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Nicky McMillan

Nicky McMillan

New South Wales, Australia


  • Leadership
  • Networking
  • Influence / Charisma / Presence
  • Politics
  • Image / Wardrobe
  • Youth Development

Confessing to too many moments of social awkwardness, Nicky’s been in recovery – working on herself and being trained by leaders in the image, human behaviour and body language fields. Add to that her background in media and government & political communications, she’s on a mission to share this life-changing knowledge and skills so other aspiring regional bizpreneurs and leaders can be the best version of themselves – wherever and whatever the occasion.

She’s met and worked with people from all walks of life – from the Prime Minister’s office to mums and dads. Married to a farmer and mum to a feisty young daughter, she’s had plenty of life experience to keep her real.

She gets her kicks people watching (but not in a creepy way!), geeking out over human behaviour research, hiding in a corner chuckling at Far Side cartoons, chilling with hubby Grant and daughter Ollie, running with her canine personal trainer Banjo, baking, and eating anything chocolate!

Nicky McMillan

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