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Want to test your body language skills?how to win friends and influence people summary science


Here at the Science of People we are working on collecting the largest set of data ever recorded on body language skills and nonverbal communication. Help us and quiz yourself by answering the questions below to test your skills.

 Take this 5 minute quiz and see how your body language ranks!


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About Vanessa Van Edwards

Vanessa Van Edwards is a published author and behavioral investigator. She is a Huffington Post columnist and her courses and research has been featured on CNN, Forbes, Business Week and the Wall Street Journal. As a published Penguin author, Vanessa regularly speaks and appears in the media to talk about her research. She is a sought after consultant and speaker.


  1. BobbyA

    You asked , ” Which of these poses would make you feel the most confident? “. My correct answer is not the person striking their power pose. For me it is the person that knows the situation and remains competently calm, mentally prepared for the task. Best exhibited in pose B.

  2. Dawn

    I tried to take this quiz like 5 times, wondering why I couldn’t get any results. Now I see someone says it doesn’t work with Safari. Well why not?!? It’s the ONLY browser I have on this computer. Really bummed because I bought the CL course and looks like I may not be able to use some of these resources since I don’t have another browser. :(

    1. Danielle McRae

      Hi Michael, sorry to hear you are having problems with the quiz. Perhaps try it once more to see if you can get a score? -Danielle and the Science of People Team

  3. guest

    The eyebrows in the image for fear almost resemble surprise. Aren’t the brows regularly more rigid and drawn together when someone is afraid?

    1. Danielle McRae

      Hi, thank you for your comment. It’s very easy to confuse fear and surprise, so here’s the clue: when experiencing fear, the eyebrows raise up but stay flat across the face. When experiencing surprise, the eyebrows raise up and form and upside down “U” shape. Hope this helps! -Danielle and the Science of People Team

    2. Flora

      Look at her neck. When people are scared, they draw in a breath that pulls their skin causing some bones and muscles to be exposed.

  4. el vee

    q9. D is a horrible pose. Maybe because he is hiding in his oversized suit. The child looks the most confident, he is angry and determined.

  5. Lisa

    I just took the test two times. I am on safari. Guess I need to go to chrome to take it again in order to get my results!

    1. Danielle McRae

      Hi Dave, sorry to hear you’re having issues with the quiz. Perhaps try another browser? We’re looking into the issue! -Danielle and the Science of People Team

  6. K.Dinesh Kumara

    Dear All,

    Vanessa’s works are very good and it’s very simple to understand for any one,
    whether there are fluent in English or not, I think that she use the universal
    language of human (Body Language) to teach us. So if she uses that universal
    language, she is telling true, because whether you believe or not it’s very
    hard to fake our sub-conscious behaviors. Everyone in this field can’t teach
    what their had learn, but Vanessa’s gifted or earned both teaching and learning
    skill with her beautiful personality, I’m Sri Lankan and I’m Buddhist, I
    believed that her works can help you all to success your life with positive and
    wealthy way.

    Thank you with best regards!
    K. Dinesh Kumara
    Educator at SOS Children’s Villages

    1. Danielle McRae

      Hi K., thank you for your comment. That’s the beauty of this subject- across gender and culture, much of our body language is the same. We’re so glad to hear that the techniques have helped you! -Danielle and the Science of People Team

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