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Science of People is a human behavior research lab. Our goal is to teach you how people work.

Understanding people is the most important life skill a person can have. Yet, we are not taught people skills in school nor do our parents sit us down and teach us how to interact effectively.

But here’s the problem:

You can’t succeed in business, life or love without mastering people skills. body language of attraction, psychology of attraction

If you want to win the deal, get the date, negotiate the sale or influence others you have to understand the science of people.

We’re going to show you a better way to interact.

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The psychology of people can increase your influence in life and business.

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Human Behavior Hacking

We use the latest research on human behavior, psychology, and relationships to answer questions like:

  • What makes someone charismatic?
  • Why didn’t I get the date?
  • Do people like me?
  • How can I win the deal?

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Captivate: Use Science to Succeed with People


We teach you why people act the way they do and how you can benefit from it.

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Science Based Approach:

Over the last ten years, I have gathered scientifically proven strategies and tactics from world-renowned academic scientists and New York Times best-selling authors into one place. About 1.8 million scholarly articles and scientific papers are published each year in 28,000 journals. 50% are never read by anyone but the editor and authors. 90% are never cited again! All of this amazing research and hard work goes to waste. And we want to change that.

We want to bring you the latest, most powerful people science so you can use it in your life.

In fact, we operate by three rules while putting together our articles, videos and courses for you:


1. A Moment of Science

We have to find the studies to back up our claims. Some of our favorite areas:

  • The secrets of body language and nonverbal communication
  • Human lie detection
  • The psychology of successful relationships and influence
  • The science of personality

2. Immediately Applicable

We do the work for you. We read the jargon-filled, hundred pages of research studies, articles and books from across the world and synthesize it into bite-size science that is actionable and able to use instantly.

3. Interesting as Hell

We are allergic to boring. If it doesn’t captivate our interest, we don’t share it with you. You have enough boring stuff happening at work. We won’t let that happen here.

I’m so grateful that Science of People has grown into a thriving community of individuals who want to step up their game. As you will see on our Facebook and Twitter page, our readers have increased their impact, influence and income using our techniques. I hope you will join us.

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The Science of People approach has helped thousands of people around the world.

Can we show you how?

About Vanessa Van Edwards:

Vanessa Van Edwards is a Huffington Post columnist and her groundbreaking work has been featured on NPR, the Wall Street Journal, the Today Show and USA Today. She has written for CNN, Fast Company and Forbes. Her science of people approach has benefited both readers and corporations as Vanessa has consulted for multiple Fortune 500 companies including American Express, Clean and Clear and Symantec.

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About Our Team:

We are a small, but nimble team here at the Science of People. Check out our team page to meet all of the fabulous people working to get you the best people science on the web.

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Science of People in the Media:

Vanessa Van Edwards and The Science of People have been featured across multiple media outlets including:

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Cool Projects:

We are always working on weird, crazy, cool new projects. We even do our own citizen science projects where we do crazy experiments to test that the research works in real life. Here’s what’s current:

  • We have asked hundreds of readers to submit videos of themselves lying. Here’s why.
  • We are building the world’s largest database of body language and nonverbal behavior science. Check it out.
  • Our goal is to collect body language data on over 5,000 readers. Take our quiz and test your body language skills!

Talk Nerdy to Me!

Here’s what people are saying about us: “Vanessa’s presentation style is so engaging and entertaining that I believe everyone will get something extremely useful out of it. “ –Monica Enand, Founder of Zapproved “Vanessa’s work is informative, educational and fun. I did not realize that people’s body language could tell you so much by detecting certain things to look for. Everyone could use these tools in both their jobs and daily lives.” –Nancy Swaffield, Conference Chairman, Credit Professionals International “Vanessa is a dynamic and polished teacher.” –Emily Ediger, Portland State University Business Accelerator

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About Vanessa Van Edwards

Vanessa Van Edwards is a published author and behavioral investigator. She is a Huffington Post columnist and her courses and research has been featured on CNN, Forbes, Business Week and the Wall Street Journal. As a published Penguin author, Vanessa regularly speaks and appears in the media to talk about her research. She is a sought after consultant and speaker.

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