Squiggly Line

 5 Hand Gestures   You Should Be    Using and Their       Meaning

1. Listing

The easiest and most basic hand gesture is numerical. ANYTIME you say a number, do the corresponding gesture—this makes your number easier to remember for the listener, adds movement and warmth to your body language, and serves as a nonverbal anchor in the conversation.

2. Listen up!

This is a very strong gesture, so use it with caution. It is a “bottom line” hand gesture or “listen here” movement. The sound and motion draw attention and let people know: “What I am about to say is important!”

Squiggly Line
Squiggly Line

3. Clenched hand

Anytime you have a solid fist, shaking it at someone or punching it in the air, you are showing intensity. Use it alongside a VERY important point. Be careful when using this gesture with an irritated voice because it can come off as anger!

4. Everything

Want to make a big, grand gesture? Then the “everything” gesture is your go-to. It is as if you are sweeping across all of the ideas to be inclusive.

5. Let me tell you

Pointing should be used with caution.  However, you can point to get someone’s attention or to literally make a point. For example, this gesture goes along well with: “You know, I just remembered something important.”

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