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What Do You See?


This article is by Michiel Andreae, a body language expert in training from The Netherlands. He helps you explore and develop your own people superpower. Have a picture you want him to blog about? Send it to and you’ll see it on Science of People soon!   In the series “What do you see?” we’re going More Info »

Interview with Ramit Sethi

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I don’t usually recommend courses, but many people ask me about how I learned some of the business techniques behind the Science of People lab and many of them I got from Ramit Sethi. I took his Creative Live course when it launched in 2012 and recently went on with him as a case study More Info »

Your Social Media Picture Is…

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Can someone tell how successful you are by just looking at your picture? The answer is YES! Watch the video to find out why: In this video I show you three pictures. I want you tell me who you think has the most followers on Twitter. Play More: Science of People Labs Here at Science More Info »

5 Ways to Make Your Business Card Awesome

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You have an incredible opportunity to supercharge your first impression and your business. It’s small, but packs a punch… it is: Your Business Card! Most people think about their elevator pitch, their LinkedIn profile, their outfit, but they don’t put all that much thought into their business card. Or, even more frustrating, they WANT to put More Info »

The Art and Science of Selling

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Selling is both art and science. You need the finesse and fluidity of art and the research backed practical skills of science. I want to teach you both. And it doesn’t even matter what you want to sell. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, consultant, salesperson or manager, I’m going to show you exactly how sell yourself, More Info »

Supercharge Your Sales with Body Language

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Advanced Body Language Sales Training To be successful in business you have to know how to sell. I’m going to show you how to supercharge your sales numbers using body language. And I am not just talking about the basics of eye contact and a good handshake. I am talking about advanced body language sales More Info »

5 Killer Science Based Sales Techniques

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So you have something to sell. It could be your business idea, your product or even yourself. In this lab chat I want to teach you how to sell anything to anyone using SCIENCE! My team and I have spent months researching. In my body language in sales course, I came across some fascinating science More Info »

The Science Playground

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You have asked, we have heard, we have succeeded! We finally opened our Science of People discussion forums, playfully nicknamed the: Science Playground Goodies: We have forums on tons of topics already started, but check out these goodies to begin: What are your people struggles? See Ridiculous Social Experiments Watch our Lying Practice Videos Why? More Info »

Office Body Language: 5 Cues You Must Know


Do you wish you could read the body language of your boss, colleagues or clients? Although body language is not mind reading, it can give us an interesting glimpse into the hidden emotions of the people we work with. Research has found that the majority of our communication is nonverbal–between 60 and 93% comes through our body More Info »

10 Body Language Tips for Your Next Presentation

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.57.28 AM

Have a big presentation or pitch coming up? Check out these 10 super easy, powerful body language tips: Want More Body Language? Check out: The Body Language of Leaders Public Speaking: Battle of the Sexes 3 Power Body Language Moves in 90 Seconds:

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