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Excuse me? Can I smell you?

This is the premise of a new smell dating app. Yes, you read that right. In today’s links we love we have some crazy things you might like:

#1: Smell Dating

Can you smell your soulmate? In this new matchmaking experience, you are told to wear a white t-shirt for 3 days straight–no showering, no deodorant, no perfume. Next, you are sent ziploc bags filled with dirty t-shirts and asked to smell them. What does the love of your life smell like when dirty? Find out why people are smelling for love. 

#2: What Are You Listening to Right NOW?

Are you listening to something good as you read this email? What? You’re not listening to anything? You should! There are tons of Scientific Benefits of Music you should know! Watch our video. (Feel free to reply back and tell me what you’re listening to. I love discovering new music). 

#3: Want to Be a Better Liar?

Lie with a full bladder. Yup–real research was done to see if people are better liars. And the results are in: When we have a full bladder we are more convincing liars. Crazy, cool study, but please don’t chug water next time you get interrogated.

#4: Are you an Ambivert?

Want to know if you are an extrovert, introvert or ambivert? Take the quiz and find out how you can optimize your personality. (BTW we are so excited that The Daily Mail used our quiz to help readers test their Ambiversion) 

#5: Top Ten TED Talks of All Time

Are you a TED junkie like me? Check out the top ten most viewed TED talks of all time! WARNING: You might spend 3 hours watching TED talks…I say, 3 hours well spent = )

Bonus: Play with us?

We are testing the concept of vocal power and set up a nifty quiz to see if you can hear the differences in these voice tone clips. Will you help us with our vocal power experiment?

Hi, I'm Vanessa!

Hi, I'm Vanessa!

Lead Investigator, Science of People

I'm the author of the national bestselling book Captivate, creator of People School, and human behavioral investigator in our lab.

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