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Body Language of Leaders: Francis Underwood

The Body Language of Frank Underwood

He may not be a real world leader, but Francis Underwood from House of Cards is definitely an interesting leader to watch for his body language! And with season 3 right around the corner be sure to pay attention to Francis’ body language next time you watch House of Cards! No smiling   As with More Info »

The Happiness Advantage


What is the science of happiness? I can’t wait to find out! The Happiness Advantage is the winner for our March Book Club! I decided to start a Science of People Book Club as part of my New Year’s science based goal-setting practice. Goal: Run a Science of People Book Club Read 12 Books in 2015 Host More Info »

7 Things You Need to STOP Doing

7 Things to STOP Doing-2

I talk a lot on this website about all the things you should do to be more memorable, charismatic and influential. I write about starting, learning and beginning new habits and behaviors. Some of my favorites: Start power posing Learn vocal power strategies Use killer conversation starters But in this post I want to write More Info »

Trending Body Language: Joe Biden

joe biden

  The news this week was buzzing with Vice President Joe Biden’s seemingly fascination about getting too close with women and girls. The Vice President may need to learn a few things about body language. Have a look at this clip: Proxemics Proxemics is the fancy body language term for personal space. Imagine everyone has More Info »

Body Language of Leaders: President Obama

Body Language of Leaders_

What kind of body language do leaders use? In this series we’re having a look at the body language of real and fictional leaders. In this edition: President Obama. Let’s have a look at the State of the Union speech. It’s a speech that lasts little over an hour, but for this post I’m only More Info »

Happy Valentine’s Day…a Gift for You | @vvanedwards

Happy Valentine’s Day! We put together all of our favorite articles about love, dating and romance for you to check out today The (Surprising) Science of Orgasms Have you ever wondered what really happens to your body and brain during an orgasm? How about some interesting facts about the orgasm. It’s all here. 3 Signs More Info »

7 Body Language Differences of the Sexes

7 Body Language Differences

What are the differences between how men and women communicate? No matter how similar you are to your partner, there are some fundamental differences in the way the sexes communicate through body language that you need to know. First, the verbal: Men and women use roughly the same amount of words per day. Researchers at More Info »

Does Your Partner Want to Commit?

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 12.07.31 PM

Where do you and your partner stand? Are you in lust? In attraction? In attachment? Love comes in 3 stages: Lust, which is all about gauging someone’s potential as a mate. Attraction, which is when people begin to build a connection and the thrill of courtship releases dopamine. And attachment, where oxytocin builds a long-term More Info »

What Do You See? Blind Date Edition


From 1999 to 2006, the TV series Blind Date was putting two strangers together on blind dates to see if they would have a romantic date or a terrible one. These episodes are hilarious to watch and are very nice body language practice material. Have a look at this 8 minute segment and see what More Info »

The (Surprising) Science of Orgasms

The Science of Orgasms

Orgasms are surprising. As I was digging into the research for our Body Language of Love and Dating course I happened upon some fascinating pleasure science. And, of course, I had to share it with you. 1. Orgasm Explained Through Cartoon First, this video explains what happens in the body and mind during orgasm. 2. More Info »

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