Do you love body language science as much as me? Great! I get asked all the time about advanced body language resources and textbooks on nonverbal science. Here are our Science of People resources and advanced textbooks you might like.

Textbooks and Courses:

These are the academic textbooks and courses that are open to the public that I have used and love for advanced learning:

#1: Lie Detection in 100 Minutes

  • Lie Detection Training Video Course

This is our human lie detection course which takes you through intermediate and some advanced concepts in of lie detection and nonverbal signals. This course is done on video and PDF so it is more interactive and demonstrates concepts with real life applicability.

#2: Nonverbal Communication in Human Interaction

  • Body Language Textbook

This is an amazing textbook on nonverbal communication and it takes you to advanced science. If you want to understand some of the underpinnings of our nonverbal then this textbook is an incredible read.

#3: The Nonverbal Communication Reader

  • Body Language Workbook

This is great to read along with the Nonverbal Communication in Human Interaction textbook. It can also be read on it’s own as a primer in applicable body language.

#4: Nonverbal Communication, 1st Edition

  • Body Language Textbook

This is one of the basic primers in nonverbal communication and is a textbook used in many communication classes. It has a great overview of nonverbal science and how the research has grown over the past few decades.

#5: Manwatching

  • Body Language Textbook

This monstrous textbook has a permanent place on my shelf because I reference it all the time for advanced body language research and studies. Desmond Morris does a wonderful job of not only breaking down what we do, but also why we do it.

Body Language Books:

#1: Unmasking the Face

  • Microexpression Book

This great book almost reads like a textbook with Dr. Paul Ekman’s in depth analysis of the face, it’s muscles and how to decode facial expressions.

#2: Spy the Lie

  • Lie Detection Book

This is a great book on lie detection and how humans try to cover up deceit.

#3: What Every BODY Is Saying

  • Body Language Book

Joe Navarro does a great job of explaining nonverbal communication and body language patterns from the perspective of a former FBI agent–this is more a mix of anecdotal and body language science.

#4: Telling Lies

  • Lie Detection Book

This is another great one by Dr. Paul Ekman–again very heavy on the science and history of lie detection as a practice.

Body Language Websites:

Body language and human lie detection are also very closely related. Here are my favorite authors and blogs on human lie detection and nonverbal behavior:

1. Joe Navarro

Joe’s book What Every BODY Is Saying is a great overview of nonverbal communication and the body. His website is full of amazing information as well.

2. Eyes for Lies

The writer of Eyes for Lies, Renee is a professional deception and credibility expert. She teaches law enforcement in her courses and has a fantastic blog of resources. Her track record is particularly impressive–where she logs liars she has caught before the truth was discovered. 

3. Liespotting

Pamela Meyer writes Liespotting the blog and has just come out with her book which is fantastic. She also has podcasts and videos on her website, which are full of helpful insights.

4. Paul Ekman

Paul Ekman not only writes about nonverbal behavior but has really led the research in this area. His studies and books are groundbreaking and delve deep into both lie detection and nonverbal behavior–no light reading found here! You can also see his blog about the TV Show Lie to Me where he talks about the real science in each episode.

5. Science of People

Our blog takes some of the best research on human lie detection, nonverbal communication and human behavior from around the world and puts it into easy to understand articles and videos for our readers.

6. Spying for Lying

Spying for Lying always has very current and up to date videos and commentary on news coverage. A great way to stay up on whats happening in the nonverbal world.

7. Statement Analysis

Mark McClish has this informative website about lying and nonverbal behavior. His news videos are also very informative.

8. Kevin Hogan

Kevin Hogan is a body language expert and has many articles (as well as workshops) on nonverbal behavior and communication.

9. The Political Lie Detector

This is a really interesting angle on lie detection and focuses more on the political sides of things. They take the public pulse by distributing polls, quizzes, and surveys to users.

10. Bonus: Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detector

This one is just for fun, but Jimmy Kimmel has some hysterical videos where he pretends to be a human lie detector with little kids.

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About Vanessa Van Edwards

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