How to Tell if Someone is Lying: The Ultimate Deception Guide

How to Tell if Someone is Lying in 7 Steps

#1: Know Your Prolific Liars

A prolific liar is someone who has a chronic or compulsive behavior of lying. Prolific liars usually lie multiple times a day, sometimes for no apparent reason at all.  Chances are you’ve encountered a prolific liar before. And chances are you have a prolific liar or two in your life right now.

#2: Find The Nose

According to neurological director Alan Hirsch, when a person lies, “blood flow increases to the erectile tissues in the body, including the erectile tissues in the nose.” This is why liars often touch or scratch their nose.

#3: Touching the Neck

If a person touches their neck, it can be an indicator of increased sweat due to nervousness or anxiety from being caught in the act. If a person is wearing a collar, they might tug at it or adjust it instead to seem less obvious.

#4: Watch for Mismatched           Hand Gestures

People who are sincere and honest will display gestures that match, especially with their hands. For example, if you tell someone their breath is stinky, they might cross their arms, purse their lips, and clench their hands into tight fists.


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