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10 Most Popular Articles from 2014

Missed our most popular articles from 2014? Here are our top posts for you to check out! Top 5 Articles 2014: 1. The Science of Twerking Oh yes, we did it. We broke down the science (and art) of twerking and why people can’t get enough. 2. How to Beat Impostor Syndrome Do you ever feel like More Info »

Our Book Club

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Every year I sit down and think about: What worked last year? What didn’t work last year? I do this as part of my science based goal-setting practice and I LOVE it because quickly helps me identify things I am doing right…and wrong. Then action steps to make it better for next year. One thing More Info »

The Science of Goals


Why do some goals fail? Do you ever wonder why some New Years Resolutions die a long, slow death while others seem as easy to do as a simple checklist item? It comes down to science. I want to teach you the science of goal-setting. The research behind resolutions. Our investigations for intentions. There is a More Info »

Would I Lie to You?

One of our Science of People Team contributors Michiel Andreae and I co-authored this post on “Would I lie to you?”. It is a TV-show but even so we can use it for lie detection practice! While the British TV-show “Would I lie to you?” always makes for amusing television, you can also use it More Info »

10 Successful Phone Strategies


The phone is a powerful tool for your business, relationships and communication. But do you know how to use it? I want you to be a phone ninja. A cold-calling genius. A mobile power player. Why is the phone so important? Sure, people listen to our words but they are REALLY listening to how you More Info »

Bill Cosby: Lying or Not?


This article is by Michiel Andreae, a body language expert in training from The Netherlands. He helps you explore and develop your own people superpower.  If you’ve been following the news you have probably heard that Bill Cosby (Yes, the one from the Bill Cosby show) has been accused of sexually assaulting several women. In More Info »

Be a Body Language Trainer


We want to help you change lives. As a Body Language Trainer you can have a career that fulfills you, makes a positive impact on the world around you and brings you financial freedom. Here’s how: For the past 8 years, Vanessa and the Science of People team have designed, developed, built and produced a body More Info »

Are You an Ambivert?


I have always struggled with the question: “Are you an extrovert or introvert?” Like most people, I don’t quite fit into either category. In this article and video I want to introduce you to the concept of an ambivert: Ambivert: n Someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion. Extroversion and introversion describe how More Info »

What Do You See? Office Edition


This article is by Michiel Andreae, a body language expert in training from The Netherlands. He helps you explore and develop your own people superpower. Have a picture you want him to blog about? Send it to and you’ll see it on Science of People soon! In the series “What do you see?” we’re going to More Info »

Interview with Ramit Sethi

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 12.35.28 PM

I don’t usually recommend courses, but many people ask me about how I learned some of the business techniques behind the Science of People lab and many of them I got from Ramit Sethi. I took his Creative Live course when it launched in 2012 and recently went on with him as a case study More Info »

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