Time to Teach and has worked with Team Builders Plus doing corporate teamwork and leadership training. Having made National, Regional, and Local presentations on topics ranging from, Gifted Education, School to Work, Team Building, Leadership, Classroom Management, Customer Service, Creative Thinking, Brain Dominance, and many more, Shana brings a wealth of experience along with a love of the Science of Body Language. Shana says she wakes up each morning with a smile on her face, knowing that she has the ability to inspire, motivate, and make a profound difference in other people’s lives by helping them achieve their goals. It’s her desire to train healthcare workers how to use and interpret body language or nonverbal communication to become master communicators, and understand what their patients’ are thinking before they ever say a word!!

Specialties: Healthcare, Education, Corporate Training, One-on-One Coaching, and Public Speaking Events

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shana compton

Michael Wessels

Location: Gulf Coast: Ocean Springs, Mississippi to New Orleans, Louisiana and vicinity

Bio: “My brain lit up like a Christmas tree!” Michael loves the science of body language especially in sales and social settings. He has 20 years experience as a sales professional, most of that time with a top Fortune 500 and Fortune World’s Most Admired Company. He continues to hone his skills in helping groups and individuals tap into the competitive edge that nonverbal communication brings to daily and high-stakes interactions. In Michael’s spare time he enjoys exploring New Orleans, stand-up paddle boarding, and playing with his 4-year-old daughter.

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Michael Wessels

Ariana Thomas

Location: Raleigh, NC

Bio: Ariana Thomas is a Certified Body Language Trainer located in Raleigh, NC. She graduated from the University of North Carolina Charlotte with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. A Psychology degree in addition to her experience working in a behavioral clinic fueled her interest in the human mind and behavior. These experiences instilled a passion for body language and nonverbal communication. Ariana is driven to teach people how to increase their positive social interactions and their influence in every situation life offers. She is excited to work with you to uncover your hidden skills; from increasing your confidence and romantic perception, to lie detection and much more. Ariana works one-on-one, in small groups, or corporate environments.

Specialties: Recruiting agencies, one-one-trainings, corporate groups, entrepreneurs, female support groups, job seekers, lie detection seekers


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Ariana Thomas

Noelia Sanchez

Location: San Francisco, CA

Bio: Noelia Sanchez is a Personal Branding and Digital Strategist, who specializes in working with women looking to grow their thought leadership. Noelia is focused on helping women transform the way they market, brand and communicate their genius by strategically managing all aspects of their personal brands. This includes building their leadership presence, communication effectiveness, and professional networks.

Looking for a speaker for your next event? Excellent! For me, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing an “a-ha” moment happen in real life and that’s why I enjoy speaking to live audiences so much. I teach research-backed, science-based skills in nonverbal communication, leadership, and personal branding. Get in touch and let’s work together to craft a presentation or workshop tailored to your specific audience.

Specialties: Women’s Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, Government and Non-profit Organizations, Youth Development


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Noelia Sanchez

Joey Fielder

Location: Loveland, CO

Bio: Joey Fielder is a certified trainer that specializes in the discovery and application of personalized presence. She teaches individuals and teams interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills that create authentic connection and increase synergy in life.

She is a Certified Body Language Trainer with Science of People and a Certified Fascinate Advantage® Advisor. Her background includes award- winning photography and design. She has over 10 years experience utilizing body language and imagery to capture the essence her subjects in a variety of creative contexts.

She now inspires people to discover distinction and connect in engaging ways. Joey has had the opportunity to train and create customized coaching sessions that have shown individuals how unique characteristics contribute to the overall quality of life. Her passion is in the process of showing people how to effectively communicate their best self and increase connection with others.

She has a B.A. in Communications from Spring Arbor University in Spring Arbor, Michigan and currently lives in Loveland, Colorado. She is currently the Publicity Chair for the Loveland Photographic Society. She interviews influential creatives about how they utilize visual influence in a monthly article in the Loveland Reporter Herald.


