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What is a Type A Personality? The Type A Survival Guide

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“Type A” personalities are strong-willed, fast-moving, dominant, and often workaholics. People also refer to this personality as “The Achiever” or “The Director” because they make excellent leaders, entrepreneurs, and politicians. 

What is a Type A Personality?

The most notorious Type A trait is their go-getter attitude regarding their career and business. They have ambitious goals and a passionate drive to make their dreams a reality. They’re determined to be successful, no matter what!

  4 Survival Tips For Type A Personalities 

#1 Create work-life balance    with these daily actions

We’ve all heard of the dreaded “blame game.” It’s a game no one can win, yet many Type A still inadvertently plays it. One of the darker sides of this personality is their tendency toward manipulating accountability: When something goes right, they want to take all the credit.  When something goes wrong, it’s everybody else’s fault.

#2 Take responsibility for your mistakes with     the A to P Method

Though you may have your sights on the following significant milestones, don’t forget to acknowledge people in your life for their achievements regularly.

#3 Congratulate others for their achievement

Before making a big decision or reactively responding to a challenging conversation, try this Box Breathing exercise to reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels and allow you to approach people with a calmer attitude.

     #4 Use this deep breathing technique in high-tension situations

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