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Links We Love

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Today, I have 5 cool links that will help you explode your kindness all over the thirsty world! #1: What to Do When Your Boss Is In A Bad Mood Do you need to be an angel for your boss? Nothing is worse than having your boss bully their way through the office. Here is […]

What Makes A Face Attractive?


Science never ceases to surprise me. But, in this segment of ‘Did You Know?’ we just might surprise you! Did you know that the more symmetrical your face is, the more attractive you seem to others? Yes, symmetrical faces are known to be sexy. This means that facial symmetry is more important than any other […]

Why Do We Fear Public Speaking?


Do you fear public speaking? Getting up in front of people–large or or even small groups can be terrifying. When I read this post in Quantified Communications’ blog, I knew it would be perfect for you, our amazing readers. The amazing Sarah Weber and Noah Zandan kindly gave us permission for a repost (thank you!!), […]

The Science of a Perfect Nap


Ah yes, napping. Are you a huge fan of Sunday afternoon naps like me? If so, then you know that there is both an art and a science to the perfect nap. Naps are the perfect way to unplug, even if it’s just for a brief period. Napping is a global phenomenon that begins as […]

Which Sex Reacts More Strongly to Negative Events?

Which Sex Responds More Strongly to

We all know first-hand that there are many innate, biological differences between men and women. Whether it be our hormones, our brains, our bodies or the way we act, these differences are what make studying people so freakin’ interesting. Well, science has unveiled yet another difference that sets men and women apart: it’s the way we react […]

Links We Love

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This is your weekly dose of Links We Love, a list of 5 cool people science tidbits that you might like! #1: The 10 Types of Awkward Friendships What kinds of friendships do you have? Are some awkward–oh yes, I have so been there. See the 10 types: #2: Why Are You Right or Left […]

Science of People Meetups

Anti-Networking Events

How often have you gone to networking event after networking event talking about the same kinds of things to the same kinds of people? Networking can be boring. Dull. Awkward. We say NO MORE! Enter: Anti-Networking Events Networking sucks. Small talk is a slog. Working a room is a lot of frickin’ work. We’re here […]

How to Look Taller in Pictures


Fun sized, vertically challenged, petite, or just plain short, whatever you choose to label yourself as, there are times when you wish you were born to be tall. While it sucks that you can’t change your physical height, beauty bloggers have discovered creative ways to look taller in photos without even wearing heels. Here are […]

Want to be in my book promo?


Writing a book is hard. Getting a book published is harder. Trying to think of a way to summarize an entire book into a tiny video promo is even harder harder harder (wasn’t sure how to emphasize that, but you get the idea). I would love your help! Ok, so on April 25th my book Captivate will hit shelves, […]

What is Your Face Revealing?

What is Your Face Revealing_

If you were to take a selfie and post it to social media, what would the close-up image of your face reveal? Would it say that you are an adrenaline junkie who loves staying active by taking risks? Or would it say that you are someone who would rather take the safe route by being cautious? […]

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