Lauren Tan

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States


  • Interaction tips and tricks
  • Fellow “recovering awkward people”
  • Daters
  • Salespeople
  • Photo input for social media or professional websites
  • People skills

Lauren Tan is a Certified Body Language Trainer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She began her quest to be as “people-smart” as possible after graduating from high school. She graduated from college with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Religious Studies. She then went on to complete her Master’s degree in School Counseling and is recognized as a National Certified Counselor (NCC). While she loved learning about the verbal side of human behavior, she wasn’t quite satisfied yet. After completing her training with Science of People, she knew that her knowledge of body language and human lie detection were the missing puzzle pieces she was looking for.Lauren’s unique educational background in both the verbal and nonverbal aspects of human behavior drove her to teach others how to interact. She loves helping people uncover their interaction superpowers and seeing them use those skills to reach their personal and professional goals. As a “recovering awkward person” herself, she sees the potential in everyone to be excellent communicators and listeners. She loves to see people build and maintain positive relationships, interact purposefully with others, and be the most authentic versions of themselves. Lauren is available to teach body language workshops and to provide input as you choose the best photos for your social media or professional use. In her spare time, Lauren is also an aerialist (and former gymnast, dancer, and contortionist). She also loves the Olympics, animals, anything that sparkles, funny TV shows/movies, dessert, and singing Ariana Grande in the car.

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