Kristin Bock

Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States


  • Supporting caregivers and people with developmental disabilities/mental illness


My Communication Equation:

Shy, awkward teenage girl (think black clothes and permed 80’s hair visible in your peripheral vision)

+ Psych degree and Art minor (because if you wear all black it’s a given)

+ A quarter of a century in the nonprofit world (I buy my designer threads at Target…)

+ Avid people watcher (reality TV, airports, and bars are jam-packed with drama and excitement!)

+ Seasoned employee trainer (yes, I could see you checking your phone in class)

+ Body language certification (because all of this awesomeness needs to be channeled into a superpower)

= Kristin Bock (your new BFF and nonverbal copilot)

Your Communication Problem Solution:

Bright eyed and eager participant (you, after coffee of course!)

+ Body Language Coaching (alongside your new nonverbal laser pointer who still happens to wear a lot of black)

+ Practice (yes, Luke Skywalker, you must learn the ways of The Force)

+ Self-Awareness (know thyself, Grasshopper)

+ Feedback (drink it; it’s your truth serum)

+ More Practice (emerge from your cocoon as a savvy communicator)

= Super Communicator (who rules the galaxy!)

Hello Bravehearts!

As a body language trainer and coach, I’ve learned the secrets and science of body language, and I want to throw off the lab coat and sing like a canary. I have developed the tools of a communications architect, designing nonverbal blueprints for success.

Together, we will sketch out your customized body language plan!

You will be able to:

  • Make a killer first impression (personally and professionally)
  • Look and feel more confident giving a toast
  • Be aware of your nonverbal signals while presenting
  • Translate body language in others
  • Hone your social skills (yes, you can learn them!)
  • Rock an interview
  • Build stronger connections quickly

Communicating with others is the most important life skill yet we are not taught people skills. (“Oh, the humanity!”)

I can help. My pencils are sharpened and ready to begin drawing up your blueprints for nonverbal success.

Let’s do this!

I see you. Do others? It’s time to be seen and heard.

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