Specialties: Creative Entrepreneurs, Networking Organizations, Team Building

Social Media: Connect on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook #personalizedpresence #authenticcharm

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joey fielder

Robby Smith

Location: Portland, OR

Bio: Robby is a Certified Body Language Coach and Trainer with Science of People and is enthusiastic about helping you reach your full potential. Consider him as your greatest ally, someone who will encourage and support you through your training. Robby’s journey began as an after school educator, developing the minds of young kids who would one day be where we are today. He has helped friends stay focused on their fitness goals, and is ready to implement these same principles as you discover your unique superpower.

Social Media: Say ‘Hi’ to him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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robby smith, science of people, certified body language trainer

Alyssa DiLeo

Location: Westchester County, New York

Bio: Since she can remember, Alyssa has always had a strong passion for helping people achieve their goals and reach their potential which has played the main role in her decision to become a counselor. She received her Masters in Social Work from Fordham University. She quickly learned that it was crucial to understand her client’s nonverbal ques as well as her own in order to achieve success with counseling as it helps to quickly establish a trusting and safe relationship with her clients, fostering the therapeutic relationship. She realized shortly thereafter that tuning into the nonverbal ques of others and becoming more conscious of her own had benefits which far surpassed the workplace. To her surprise, the power of nonverbal communication had a positive impact on every aspect of her life, causing her to be absolutely hooked on the science behind it all. It is now her mission to spread this knowledge and help others discover and unleash these same super human powers!

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Alyssa DiLeo, science of people, certified body language trainer

Diane Cleverley

Location: Clinton, NJ

BioDiane Cleverley is a Certified Body Language Trainer and Coach through the Science of People. Diane has a PhD, and has spent the past 20 years specializing in patient and healthcare provider communication by working with pharmaceutical companies on new drug launches. Adding non-verbal communication to her experience with written and verbal communication, has made her an ideal trainer for people in the healthcare field. Twenty years of pitching and presenting has provided Diane the experience needed to help anyone nail that pitch or presentation, even if the material is high-level and scientific.

SpecialitiesPatients with communication issues, health care providers, pitches, presentation, and job interviews and, digital image


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Diane Cleverley, science of people body language trainer

Juliet Gil

Location: Boston, MA

Bio: Juliet Gil, International Business Manager from U. P. B., Colombia, has researched Nonverbal Communication since 2011.  While working for three years as Marketing Director for five construction companies at a very young age, she was challenged by insecurities in gauging relationships. The necessity of effective communication inspired her to learn the best applicable strategies to overcome obstacles regarding truth, confidence, being heard and taken seriously.

Passionate about negotiations and empowering through nonverbal communication to captivate audiences, enhance speeches, presentations and life itself!

Juliet launched Nonverbally Speaking to integrate nonverbal communication strategies into corporations, individuals and groups to achieve their goals through the power of Body Language; designed to thrive no matter the industry.

Member of the National Association of Professional Women, Juliet is recognized as Woman of the Year 2016/2017.

Specialties: Negotiations, Networking Organizations, Women Organizations, Sales, Models, Public Speaking

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juliet gill, science of people, body language trainer

Renee Metty

Bio: A Body Language Trainer, Mindfulness Facilitator, Consultant and Speaker, Renee Metty is the founder and CEO of With Pause, a company that designs and implements mindfulness based programming for business and schools.  With a M.Ed in Early Childhood and M.Ed in Special Education, Renee’s experience over the past 20 years in education ranges from birth to adulthood.  She helps everyone from the home office to the C suite cultivate presence. She also founded a mindfulness-based, Montessori inspired preschool called The Cove School which serves children ages 2.5-5 years old.  Renee helps you bring moments of pause into your day to increase focus and concentration, improve creativity and reduce your automatic pilot and manage stress.  Within that pause lies possibility and in possibility there are many paths.  Renee will help you cultivate more joy, engagement and connection in your life.  She is a Mindful Schools Certified Instructor and loves seeing the shift of perspective in people’s experience.  As a body language trainer through The Science of People, Renee loves helping people increase their charisma and influence.  Her prior life includes a BS in Business Administration which led to 5 years plus in both Fortune 500 companies and a small startup during the dot-com boom.  Renee attributes who and where she is to the people that have touched her life in big and small ways.  Renee is most grateful for her husband and 3 amazing little beings and considers them to be her greatest teachers.  By nature, she is a doer, but continually works on being by maintaining a daily practice and going on several silent retreats a year.

