5 Hidden Signs   You Got The  Job After The     Interview

  Specific compliments of your skills or experiences

Compliments are always excellent but especially valuable at job interviews. Interviewers need to ask meaningful (sometimes challenging) questions or even stress-test you, so they usually wouldn’t shower you with compliments. Therefore, if you hear compliments at your interview, it’s a very positive sign!

Engaging you for longer than scheduled

You don’t want to stop when you are in a conversation you enjoy. Therefore, if your interview schedule was for 30 minutes, but it went on to 45 minutes or even 60 minutes, don’t fret! Your interviewer probably enjoyed chatting with you.  

Discussing benefits and rewards with you

It may be common to hear about benefits and rewards from HR. However, it’s a great sign if you hear help from a hiring manager, such as “We treat our interns very well here,” or “We also provide gym membership and daycare.”

Showing positive body language

Nonverbal language is just as important as verbal language. If the interviewer frequently smiles at your responses, leans towards where you are seated, and maintains intense eye contact with you when you speak, she is probably interested in what you can offer.

Giving you specific dates on when you will hear back from the company

People often use vague language when they don’t mean what they say. But when they truly mean it, they might want to show their sincerity with precise language such as “You should hear from us within 5 days or no more than 10 days!”


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