How to Introduce Yourself in an Email   (With Examples!)

    What Is a Self-Introduction Email?

A self-introduction email is a way to meet someone virtually. Think of it as the email version of shaking someone’s hand and telling them a few sentences about yourself. 

Tips for Writing a Great    Introduction Email

Introducing yourself can be stressful, no matter the context. One nice aspect of doing it via email is that you can take the time to re-read and edit as much as needed to make sure it sounds exactly how you envision it. 

#1 Make the subject a         specific one

The subject of your email should give the email recipient a good idea of what to expect when they read your email. It should also be relatively concise. People read over 40% of emails on mobile devices, and it’ll help the reader if they can see the entire subject line.

#2 Set the tone with your email greeting

The first sentence sets the tone of your email correspondence. For an introduction email, it’s best to err on being more formal. This is one way to show respect and create an excellent first impression. If you can, try to add a small positive word. This kicks off the email with some optimism.

#3 Use the BLUF method

The BLUF method, Bottom Line Up Front, is how military personnel communicate. Very few people will thoroughly read a 2,000-word introduction email. In the best-case scenario, they might skim over it, but depending on how busy they are, they might not even have the time to do that.


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