Specialties: Sales, Executive Leadership, Teachers, Hospitality, Creatives

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renee metty. science of people body language trainer, science of people

Leslie Rex Stockel

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Bio: By day, Leslie Rex Stockel is a mild mannered Assistant Professor of Clinical Practice at Oklahoma State University in the School of Fire Protection & Safety Engineering Technology.

But outside of her academic life, Leslie is works to unleash the Super-Powers in others as a certified Body Language trainer and coach with the Science of People, a behavior research lab in Portland, Oregon.

As a Certified Safety Professional with over 25 years of experience in the Safety and Health profession working with small, medium and large employers.  Leslie has worked in the manufacturing, petrochemical and insurance industries as well as aviation, utilities, and public service.

Leslie’s passion is people and safety.  She believes that connecting and influencing is the key to keeping people safe at work and free from on the job injuries.  As a recovering introvert and shy person herself, she is passionate about helping people discover their hidden non-verbal communication skills to enhance their lives and spread the message of workplace safety, social safety, and inclusion.

Leslie Stockel One Sheet


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leslie rex stockel, science of people, science of people body language trainers

David Wolf

Location: Bend & Central, Oregon; Serving Everywhere

Bio: Dave is a Certified Body Language trainer, MBTI personality trainer and Non-Verbal Communication Coach. With additional experience and degrees in Sociology and Education, Dave has always been dedicated to helping his clients and students better understand and navigate social setting and human behavior in order to transform their business and personal relationships.  He strives to positively influence and empower those around him, to help them realize who they truly are and what they are truly capable of.

Specialties: Corporate Training, Team-Building,  One-on-One Coaching, High-functioning Autistic Children, Teens & Adults, Education, Awkward People, Micro-Expressions.

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david wolf, science of people, science of people body language trainers

Takashi (“Dr. Taka”) Kiyoizumi, MD, PhD.

Location: San Diego, CA

Bio: His years of experience as an angel investor and entrepreneur have helped him develop a deep understanding of the unique challenges and obstacles associated with running a business. He has been on both sides of the table as a funding seeker and a venture investor. His experience and business acumen have helped him successfully negotiate over 25 deals, raise over $180 million as a founding CEO of MediciNova Inc., and invest in ventures with over 30% annual returns. 

Takashi has developed the PITCH & SCORE! program to help you achieve similar success. As your coach, he will guide you to score your goals. His extensive knowledge and experience culminate in this result-oriented coaching program that will help you develop the skills you need in order to “pitch and score!” Why wait? Let’s start your training today!

Specialties: Entrepreneurs, Corporate managers, Business owners, Job seekers, Teens, and everyone who wants to succeed


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Takashi Kiyoizumi, body language trainer, science of people

RB Kelly

Location: Ewa Beach, HI

BioRB Kelly is a born speaker and talented teacher.  RB leads with kindness and courtesy, but she cares enough about you and your success to be blunt when you need it. She’s unexpectedly funny, has a gift for clearly explaining complex ideas and loves to use stories or metaphors to help you understand the content she teaches. She doesn’t want you to just hear about it. RB uses every tool at her disposal to make sure you can master it.

RB loves speaking on the power of body language to businesses, schools, and private organizations. She also offers virtual and personal coaching to individuals.

RB has two types of individual coaching clients. First, business professionals who want to increase their charisma, widen their circle of influence, and revolutionize their customer service. RB helps them create raving fan customers, build instant rapport and even get promoted faster.  Second, people who remind RB of who she used to be: wallflowers, listeners and people-watchers who want to engage people and make friends, but just don’t know how.  RB helps them to read the subtle cues in other people that indicate interest and disinterest so they never have awkward interactions ever again– only awesome ones.

“My favorite clients are the ones that are ready to change.” – RB

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest

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RB Kelly, body language trainer, science of people

Shelly O’Donovan

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Bio: Shelly O’Donovan Bio

Specialties: Pharmaceutical Industry, Healthcare Sector, Sales Training, External Affairs, Politics 


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shelly o'donovan, science of people, body language trainer

Jason Miller

Location: San Diego, CA

Bio: Jason’s entire life has been dedicated to self-improvement and self-discovery. Frustrated in his relationships with women and feeling stuck in his career, he spent years working with coaches and therapists in order to gain satisfaction in his life. Ultimately, Jason became certified to train and coach men using the methods that had served him so well. Using these skills and techniques, Jason has helped many men increase their confidence around women and become empowered in their lives. Once men achieve emotional self-mastery, the next logical step is to grow into conscious leadership to better serve those causes they are passionate about.

