RB Kelly

Ewa Beach, Hawaii, United States


Affectionately called the Body Language Boss, RB is Hawaii’s only certified body language trainer. When she’s not speaking as a keynote at conventions, luncheons, or annual meetings; she’s either arranging and hosting her own exclusive workshops; coaching executives & high-level entrepreneurs; or working in-house with corporate sales teams. 

While all her content is based on scientific studies and advances in interpersonal communications, RB brings more than just expertise to the table. Her presentations are overflowing with enthusiasm, entertainment & energy, and participants are spellbound from the moment she takes the stage.

Fun-loving attendees and purely practical results-driven team leaders can all agree that RB’s presentations are among the best they’ve ever seen, and her content is the most unique, engaging, and useful they’ve ever heard. 

Growing up, things weren’t so easy. 

RB was born and raised in Utah. Her mother thought she was slightly autistic because she had such a hard time connecting with people and making friends.  She always seemed to say the wrong thing at the wrong time – if she managed to say anything at all.

She started studying body language in high school to try and understand the people around her and finally fit in. The learning curve was steep, and she made every body language mistake in the books. Slowly, she started to figure things out. She met her husband in college, made a disastrous first impression, but eventually won him over.

Then, she started formal training in the science of body language, discovered people secrets that blew her mind,  and finally earned certification in nonverbal communication from the Science of People, a human behavior research lab with over 2,500 studies. Now, she helps her clients make twice the sales in half the time, become the leading performers in their fields, and earn the respect and admiration they rightfully deserve.

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