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How to Be More Creative at Work, With Sarah Moyle

In this episode of our series, The World’s Most Interesting People, I sat down with Sarah Moyle. Sarah is a Creative Catalyst and Visual Storyteller.She’s a self-taught graphic recorder and a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator (yep, that’s using LEGOs for...

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12 Non-Awkward Team Building Activities That Build Trust

One of the hardest parts about working on a team is finding ways to connect, build trust and bond. This is why non-awkward team building activities are one of the best ways to kickstart your group. These team building activities can be used for: Work teams Sports...

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7 Strategies for Virtual Teams and Remote Workers

We have a very special video for you today! I’m here with my Science of People team to discuss tips on how to encourage, support and motivate a remote team. As you can see, our team works virtually—everyone in their own space instead of a local office—and...

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How to Psych Yourself Up Before Your Next Big Thing

Before every show, TV host Stephen Colbert has a ritual. And it's a little superstitious. He rings a little bell in his bathroom. As he walks toward the stage, he waits for one of his writers to tell him, "Squeeze out some sunshine." He does a two-handed shake with...

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