15 Best Would You Rather Questions For a Fun Game Night

1. Would you rather be able to breathe underwater or fly?  This question hits on a classic superpower standoff that is surprisingly divisive.  2. Would you rather only be able to eat sweet or savory food?   You know, granting that they both affected your health in the same way.  3. Would you rather never be able to read another book or never watch another movie?  Both are essential forms of art and communication. Which one would you pick? 

4. Would you rather meet your great-great-grandparents or your great-great-grandchildren?  The past you came from or the future you influenced—either one would be enjoyable.  5. Would you rather be a fantastic storyteller, inspired by embarrassing moments, or never do anything embarrassing but not have funny stories?  Do you care more about life being “for the plot,” or do embarrassing moments stress you out so much you’d do anything never to have another one? 6. Would you rather have to say every thought out loud or never be able to speak again?  Despite your best efforts, you probably have a few ridiculous thoughts from time to time. How much do you care if people know what they are?

7. Would you rather live in a tree house or a tiny home by the beach?  A spin on the classic ocean or forest question, but add the part where you’d have to be OK with living there!  8. Would you rather never be able to send another text and have all personal communication as a phone call or have a video zoom call every day?  Talk about phone anxiety!  9. Would you rather be mildly allergic to dust or very allergic to pollen?  A mild allergy all year round or a bigger allergy that flares up during the spring?

10. Would you rather have to watch only horror movies or only rom-com for the next year?  Getting anywhere in the blink of an eye would be amazing, but it would also be pretty awesome not to get up to turn off the lights.  11. Would you rather have to watch only horror movies or only rom-com for the next year?  What do you look for when watching a movie—something lighthearted and sweet or more intense and adrenaline-raising?  12. Would you rather be exceptionally good at a niche sport that very few people know about or be OK at every sport you try?  The internal struggle is between wanting to be a Jack of all trades and being “the best” at something. 

13. Would you rather be a world-class bassoonist or an Olympic-level curler?  Both are incredibly prestigious and impressive.  14. Would you rather live in perpetual winter and always be a little too cold or endless summer and always too warm?  Unfortunately, neither is comfortable.  15. Would you rather dive from the 10m diving board or go scuba diving in caves?  Which one scares you more—heights or depths? 


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