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 20 Questions   to Ask Your   Boyfriend For Every Situation

This question can reveal much about his family dynamics and who he feels safest with.

1. Who are you closest to in your family? 

2. What’s your best quality? 

You might already have an idea of what his character qualities are, but you might be surprised by what he selects to share.

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3. How Do You Most Feel Loved? 

Learning how he feels loved will give you a foundation to connect more deeply and effectively.

4. What do you feel makes a healthy relationship?

Learning how he feels loved will give you a foundation to connect more deeply and effectively.

5. What is your passion project? 

Find out what matters to him and where he spends his time. When you learn what he’s passionate about, express interest in sharing that with him.

6. Who is the person in your life you can always count on?

Whether it’s his best friend from grade school or cool Uncle Pete, the person he can always count on holds an important place in his life.

7. What’s something most people don’t know about you?

A fun question to ask allows him to share something personal about himself.

8. What is a weakness in other people that bothers you?

What a person views as a weakness is the area he will be critical and judgmental about.

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9. What makes you angry?

Honey, you don’t want an angry man. It’s just a toxic time bomb. Everyone gets mad about different things, but if he’s prone to getting angry, especially out of proportion with the situation, don’t mess with that.

10. What stresses you out?  

Help him talk about his stress, and listen with empathy.

11. What are your annoying habits?

This is less about identifying his annoying habits and more about seeing how self-aware he is. Plus, you’ll get an idea of how serious his habits are.

12. What do you love about your mom? 

Get an idea of what you’re dealing with by asking him about his relationship with his mom.

13. What’s your perfect day?

While it’s usually the guys who plan the perfect date in movies, why not arrange the ideal date around his answer to this question? You’ll show him you were listening to what he said and that you don’t expect him always to be the one to make you happy.

14. How did your last relationship end?

If it was a toxic relationship or he’s still attached to his ex, you need to talk about it.

15. Can we talk about our health histories? 

We don’t like talking about this with other people, but it’s essential to be open about past or present health concerns.

16. Tell me about your best friend.

You also need to know if he’s a lone wolf or if he’s capable of having healthy platonic relationships.

17. What do you feel is your most significant achievement?

You’ll learn about what he values in life. Then, ask him how that accomplishment made him feel and what he’s working towards now.

18. What are your political ideals?

This one can get heated. So, find out early what his stance is. If you don’t share those ideals, explore whether you are comfortable agreeing to disagree. A minor disagreement can be healthy, but you don’t want ongoing tension.

19. I need your advice, can you help me with ____? 

Surprise him by asking for his advice AND his help. Just make sure you ask for advice on something you want advice on!

20. What is your favorite thing to do after work?

Find out what he does to relax. You might also get a glimpse into how  he deals with stress.

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