5 Science-Backed First Date Tips To Make Your Date Great

Congratulations, you’ve worked up the courage to ask that special someone out, and they’ve said yes. Now comes the really hard part: planning your first date. I’ve put together 11 great first date tips to get send you on your way.

Choose the Right First Date Location

The location you choose sets the tone for your date. Unless you already know what types of activities your date likes, it’s best to pick a neutral, low-pressure place where you can focus on getting to know each other and figuring out how well you connect.

Prepare for an Engaging          Conversation

If you can discipline yourself to delete a few apps or turn off your phone for a while, you may find that being present in your current reality can bring you more fulfillment than scrolling through other people’s lives. 

Learn From the Past

Take a look back at your previous dating experiences. What could they possibly indicate about you? Remember, this isn’t an exercise in self-defeat, it’s a chance to do some research and adopt behaviors that show your best self — the you that you hope your date will see. You have the power to put your best foot forward no matter what happened in the past! 

Take a Deeper Look at How You Present Yourself

Understanding the way you present yourself (and thus how others may perceive you) is important both before and during a date. In fact, if you’re venturing into online dating, then the “before” stage is extremely important.

Be Aware of Your Body Language

Taking a deeper look at how you present yourself bleeds into your date in the way you communicate both verbally and nonverbally. In fact, your nonverbals (your body language and facial expressions) are perhaps the loudest thing you communicate.


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