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The Science of People Secret Sauce

Supercharge your career, dates and social life
with these quick and easy people skills


Social Tips

Learn the science of dazzling conversation.


Relationship Science

Science-based solutions for dating & relationships.


Business Hacks

Learn people skills for job-seekers and entrepreneurs.


Life Strategies

Learn essential strategies for bonding with people.

Social Tips

From killer conversation starters to the art of mingling,
you should always know what to say to get your way.

There is an art and a science to conversation.

And not just any conversation–I want you to have juicy, sparkling, engaging, deep conversations with everyone you interact with.

How can you make dazzling conversation with anyone you meet? How can you get business and connections and dates out of your meetings?

I want to show you that there are practical ways to have effective communication in this step-by-step guide to awesome conversation.

Relationship Science

Strategies for singles to optimize dating profiles & thrive on blind dates and
science-based solutions for couples to supercharge their relationship.

I want to teach you the psychology, science and behavior research about love and dating.

But, before you start chatting with other singles and going on fun dates, we want to help.

My goal is to help you feel confident, find the people who share your similar values and interests and catapult your dates into long-term partnerships and relationships.

Business Hacks

People skills are key to business success. We have science-based solutions to
speed the journey for entrepreneurs, job applicants & ambitious career climbers.

I want to teach you the science of charisma.

Increase your impact, influence and income using 7 science based steps.

This is a completely new way to think about how you interact with people and the impact you have on those around you.

In the business world, you have to master the impact you have on the world.

My goal is to you make you more memorable, influential and charismatic.

Life Strategies

Do you know the charisma formula? How to recognize a lie? How to decode the
7 microexpressions? Learn essential strategies for bonding with people.

Learning how to decode the face is like having a superpower.

Knowing how to read and interpret microexpressions is an essential part of understanding nonverbal behavior and reading people.

There are seven universal microexpressions and they often occur as fast as 1/15 to 1/25 of a second.

Identifying the microexpression is only a piece of the puzzle. We want to help you understand each of the expressions, specifically the science behind each emotion.

My goal is to teach you more about the emotions that influence our everyday lives.


About Our Lab

My name is Vanessa Van Edwards and I am a human behavior hacker. I study what makes people tick in our behavior lab the Science of People. Our number one goal is to teach the people skills you never learned in school. Do you wish you always knew exactly what to say? How to decode what people are really thinking? How to to increase your influence and income using interpersonal intelligence? We are here to make wishes come true.

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