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5 Ways to Masterfully Make Conversations With Girls

#1 Build up your confidence with these tricks

We don’t need massive research to know that confidence is ridiculously sexy. Nonetheless, the time has proved that women prefer confident men and find them more desirable as romantic partners.

#2 Read her body language to see if she’s interested

If you don’t know how to read a woman’s nonverbal signals, you could be dooming yourself to rejection from the very start. While women aren’t always known for being transparent with their words (ah, the dreaded    mixed signals), they tend to be    much more apparent with    their body language.

#3 Make intentional        eye contact

Speaking of eye contact, it’s an essential part of the dating game. Eyes are the windows to the soul, and interested women enjoy your eyes on them (why else would they put so much effort into their hair, makeup, and outfit?)

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#4 Ask her name,    then repeat it 

This is one of the simplest tricks in the book. Once you know her name, you are no longer strangers. Asking her name also allows you to read her body language and warm up the conversation. But to take it up a notch and stand out, you will want to say her name back to her.

#5 Give her a unique         compliment

Men are constantly trying to figure out what women want. But the answer could be surprisingly simple.  As a bonus, the repetition of the name will help you remember her name, especially if it’s a unique one. If you’re unsure of the pronunciation, ask her how the spelling.

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