Jason also is a certified body language trainer with the Science of People. Since people’s opinions of us depend almost entirely on what our body says, it’s critical we learn positive body language. Whether you’re on a date, at an interview, handling a negotiation, or giving a presentation, you are leaving success on the table if you don’t have strong, positive body language. Get the strategic advantage of great nonverbal skills and enjoy the “halo effect.”

Jason coaches groups as well as one on one. He specializes in helping men develop their own charisma in the areas of dating, career, and public speaking. Jason’s purpose is to help you find your unique, authentic power so you can feel better confident and achieve your goals.


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Irvine Nugent

Location: Washington DC Metro Area

Bio: After fifteen-plus years in senior leadership roles in organizations of various sizes, stages of growth and different sectors, Irvine is convinced that leadership communication holds the key to successful business outcomes.

He is experienced in challenging business environments and has worked extensively with executive and emerging leaders, helping them reach the next level. He has discovered that what often holds leaders back is a lack of development in their speaking and nonverbal skillset.  Irvine offers seminars and keynotes specializing in leadership body language, presentational skills, team communication, storytelling for leaders, and leading in anxious times.

Born in Northern Ireland, Irvine brings to his practice a rich and varied experience. Growing up in a society torn apart by conflict and violence, he has always been attracted to creating innovative ways to help leaders discover their unique leadership voice and develop greater resilience in the face of chaos and change. He is an ATD credentialed Master Trainer, a Certified Body Language Coach and a Certified World Class Speaking Coach. He is a graduate of the Executive Coaching program from Georgetown University and holds a Ph.D in Management from Capella University.

Irvine Nugent Ph.D. One Sheet

Specialities: Emerging and Executive Leaders, Presentation Skills Development, TED Talk Coaching, Executive Presence.

Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+

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Paula Cimmarusti

Location: Los Angeles, CA & London, United Kingdom

Bio: Paula Cimmarusti is a highly qualified body language coach, certified by the Science of People, whose primary goal is to help you succeed in your business and personal life – boosting your reputation, enhancing your presence, and sharpening your communication skills. When you work with Paula your goals become her goals, and she thrives on the feeling she gets from helping you to flourish.

She’s also an experienced marketing consultant and brand guru, having worked with leaders in the premium luxury sports and eyewear industry, Luxottica Group, top Los Angeles spine surgeons, award winning plastic surgeons, and she knows that branding doesn’t end in professional settings. When you work with Paula you are getting an industry leading professional whose credentials include a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a Business minor from the University of San Diego, a Professional Designation Associate of Arts Degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising certification in International Business Marketing through the University of Oxford.

Her combination of marketing and body language skills, based on making an amazing first impression every time you interact with someone, means that with her help you can make your dreams a reality. Wherever you are in life, one thing is for sure – with Paula’s help, you can thrive.

Specialities: Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Marketing, Sales Teams, Managers, Healthcare Professionals, Job-Seekers, Teachers, Parents, Teenagers, Daters, and People Skills Seekers

Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram

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paula cimmarusti, body language trainer


Body Language Trainers Canada

Carla Gradin

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Bio: Carla Gradin is a Certified Body Language Trainer and Wardrobe Stylist. With additional experience and degrees in Education and Commerce, Carla delivers fascinating and applicable human behavior research through corporate presentations, workshops and private consulting. Carla resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and enjoys traveling the world to train and coach clients on non-verbal communication and confident style.

