Vanessa Van Edwards Speaking


The Art and Science of Presence, Confidence and Trust

Better communication skills pay dividends in every conversation for the rest of your life. There are no downsides to becoming a better communicator, but the upsides may be more powerful than we know. Studies show that people with high interpersonal intelligence (PQ) perform at higher levels, have higher salaries, have better immune systems, and help generate more revenue for companies they work for.

In this research-based and reflective keynote, Vanessa Van Edwards teaches attendees powerful communication strategies based on new science that they can apply at work and in their personal lives.

Pulling from her bestselling book Captivate and her upcoming book Cues, she shares the latest research on behavioral psychology and how it can be used to improve professional relationships, make positive and lasting impressions, and better connect with co-workers and customers.

Audiences are left with a better understanding of their own communication pitfalls and the knowledge and confidence to apply new tools to become more authentically charismatic in their interactions. 

Vanessa Van Edwards

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Key learning objectives include

  • Improving communication across teams and organizations by understanding the hidden signs and signals embedded in day to day interactions, whether internal or external.
  • Why warmth and competence cues are the keys to balanced and successful communication.
  • The pitfalls of using the wrong cues and why they slow down productivity and strain relationships.
  • How to strike the right balance between trust and power, likeability and productivity, collaboration and capability.
  • The (surprising) science of charisma and how to use it to make memorable first impressions, craft a confident presence, and improve communication with colleagues, clients, and customers.
  • Mastering the art and science of engagement across all communication modes.
  • The new science of conversation and how to talk to anyone without falling into the pattern of using tired social scripts, making for more captivating conversations.

Vanessa Van Edwards’s energy and enthusiasm during her session kept our audience of 175+ dance studio owners engaged and wanting more! Vanessa delivered valuable and actionable insights and ideas that was tailored to our audience, and she was ranked highest among our speakers for 2021. Her presentation exceeded all expectations, and her team was great to work with for logistics. I would not hesitate to recommend Vanessa for your next event!


Who Vanessa Can Engage

  • C-Suite + Managers: Anyone who is leading or inspiring others needs to know the fundamentals of how people work and how to convey both likability and capability.
  • Sales, Marketing & Creators: Understanding the psychology of behavior and people will help anyone in a sales or branding role.
  • HR: Science based communication tools will help those communicating upward and downward and help drive organizational culture.
  • Customer Service: Those who communicate with customers, clients or across teams need advanced communication strategies to effectively handle problems, build rapport and capture trust.
  • Entrepreneurs: Vanessa has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years. Her entrepreneurial journey and the communication skills she learned along the way can motivate, inspire and help entrepreneurs and new business owners.
  • Engineers: Technical people—engineers, computer programmers, graphic designers, who need advanced soft skills to work well with others and share their brilliant ideas.
  • Healthcare & Dental: How to portray confidence and trust (even when wearing a medical mask, eye shield, gown and headcovers). How healthcare workers can bond with patients and colleagues.
  • Operations + Supply Chain: Working across teams and talents is a unique people challenge. Communication tools are essential for those in operational roles.