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Juliet Gil

Juliet Gil

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


  • Negotiations
  • Networking Organizations
  • Women Organizations
  • Sales
  • Models
  • Public Speaking

Juliet Gil, International Business Manager from U. P. B., Colombia, has researched Nonverbal Communication since 2011.  While working for three years as Marketing Director for five construction companies at a very young age, she was challenged by insecurities in gauging relationships. The necessity of effective communication inspired her to learn the best applicable strategies to overcome obstacles regarding truth, confidence, being heard and taken seriously.

Passionate about negotiations and empowering through nonverbal communication to captivate audiences, enhance speeches, presentations and life itself!

Juliet launched Nonverbally Speaking to integrate nonverbal communication strategies into corporations, individuals and groups to achieve their goals through the power of Body Language; designed to thrive no matter the industry.

Member of the National Association of Professional Women, Juliet is recognized as Woman of the Year 2016/2017.

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