Specialties: Speaking and Coaching in the areas of Body Language and Wardrobe Style

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Carla Gradin

Audrey Joy Kwan

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Bio: Audrey helps emerging entrepreneurs and corporate leaders get radically comfortable wooing their audience and make connections with strategically powerful communications and nonverbal advantage. As a communication strategist and coach, Audrey swirls together her Master of Arts in Professional Communications and Science of People Advanced Body Language Trainer Certification so that smart and genuine people who work with her receive masterful communication strategy and coaching without the pesky tuition fees.

audrey kwan

Specialties: Sales + Marketing, Leadership, Public Speaking


Social Media: LinkedIn

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Audrey Kwan

Vagarro Willie

Location: Outside Toronto, Canada

Bio: Vagarro helps entrepreneurs, teams and leaders develop an executive human eccentric presence in their daily interactions. He uses his Advanced Body Language Trainer Certification to change the way businesses connect with their customers. With a deep focus on the “Human Nonverbal Marketing” element, he coaches his clients to strengthen their connection with their customers. If you, our team, or your company need a level up on your next human interaction then Vagarro is your guy.

Specialties: Startups Pitches, Sales, Marketing, Teams, Leadership, Public Speaking, Impactful Presentation Skills /

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Chelsea Belcher

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Bio: In today’s hectic, social media-crazed world, we are becoming less and less connected. Socializing and people skills are getting lost as we stare in front of our screens instead of the eyes of another human being. These people skills are innate — they live in you right now, and they need some dusting off with the right coaching. As a body language coach I can regain your confidence in dealing with people in all situations. Whether you want to up your professional or social game, getting re-acquainted with your nonverbal super powers is not only fun but a must. Let’s face it, life is lonely and empty when you don’t have people around to share your experiences with. Let me show you how to get out and face the beauty of reality.

Chelsea has had the opportunity to work in the service industry while getting her degree from Middle Tennessee State University. She knew she loved getting to know people and yearned to discover why we do what we do. Interested in the health arena, she went back to school for Dental Hygiene at Tennessee State University. As a dental hygienist for five years she has learned more about people: their habits, their health, and their fears. She integrates her knowledge from multiple facets of her life to bring you a coaching experience that will pull you into the person you desire to be.

Specialties: Dental Practicioners and Entrepreneurs


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Chelsea Belcher, Science of People, Body Language Trainer


European Body Language Trainers

Michiel Andreae

Location: The Netherlands

Bio: Michiel Andreae is a Dutch body language expert who helps sales professionals get more business done by showing them how to read people. All of us use body language in our daily communication. In a normal 30 minute conversation with a prospect or clients you’re sending and receiving 800 non-verbal signals. Just imagine how many of those signals you’ve missed so far! How many chances did you miss by misreading the signals of your client/prospect or by missing them altogether? If you want to become an expert at reading people so you can see exactly what you prospect or client feels then contact Michiel at the email address list above.

Specialties: Helping sales professionals read and interpret the body language of their clients or prospects to bring in more business.


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Michiel Andreae

Joachim Voelkle

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Bio: Joachim is a Certified Body Language Trainer and Coach by Science of People. He is amazed by the power of nonverbal communication, photography, food and soccer. Having worked as an entrepreneur, project manager and personal assistant, Joachim gained a vast amount of valuable experience – hence, knows that in the end all comes down to goal-oriented and successful communication. With exceptional empathy and patience he helps others developing their best selves and showing their full potential. As a co-founder he created a startup that supported jobseekers in strengthening their individual awesomeness. He now combines all his fields of expertise with a clear focus on the benefits that arise from understanding and usage of body language for all aspects of life. As a true European citizen, Joachim delivers his contents in English, German and Swedish. He currently resides in Stockholm, but travels over the whole continent to serve his customers and to spread the word about the importance of nonverbal communication.

Specialties: Jobseekers, Expats, Recruiting, HR etc.

Portfolio: Speaking, Coaching, Workshops

Social Media: LinkedIn, Twitter

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Joachim Voelkle

Danielle (Dee) Libine

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

Bio: Business owner, certified Body Language trainer & Book Yourself Solid coach in training, author and portrait photographer, with a background in corporate finance and information systems development. For the past nine years, Dee has run an international photography & design studio offering portrait and lifestyle photography services for diverse fields, as well as graphic & web design to both individuals and companies. With her successful track record of setting up client centric service companies, she now consults for creative and service professionals to develop strategies for their sales and marketing through coaching, image creation, customer engagement and web strategy consulting. Author of a Photographer’s Guide to Body Language on how to harness the power of Body Language and Micro Expressions to create stronger, more meaningful portraits, and create better working relationships with your clients.

