The 5 Best Personal Development Blogs to Read in 2023

#1 Impact Theory (Tom Bilyeu)

Tom Bilyeu cofounded Impact Theory to facilitate a growth mindset in individuals. He believes that we can bring real change to the world if we hold ourselves accountable and work on our natural gifts. We are all “adaptation machines” that need a little nudge to unleash our true power.

#2 Lewis Howes (Lewis Howes)

Lewis Howes shares his journey from being broken, broke, and deeply depressed to being a best-selling author in America. As a former Olympic athlete, Lewis was eager to pay it forward and become a life coach for personal development.

#3 Zen Habits (Leo Babauta)

Leo Babauta presents himself as a regular guy who transformed his life by finding happiness in a simpler routine. He teaches millions of readers to do the same with Zen Habits. His personal development blog features guides on the 3 P’s: productivity, proactivity, and positive thinking.

#4 Lifehacker

Lifehacker is a hub for articles and news on, you guessed it, life hacks. The site operates on the concept that there’s always a way to do everything better. The core team behind Lifehacker is made up of content creators and industry experts invested in finding simple solutions to real-world problems.

#5 Science of People

Read this blog if you’re into funny, bite-sized bits of information from psychological research, career advice, personality tests, relationship and dating tips, entrepreneurism, body language, and more!


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