Here’s How to Expertly Deal with Rude People (& What to Say!) 

With these nine tips, hopefully, you can get some inspiration and direction for dealing with the whole range of rude people you may encounter throughout the day. 

 Tips for Dealing with Rude People 

Pause and ask 

If someone is rude to you, immediately pause. Don’t be offensive or rude back. Just take a breath. First, this little pause might alert them to listen to what they just said and correct themselves. Second, it gives you a moment to stay calm and think.  Next, use a question. Rude people sometimes do not realize they are being rude, so asking can gently call their attention to it.

Set boundaries

When you set boundaries, you let other people know how you will let them treat you. You are not telling them how they can or can’t act, simply what the consequences of their rude behavior will be. 

Lean towards warmth

Consider the last time you were rude-chances are you were experiencing stress, fatigue, or had just gotten bad news. The same goes for everyone else. People’s lives are complex, and their rudeness likely stems from something that has gone wrong in their world around the time that they are communicating with you. There’s a word for this—sonder.

Display your competence

In some cases, especially in the work environment, people may be rude because they doubt your ability to get the job done. While humility can be a positive trait, and everyone has the potential to grow, don’t shy away from showing your competence.  If you feel like someone is underestimating you, be kind and direct. Sometimes, calling it out helps dissipate the tension and show confidence in yourself and your abilities.


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