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5 Best Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend

#1 Her passions

What is your girlfriend most excited about in life? What are her dreams, goals, and ambitions? What hobbies or subjects is she super enthusiastic about? If you’ve been dating a while, you probably already know a few things that she is passionate about.

#2 Things you have in common

Finding common ground is a core building block for any relationship. Psychologists have found that people are fundamentally motivated to find a shared sense of reality.

#3 Interesting things that happened to her that day (rose, bud thorn)

Sometimes, simple daily experiences can source intriguing or lighthearted conversation. Ask your girlfriend: What were your rose, thorn, and bud? The rose is the best thing that happened, the thorn is a negative thing, and the bud is a new goal or insight she had.

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#4 What you like about her

Who doesn’t love to be flattered by their significant other? Make your woman smile and blush by digging deeper into the specific things you like about her. Why are you with her? What first caught your eye? What gets you most excited to see her every day?

#5 Her biggest goals

When people have something to work towards, they feel more motivated and inspired daily. Learning about your girlfriend’s upcoming or overall life goals is a great way to show that you support her in her endeavors.

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