Specialties: Women entrepreneurs leaving the corporate world with a BIG idea, Women coaches (they often don’t see themselves as entrepreneurs), Photographers & designers


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Danielle Libine

Mai Enevoldsen

Location: Based in Europe (Denmark)

Bio: Mai is a public speaker and trainer specializing in power body language. Mai inspires people to become better leaders, helps build their confidence and improve their people skills. Working as a professional in the advertising industry, Mai knows how important nonverbal communication and powerful Body Language is. Nonverbal communication is particularly important in improving working relationships and when negotiating it can make a significant difference.

Specialties: Public Speaking, Training, Workshops

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Mai Enevoldsen

Rachel Greliche

Location: Wiesbaden, Germany

Bio: Many years of working with people as a business owner in three different countries have given Rachel an insightful perspective in communication and the importance of nonverbal skills. Certifications as a Body Language Trainer and Professional Coach add to Rachel’s profound ability to help people. Through workshops and one on one coaching Rachel helps people master their customer relations skills and engagement in everyday life. How you present yourself nonverbally to others can make or break a deal!

Specialties: Workshops and personal coaching/training – Both on and offline.


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Rachel Greliche

Laura Taylor

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

Bio: Laura Taylor is an experienced Corporate Trainer based near Manchester in the United Kingdom who specialises in areas such as body language, procurement and influencing.  Laura has trained over 2500+ professionals in these areas within the UK and globally for many multi-national organisations.  Having received many accolades over the course of her career on her engaging style and innovative approaches to learning, Laura is immensely proud to be a certified trainer of the Science of People and is passionate about the scientific background of the theory she teaches.


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Mike Kirkham-Jones

Location: Monmouthshire, United Kingdom

Bio: Mike has over 20 years of successful experience in Project Management, meeting people, and understanding their motivations, feelings and concerns. For the past 6 years, he has focused his attention more into the non-verbal communication side that takes place at business meetings, seminars and one-on-one reviews. You would be amazed at the amount of time and effort that is lost when people mis-read, or worse, just miss the expressions and body language cues that people transmit right at us.

Now a certified trainer of the Science of People course material, Mike has combined his already recognized motivational speaking skills with training and coaching to form a company called The Productive People. He has a long background in productivity (GTD – Getting Things Done) and combining this with Body Language and Human Lie Detection, it gives an exciting and holistic offering to businesses and individuals.
Specialities: Project Management and Corporate/Business-related Communication, Expert in productivity methods like “Getting Things Done” (GTD) and “Technology for a Better Life”, Motivational Speaking at Conferences or Events

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Asia Body Language Trainers

Khyati Gupta

Location: New Delhi, India

BioKhyati is fascinated by the science of human behavior and has a particular interest and expertise in nonverbal communication. She is a certified body language expert who helps high potential individuals achieve their goals in sales, leadership and influence. Khyati is a Partner at SANTULAN, a leading Wellness Services firm in India. Her organization works with leading Fortune 500 companies, large Indian conglomerates and Public Sector Undertakings. Khyati lives in New Delhi, the capital city of India but travels all over the country to interact with her clients.

khyati gupta

Program Brochure

Social Media: Facebook

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Khyati Gupta

Pete Rogers

Location: Greater East Asia: Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, Manila

Bio: How does one define “impact?” The ability to be effective? The motivation to change? Whatever the definition, dedicated professionals who are seeking an advantage seek out Pete Rogers because he provides training, insight, and motivation to make real and lasting changes that will improve not just your business relationships, but every area of your life. Pete’s story is not unlike many of his clients. Doing good work as a university executive for many years Pete began to feel a longing. A longing for something new, something, “more.” He left university life and began Paradigm Shift Consulting as an avenue to start giving away his many years of education and experience as an organizational consultant. He discovered Body Language training along the way and he is amazed at how this super tool has changed everything about his approach to consulting.

Pete Rogers

Pete Rogers One Sheet

Social Media: LinkedIn

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pete rogers

Jessie Lin Brown

Location: Greater China Region (大中華地區)

BioCombining a Master of Science degree in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics with more than 16 years of practical experience as a successful educator and entrepreneur, Jessie has built a distinctive and comprehensive array of products and services to help individuals, organizations and businesses. 

