This is Why People Find You Annoying (& How to Fix It!)

Am I Annoying?

Many annoying people don’t even realize they’re being annoying in the first place. Annoying people might violate various social norms, be incompatible with others, try too hard to make others laugh, or even take a phone call while in a quiet library.

Signs to see if you’re annoying:

Some people tend to enlist other people to help them with tasks that they can accomplish themselves, which makes them come off as lazy, and thus annoying.

You ask annoying questions:

You’re too loud: 

Have you ever thought about how loud you could possibly be? A 2017 study proved that the level of loudness of a person or the environment can be considered annoying because it is mentally and physically distracting.

You lack good hygiene:

Not smelling like a clean human being tends to keep people away from you because your odor has overpowered their senses and they just can’t stand it. Now, I understand some people have natural odors, but you can try to avoid foul scents at all costs. 

The more you smile, the more people find you engaged in the conversation! Furthermore, we tend to associate smiling people with positive qualities too (i.e., non-annoying!). By showing those pearly whites, you will show engagement and be seen as less annoying!

Ways To Stop Being Annoying

Put on a big smile

Use the “ask or tell” technique

People can tell when you aren’t paying attention because you either have no feedback to give them or you instantly change the subject to something totally different. Let’s change that using the “ask or tell” technique. Whenever you’re in a conversation and the other person says something, simply bounce off of what they said by saying something related to that topic.

Bonus: Become more likable

Let’s face it: if people find you annoying, you probably aren’t the most likable person in the room. However, being likable is like a science. And the more you know about how to be likable, the easier it is for people to like you.

Play angel’s advocate

The point of playing angel’s advocate is to hear people out. Perhaps your coworker wants the best for you. Or perhaps he is having second guesses about his purchase and just needs validation that what he did was right.


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