5 Best  Conversation Games You Can Play Right Now

#1 Two truths and a lie

This game lets you get to know the people you’re speaking with and learn about their life experiences.  To play, one person tells two truthful facts about themselves and one lie. Everyone else then guesses, which is a made-up statement.

#2 Hot takes

A “hot take” is an unpopular opinion a person feels strongly about. This game is played by people randomly calling out their hot takes and then everyone else weighing in on the debate. You’re bound to find out some strong, niche opinions your friends hold. 

#3 Would you rather…

A classic word game that you can make as goofy as you want. Present two scenarios and see which one people would choose if given a choice. They can both be positive, negative, or just plain unbelievable.

#4 High, low, and buffalo

If you want more details than “How are you?” given, try asking your loved ones to share their highs, lows, and buffalo. High: Something that’s going well in life Low: Something in life that’s been bumming them out  Buffalo: Something random, funny, or interesting that’s going on in life.

#5 I like you because…

Participants take turns saying what they appreciate about one another in this sweet, uplifting game.  Sit in a circle and have everyone say something nice about the person next to them. After going around the circle, mix up where everyone is sitting, so you now say something nice about a different player.


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