Jessie is a certified Body Language Trainer, Image Consultant and Etiquette/Civility Trainer. She helps people who are interested in enhancing their overall image, nonverbal communication and building his/her confidence in order to achieve their personal and professional success. 

Making a positive first impression is critical for success in all aspects of life. Her goal is to turn your first impression into one of your greatest assets and make you stand out in both your personal and professional life.


Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook

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jessie lin brown, science of people, body language trainer


Sophie Zadeh

Location: Perth, Australia

Bio: Driven by a passion to help people achieve their goals and with over twenty years of experience in training and presenting, Sophie has worked with people of all ages and abilities, from all walks of life. Working one to one, in small groups or presenting to large audiences at conventions, her diverse experience combined with an inherent creative flair, enables her to engage her audience and deliver effective and insightful training and presentations. Sophie’s mission is to inspire and enable people to use the power of nonverbal communication, to enrich their lives and create positive outcomes. Originally from the UK, Sophie lives and works predominantly in Australia, but is also able to take on work in the UK depending on timing and availability.


Social Media: LinkedIn

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sophie zadeh

Diederik Gelderman

Location: Exeter, NSW, Australia

Bio: Diederik has a passion for people, pets, rapid learning, the environment and helping the underprivileged.

To help you harness the amazing opportunity that improved non-verbal communication brings, Diederik is committed to helping you achieve success and therefore will design an event, private coaching, small or large group workshop or speaking presentation tailored specifically to what you want to achieve.

Diederik is happy to present and train throughout Australia and South East Asia.


Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook

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Joanne Antoun

Location: Sydney, Australia

Bio: Joanne Antoun is a Transformational expert, founder of CTC – The 2hr life transforming Combined Therapy Cocktail™, The International Institute of Combined Therapy Cocktail and a Body Language Specialist.

As a highly sought after speaker in the field of personal growth, consciousness and evolved leadership, Joanne has been helping people reach their dreams and live their best possible lives for almost 20 years. Joanne offers in-depth personal transformation to her clients, helping them to break free of whatever issues are holding them back. During this transformation, she teaches, empowers and inspires clients to be the best they can be. Bringing a highly intuitive and in-depth spiritual perspective into everything she does, Joanne is responsible for helping thousands of people transform their lives in extraordinary ways.

Through her remarkable healing gifts and incredible insight, Joanne has created CTC, the two-hour life-transforming Combined Therapy Cocktail™. She is also an Author, a Reiki master teacher, psychotherapist and life coach. Extremely adept at working with energy, Joanne is also a hypnotherapy trainer, EFT trainer, a NLP master practitioner and trainer and now Body Language Trainer.

Specialties: Transformational expertise, presentation skills and development of emerging executives and leaders.


Social Media: LinkedIn, TwitterFacebook

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Annabel Giles

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Bio: Annabel has always been fascinated with the mind-body connection. As a trained actor, the techniques she used to inhabit a character taught her much about this inextricable link – where body use effects the mind, and state of mind reflects physically in the body. She learnt first-hand the benefit of refining this connection and how applicable it could be to everyday life.

Annabel went on to gain her qualification in Counseling and Hypnosis with Dr Rob McNeilly, Director of the Milton Erickson Institute. Here she learnt to closely observe the body and its ‘language’ and what it could reveal about the unconscious mind. This led to further study to become a Certified Trainer with the Science of People, where she has found her true passion.

Annabel offers a unique fusion of skills to her clients. She helps tune up the mind-body connection, teaching clients how to control the hundreds of non-verbal messages they send each day whilst optimizing their vocal abilities and presence. Annabel also has a special interest in assisting her clients to overcome performance anxiety and stage fright and can certainly speak to this from personal experience.

Located in Melbourne Australia, Annabel offers bespoke training based on a client’s or group’s specific needs and goals. Annabel believes communicating in your own voice whilst being able to draw others to you is the key to authentic communication. For Annabel, body language is a ‘personal power tool’ that enhances every aspect of a person’s life.

Annabel Giles PDF


Social Media: LinkedIn

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Annabel Giles, Science of People Body Language Trainer

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