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      5 Leg Body Language Cues To Help You Analyze      ANY Situation

1. Seated parallel legs

Want to know one of the sexiest cues of all? The seated parallel legs cue. This is when a woman crosses her legs and relaxes one leg on top of the other, highlighting that calf muscle and giving the appearance of higher muscle tone. Alternatively, the legs might be placed to one side and uncrossed.

2. The Leg Tuck

This sitting posture is when one leg is tucked under. Not everyone can do it, but those flexible enough may be giving away an interesting tale. People usually tuck their legs in when they’re feeling comfortable. But pay close attention to the knee that is folded underneath.

3. Crossed Legs

Most people associate crossed legs with the same negative associations with crossed arms. If a person is crossed but smiling with their arms to their side, they may be relaxed. But if they’re crossing legs, crossing their arms, and looking down, they might be feeling negative.

Squiggly Line

the Leg Clamp happens when someone grabs their bent leg, forming a more structured barrier between them and everyone else. This is a very stubborn and competitive gesture that should only be used to shut people down.

4. Leg Clamp

5. Soldier Stance

The soldier stance is the opposite of the battle stance. Just imagine a soldier with legs together, back straight, and a stiff body, and you’ve got the soldier stance.

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