Level up your life.

Our online courses will help you understand how you work, elevate your relationships and use science to change your life.

Master Your People Skills

Learn how to inspire, influence and engage people in this life-changing 30-day program.

  • The Psychology of Personality
  • Successful Communication Science
  • Speed Read People You Meet

The Power of Body Language

Learn how to decode body language and perfect your nonverbal messages.

  • How to Be a Human Lie Detector
  • Master Your Communication and Presence
  • Increase Your Impact

The Power of Negotiation

Master The Science Of Negotiation So You Get What You Want (and Deserve) In Every Area Of Your Life.

  • Learn the science behind negotiation so you can take more control over your negotiations. 
  • Know and prove your worth so you can ask for what you need. 
  • How to predict a “no” coming on and how to pivot to turn it into a faster “yes”. 
  • How to identify boss or client’s reservations so you can prepare your pitch or conversation.

The Power of Happiness

The Science Behind Happiness, Applied To Your Life.

“Vanessa is the BEST!  She changed my life and I’m convinced if everyone did this course, the world would be a better place in which to live.” 

This class is designed to be watched over time. Just one lesson a day will keep you on track. Or feel free to binge watch all the lessons in one day! Rewatch the lessons whenever you need a refresher.


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