4 Telltale Signs     Someone Doesn’t Want to  Be Your Friend

   #1 You Put in Most of the Effort

When one person is more dedicated to a friendship than the other, it can often feel like you are being rejected or taken advantage of.  For example, take a look at your recent text messages or phone calls with this person. If you are the one who is constantly reaching out (i.e., you always text or call first) and they are not reciprocating your efforts, this could be a signal that you are in a one-sided friendship.

 #2 They Actively Avoid Connecting  Deeply with You

Pay attention to what happens when you are with your friend: Do they pretend not to see you if you run into them in public?  Do they tend to keep the conversations super short?  Do they avoid eye contact?  These indicate that your friend may be trying to avoid deeply connecting with you because they don’t want to be friends anymore.

#3 They don’t ask about you

When someone doesn’t ask about your life or your passions, they may be demonstrating that they don’t value you as much as you value them. If you are prone to people-pleasing, you might subconsciously play along with this pattern because you want to be liked and make others happy. But in reality, you could be hurting your own self-confidence by putting the other person on a pedestal. 

  #4 They Stop Reaching     Out or Making Plans

Are you always inviting them, and they are never asking you? Friends who are genuinely excited to know you will probably reach out to spend time together and initiate hangouts equally. If they turn down your plans one night, they might offer an alternative by inviting you for coffee or offering to watch a movie and catch up the following week. 


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