20 Informative Speech Topics To Rock Your Presentation

What Is An Informative Speech? Informative speeches aim to teach or instruct the audience about a topic. They include objective information and fact-based research but can incorporate a unique perspective, compelling storytelling, or a powerful take-home message.

Easy Informative Speech Topics

1. The most memorable speeches in history skills 2.T he most memorable speeches in history 3. The most memorable speeches in history 4. The most popular cars of the year 5. How to read body language

Informative Speech Topics for College

6. How you can reduce your carbon footprint 7. Different forms of learning 8. The truth about microplastics and possible alternatives 9. How to ace a college test  10. Why schools shouldn’t give homework

Fun Informative Speech Topics

11. Can procrastination be good for you? 12. Myth or reality? We only use 10% of our brains 13. The funniest commercials of all time 14. Bizzare sports you didn’t know existed  15. How snake venom attacks the body

Interesting Informative Speech Topics

16. How to start a business for under $100 17. The history of America from a minority perspective  18. How technology affects our brains 19. What would happen to the economy if everyone grew their own food? 20. The science and ethics of genetic modification


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