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What’s Your Intelligence Type?

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An intelligence type is an indicator of your strengths and areas where you excel. Each intelligence type indicates different skills or “smarts” you are best suited for. 

1. Naturalist (nature smart) 2. Musical (sound smart) 3. Logical-mathematical (number/reasoning smart) 4. Existential (life smart)

4 intelligence types


Are you particularly observant of the natural world? Do you find being in nature meditative? Is it easy for you to distinguish the subtle differences between a fir and a pine? Do you find working with plants or animals comes second nature to you? This might be because you have naturalist intelligence.

People with musical intelligence have sensitive ears. Can you listen to a piece of music and pick out each note? Can you distinguish and understand the difference between pitch, rhythm, timbre, and tone? This type of intelligence is often demonstrated by conductors, singers, and musicians.


Can you find yourself getting lost in an interesting pattern? Do you enjoy having things categorized, or connecting items together by their relationship? You might have logical-mathematical intelligence. This is the ability to calculate numbers, quantify, and hypothesize about numbers.



Do you ever wonder about the meaning of life? Do you read books about our evolution and how humans developed to be the species they are today? People with this type of intelligence tend to be sensitive and have the ability to ask deep questions about human existence and the meaning behind our existence.

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