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Vanessa writes for the Huffington Post and has appeared on CNN, Fox and the Today Show. She has written for Forbes,, Fast Company and MSN Money. She also has a regular segment on AMNW morning show:


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Liliana Galo

“In my late teens I was struggling to connect with individuals. I was often left wondering about people’s intentions and would become upset and/or uncomfortable. This usually led to people pushing me away or seeing me as paranoid (thus unpopular). Sometimes I would come off as a very shy, quiet, and naïve person (which I am not). Other times I would come off as a mean, judgmental, and negative person (which I am not either). This ultimately led me to the Science of People. From the courses, I started applying what I had learned and slowly was able to communicate and become more approachable.

The most amazing part was when I became aware of all this information and was able to take action to change it for the better. For the first time, I felt like I had control in the way others perceived me. Science of People helped me in so many ways that I am so grateful for. It has helped me in my professional and personal life tremendously. The more I learn about myself and others, the more open minded and understanding I become–it has truly changed my life.

–Liliana Galo, Florida


Camille Hollingsworth

“I had no idea how I was communicating with others. Vanessa was so lovely and graceful in her body language coaching. She unlocked how I communicate my unspoken messages and provided me with a deeper understanding of my colleagues through her insightful, and science-based coaching. The tools Vanessa has equipped me with have grown my confidence and ability to command my meetings in a powerful way! I have achieved incredible results in my professional life. These tools were the missing link in understanding my audience.”

–Camille Hollingsworth, Portland, Oregon

Shashidhar Sharma

I got an email from Shashidhar right after he started our Secrets of Body Language course. He was in the heat of a job search and wanted to better understand people as well as improve his own body language.

Two weeks later, he wrote in with this wonderful news:

“I landed a job as a Server Support Engineer in Unisys! I would like to thank you as after I was hired, I struck up a conversation with the operations manager who took my round and he revealed that I came across as “a very confident candidate who was very positive”. Positivity is something that comes naturally to me, but confidence was something I portrayed based on your body language tips! Actually, I was very nervous. Thanks to your course, I was able to land this job. “

–Shashidhar Sharma, Senior Server Engineer, Unisys India

Lee Peyton


“Being a socially broken person I learned a lot on things I’ve always had suspicions about but was unsure if running with my gut feeling was accurate. In social situations our ego and thoughts will get the best of us, thus making your social experience different from another person’s. So by being able to read to ground what they are saying to what they emote feeling wise will allow better assessment of social situations in the future. This series also made me realize why people don’t know how to feel about me as a person.

All of my body language is out of wack to what people think and accept sub consciously or described in this course. I will smirk when thinking to hard alone way from the world. During intense intellectual conversations I would assume that bleeds through. Which would explain a lot of conflict with brainy topics in the past. So the last few days I’ve been applying to what humans like to respond to and I would say it’s been working well, also allowing me to read them better. Thanks for the course and I’m stoked to take this next one. From learning the stuff I definitely was able to understand how some could see me as egotistical or condescending when I feel neither. It’s my body language. My tenacity comes off as aggressive like my thinking or contemplation faces come off condescending, or at least your definitions of these things. All of your stuff is dead on, it’s just a matter of correcting my body language I suppose. Sorry for the long winded response. It was just some what life changing for me.

I liked your Secrets of Body Language course so much I signed up for the Human Lie Detector course. ”

–Lee Peyton

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Work With Vanessa

324_081213_VanessaMore Testimonials:

“I’ve recently had the pleasure to Vanessa Van Edwards as a guest on my radio show. The interview resulted in one of my most enjoyable hours on the air. Vanessa combines mastery of her field with simple, understandable explanations, and an engaging, easy style. I already plan to use what I learned from her in my presentation on the “Art of Negotiation” to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – Center for Women in Business this week. I strongly encourage you to hire her services and apply her cogent, research-based wisdom to your organization, small business, or family. You’ll be glad you did.”

–Chris Efessiou, PhD, Entrepreneur, Leadership Expert, Author, Radio Show Host

“That was the fastest 3 hour presentation I’ve ever attended. Just as important as specific techniques taught was how it convinced me to pay attention to the nonverbal feedback I’m giving unawares. This would be a terrific weeklong training!”

-Dan Condie, Demand Solutions Group

“Her presentation style is so engaging and entertaining that I believe everyone in any job function will get something extremely useful out of it. “

–Monica Enand, Founder of Zapproved

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