US Loneliness Statistics 2023: Are Americans Lonely?

What Do Social Isolation and Loneliness Mean?

Social isolation: refers to the general and often broad absence of contact with other people. Loneliness: the perceived subjective feeling of being lonely. 

What Age Group is  the Most Lonely?

From baby boomers to millennials to Gen Z, young people, young adults, and older adults all report loneliness. A recent study surveyed 2,000+ people across the US from 18-89+ years old.

Which States Are  The Loneliest? 

A researcher used data from the US Census to examine which places had high levels of loneliness. They mapped out which states had the most people living alone, the highest divorce rates, and most dating app searches.

Which States Are  The Least Lonely?

What makes Utah and Hawaii the top least lonely states? It’s all about the big family sizes, low divorce rates, and barely anyone living alone!


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