How to Develop Your Charisma and Become More Likable

Want to supercharge your likability? This guide will help you develop your charisma and increase your natural likeability without having to be inauthentic.

5 Habits of Exceptionally Charismatic People

Can we bust a myth right now? A common misconception is that highly charismatic people are perfect. That their charisma comes from their superior, skills, income or looks. But this is not the case at all! Being charismatic is about perfectly...

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How To Be Great

In 1885, a monk set out to run a 1,000 day marathon. Specifically he and his fellow monks ran 40 kilometers a day for 100 days. Yes, you read that right. 40 kilometers per day! They did this for 5 years. They are called the Gyoja, or marathon...

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Is it Better to Be Loved or Feared?

Is it better to be loved or feared? We asked our Twitter followers this question. 89% of our followers said it was better to be loved than feared. Only 11% said it is better to be feared. Find out what the science has to say in this video. Researchers Joseph Folkman...

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Can Charisma Be Learned?

Do you think highly charismatic people are born or made? When I asked my twitter followers this question, over 90% of them responded that they believe that charisma can be learned. I agree with them. It’s a huge, limiting myth that you have to be born with...

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What Makes Charismatic People Different?

We’ve all seen that one person who walks into a room and immediately gets along with everyone. There is just something about them that attracts positive attention and allows them to (seemingly) effortlessly navigate social situations and make quick...

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5 Science Based Steps to Supercharge Your Charisma

Here is a guest post I wrote for, read the full article there! Charisma is one of the most important qualities a human can have. If you are charismatic, people will want to spend time with you, know you and do business with you—no...

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