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As part of my virtual book tour, I stopped by Pivot Podcast with Jenny Blake to talk about:

Secrets from Viral TED Talks

and my new book:

Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People

Topics We Cover:

  • Pivot blessings in disguise
  • How Vanessa bootstrapped Science of People and why she decided to pivot away from her original passive income business
  • How to avoid reinventing the wheel—especially “broke down rickety wheels”
  • Why conducting original research makes your work more viral
  • How Vanessa started a research-based company without a Ph.D. in social science
  • Secrets from the most successful TED speakers: on hand gestures, how you share your message, why smiling makes you seem more intelligent, and the difference between memorized vs. internalized content
  • The most strategic spot to stand at a networking event for making the best connections
  • How to recover from social awkwardness

Listen to the Podcast:

Check out more of my Virtual Book Tour here!

captivate, virtual book tour

captivate, virtual book tour


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