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Joachim is a Certified Body Language Trainer and Coach by Science of People. He is amazed by the power of nonverbal communication, photography, food and soccer. Having worked as an entrepreneur, project manager and personal assistant, Joachim gained a vast amount of valuable experience – hence, knows that in the end all comes down to goal-oriented and successful communication. With exceptional empathy and patience he helps others developing their best selves and showing their full potential. As a co-founder he created a startup that supported jobseekers in strengthening their individual awesomeness. He now combines all his fields of expertise with a clear focus on the benefits that arise from understanding and usage of body language for all aspects of life. As a true European citizen, Joachim delivers his contents in English, German and Swedish. He currently resides in Stockholm, but travels over the whole continent to serve his customers and to spread the word about the importance of nonverbal communication.

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