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Reading Male Body Language: 5 Signs He Secretly Likes You

He’ll Touch You Back

A subtle trick to see if he likes you is to give him a light touch. Simply touch his upper arm playfully or while you’re laughing and see how he reacts. He might not touch back, but if he does, you’ve definitely got the green light.

His Pupils Will Dilate

Look closely at his pupils. Are they dilated? Pupil dilation is a very arousing cue. The bigger the pupil size, the greater the interest.  If someone is attracted to you, they might immediately perk their eyes right up, even if they’re tired.                       This is in contrast to the                     normal eye bagginess we                    might have if we’re staring                    at the computer screen or                         daydreaming about the                            beach.

He’ll Make Extra Eye Contact

If you’re at a bar or in a social setting, take a look around. Men who are attracted may try to make eye contact with you. Eye-contact seeking is a gesture we make when we want to start a conversation in social or dating situations—we scan around until we make eye contact as a way to say, “I am here, please talk to me”

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His Eyes Will Dip

Watch his eye movements. Do they show eye dipping to “take you all in?” In true attraction, a male will make lots of eye contact, with the occasional dip. Eye dips are when the eye moves in a triangle shape—from one eye to the other, for the most part, but occasionally they will “dip” down below the neck area.

He’ll Get Closer

You might notice an attempt to get a little physically closer to you. Men who are interested may try to close the distance by: 1. Choosing to sit next to you at a restaurant, instead of across from you 2. Leaning forward 3. Standing physically closer to you or even touching you while walking

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