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The Communication Matrix

Communication Matrix-watermark

The Science of People teaches the nuance of body language and the power of our nonverbal behavior. While so much of our communication happens beyond our awareness, we make choices every day about when to listen, when to question, and when to speak up. The Communication Matrix (see below) identifies the result of varying Discovery […]

5 Scientific Strategies to Help You Win Negotiations

5 Scientific Strategies to Help You Win Negotiations

Answer this question: If you had to pick a metaphor for negotiations, which would you choose: A. Going to the Dentist B. Playing a Game Your choice here is important–do you see negotiations as necessary evil OR as a fun challenge. It’s time to start thinking about negotiations as a fun challenge. Here’s why: You […]

Science of People Podcast


Are you ready for a new way to consume our Science of People content? Don’t have time to read and want to listen as you go? Well get excited, because the Science of People is officially on both Soundcloud and iTunes! That’s right–we know that all of you, our wonderful readers, are different. Some of you […]

5 Steps to Greater Happiness…You Won’t Believe #4

5 Steps to greater happiness

Happiness is often described as a mysterious topic, something we must decipher with a secret combination. We all want to be content with our lives and with the people around us. Are you happy? Do you know how happiness works? Once you discover how to harness happiness and joy, it’s hard to let go. I want […]

How to Look Thinner in Pictures


Taking pictures can really suck. You leave the house feeling great about your body until you take a selfie with your friends and you don’t look as good as you thought you did. Then you start having thoughts like “Are my arms really that flabby?” and “Yikes. Maybe it’s time to start dieting again.” I’m […]

The Power of Body Language to Combat Depression

The Power of Body Language to

You may be wondering how in the world body language helps heal the heaviness of depression. Well I’m here to tell you how, why, and what to do to help someone you know or perhaps yourself who may be going through depression, anxiety, or a similar mental illness. The Science of Depression Whether you’re someone that […]

The (Suprising) Science of Productivity

(surprising) Science

Our society is suffering from an epidemic of unproductivity. A survey conducted by Microsoft found that most people are unproductive at work a whopping 17 hours per week out of an average 45 hour work week. With so many unproductive hours it’s no wonder people struggle to achieve the results they want. We wanted to […]

This Simple Social Hack May Help You Spot a Psychopath

The Power of the

How can one single word be so powerful and affect millions of us yet still be such a mystery? This one simple action can spread through a crowd like a Mexican wave and you have no control over it….Have you guessed it yet? Yes, it’s yawning! I have always been fascinated by yawning and what […]

How to Know If Someone Likes You

How to Know if

Do you have someone in your life that is potentially giving you signals that they want go from friend to romantic partner? If so, keep that person in mind as we go through each of the 5 cues of attraction. Cue #1 Mirroring Mirroring is done when someone is subtly copying/mimicking the nonverbal and verbal behavior of […]

Chat with Us?

Social Superhero Bot

A few months ago I had this idea. I was standing at a happy hour event and didn’t know a single person. Everyone was in really tight groups talking and I couldn’t find the energy to break into one just yet. So I opened my phone. No texts. No new Instagram posts. No new emails. So […]

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