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Are you passionate about helping others?

Do you love body language and nonverbal communication?

Are you a self-starter looking to change your career or to level-up your current work?

Enter: The Body Language Certification Program

As a Body Language Trainer you can have a career that fulfills you, makes a positive impact on the world around you and brings you financial freedom.

Before we dive into the details, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Danielle, and I’ve been working with the Science of People for the last few years, serving as our Director of Communications and Lead Trainer for the Body Language Certification Program. I’ve had the opportunity to mentor hundreds of trainers and getting to know each and every one of you who joins this program is one of my favorite parts of my job.

For all program logistics, investment and other juicy details for the program, visit our main Trainer Information page. Continue reading below for some real talk from me to you on why you should join:

#1 It’s time to make a move

Have you been telling yourself that you need a change professionally? Maybe your work isn’t quite as fulfilling as it once was or perhaps you know that deep down your passion lies in coaching and training. I majored in Accounting in college and after working in the financial sector for several years, I knew that sitting behind a task befriending my stapler wasn’t going to cut it. Since working with Science of People, every day I wake up and go to bed knowing that the work that I do means something and that I’m contributing to a greater mission. You can have this too.

Our body language trainers work with individuals or groups helping them improve their presence, increase their confidence and achieve their goals using body language.

On a day to day basis you can coach one-on-one or give lectures and presentations to organizations and companies using our our nonverbal science methods.

Perks of our program:

  • You don’t have to quit your day job right away (or ever): This program is built on a flexible schedule to work with your other commitments. Many of our trainers have full-time or part-time jobs and some are full-time students. As a trainer you design your own hours. You choose the kind of work you want to do and the kinds of clients you want to work with. You can even work virtually or in person. You are welcome to work as a body language trainer part-time or full-time and use it as an add-on to an existing career or as a completely new career track.
  • You have plenty of time to figure it out: So you know you want to help people, but maybe you don’t have the “who” or the “how” figured out. Not a problem! Our program is designed to help you determine your target market or niche so you’re working with the individuals who you can serve best. For example, you could be helping business people with their elevator pitch, job-seekers with their interviewing methods or teens with their confidence.

Bottom line: We’re not looking for you to submit a business plan with your application. We simply want to know you’re passionate about seeing the world a little differently. And most importantly, there are people who need and want help with body language, but there are not enough people to support them. This is a career where your skills will be needed and appreciated in a positive, impactful way.

#2 You want to level-up where you’re at

Do you love what you do? High-five!

If you want to use your body language certification inside your company or as an Intrapreneur, we have had a number of trainers who had their company sponsor their membership. We love when you use the training to provide internal workshops for your company. Let us know if you want to pitch your company to sponsor you and we can send resources to help.

Perks of our program:

  • This training works: This is a proven business model. In the training we will give you the tools and steps you need to run a successful, high earning business. This means how to reach new clients, how to get speaking gigs and even strategies on your website and social media. You get to run your own business, but you are not on your own running your own business. You have a team and proven model behind you.
  • Moola: Being a body language trainer is one of the few careers that allows you to help people and earn a solid income to support your family, even working part-time. Beginning trainers start at $50 per hour and can go up to $250 per hour coaching. As a speaker you can earn anywhere from $500 to $3,500 per speaking event as you grow your business.

#3 You’ve been searching for a network of like-minded people

Our Body Language Trainer Program has brought together over 100 trainers from all over the world. You may be thinking that a virtual program with people in completely different regions of the world may be lacking in personal connection, but here at the Science of People, our point of focus is always on the people.

The individuals, the passion-seekers, the dedicated trainers on our team make up a huge part of our Science of People family and while we may have some distance between us, we work tirelessly to facilitate real, authentic connection both online and offline through video calls, Facebook groups and in-person meetups and events.

Bonus: See our full list of certified trainers here or watch the video below to meet some of them:

Vanessa, myself and the entire SOP Team operates as your support system throughout the certification period and beyond. We don’t follow the typical mindset of other programs that once you’ve graduated you’re out of sight, out of mind. That’s not our style. Instead, we foster continuous relationships with our trainers (all 116 of you and counting!).

body language trainer

Vanessa and I may or may not be secret agents (just kidding, we definitely are)

We kind of love each other a lot:

body language trainer

body language trainer

body language trainer

body language trainer

body language trainer

body language trainer

body language trainer

body language trainer

body language trainer

body language trainer

Bonus: See more of our Trainer love photos here.

Perks of our program:

  • Connect and learn privately: Private network and forums with fellow Trainers and graduates
  • All-inclusive: We accept trainers from all nationalities, backgrounds and ages (we do require that you can speak, read and write in English). If you’re passionate about people, we want you on our team. We have young trainers, older trainers and everyone in between from all walks of life.
  • Access to premiere Science of People resources and research: Our Trainer family gets first dibs on enrollments, SOP news and content and when you provide feedback as a trainer, your ideas instantly go into our business development plans.
  • Intimate (and yes, two of our trainers have fallen in love): We purposefully keep this program small so we can provide individualized and personalized attention for each trainer. If you need feedback on your pitch, help with a proposal, a 2nd eye on your website copy–we help facilitate getting you these answers in our forums and our private Facebook group.

Bottom line: We are a family. We are a mastermind. We are a brain trust.

#4 It’s not for everyone

Wanna know why this program is so successful? We attract big dreamers and big doers. We want you to LOVE what you do and be excited to get up in the morning. We will give you everything you need to be successful, but you have to be ready to implement and take action.

There will be hustle. There will be studying. There will be discomfort when you first teach these concepts to someone else, because hey–anything that’s worth anything requires effort.

Perks of our program:

  • Tests (they aren’t that bad, we promise): We have a Midterm and a Final built into the program so you have plenty of opportunity to test your knowledge and develop your goals for operating your business or incorporating the knowledge into your current career path
  • Drip-Content Style Learning: It can be overwhelming to shift careers or pursue a professional certification (we get that!), so we release one lesson each week for 12 weeks. If you have a vacation planned or you adopt a puppy or you just need a little R&R for a few days, that’s a-okay!
  • Train the TrainerWe want to show you how we teach. There is a methodology behind Vanessa’s viral teaching methods. During Part II of the Body Language training program we will dive into the best teaching methods, public speaking strategies and the psychology of top-notch teaching.

Bottom line: We honor you as a human and we set high expectations. Your output matches your input and if you’re giving this program all you got, you will succeed.

#5 Enough of us tooting our own horn…

While we believe our program is one of the best in not only teaching you a new skill set, but also how to implement these skills into a successful business, hear what a few of our certified trainers have to say about the program:

Ready to take the plunge? Our next class opens soon!

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You can also visit our main Trainer Information page for more information on location, flexibility and timing.

Bonus: Check our Body Language Curriculum Overview for the same information in a fancy PDF (especially cool for all you visual learners).

And finally, if you have any questions at all, please email us at [email protected]. We’re here for you and we look forward to working with you!


Danielle | SOP Team

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