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The Secret Behind The Midas Touch


How much money would you spend on a pair of earbuds? $25.00? $100.00? How about a pair that runs $14,995?!   There’s good news if you have that kind of money to spare. Beverly Hills artist Hugh Power runs the House of Gold and is dubbed the “real life Midas.” He can turn anything you […]

Be a Certified Body Language Trainer


We want to help you change lives. As a Body Language Trainer you can have a career that fulfills you, makes a positive impact on the world around you and brings you financial freedom. Here’s how: For the past 8 years, Vanessa and the Science of People team have designed, developed, built and produced a body […]

How to Find Your Calling

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.13.26 AM

What’s your passion? What do you want to do with your life? What do you want to be when you grow up? Do these questions make you shudder? If you are at a total loss for how to even begin to answer the dreaded ‘passion’ question, you are not alone. Let’s kick off this post […]

Would You Ever Try: Smell Dating


Could “Love at first whiff” be true? Tega Brain and Sam Lavigne, have just launched Smell Dating, a New York matchmaking service that is all about chemistry. Translated: You smell people before you go on a date. Yes, really. We had to know how this works: How It Works 1. Each client that registers with […]

Facial Recognition Software May Help You Find Love

Facial Recognition Software May Help You Find Love

Most of us are all too familiar with the wildfire spread of dating apps and websites over the last 20 years. From eHarmony to to Tinder to OkCupid, there’s about a thousand and one ways to find love. Or at least ways to ‘try’ to find love. Talking to a potential partner via these […]

How to Deal with Communication Breakdowns


A few years back, my family and I set out hiking along a wooded trail, high in the Pryor Mountains of Montana heading to a cave we wanted to explore. The short trail led us to the entrance of the cave. With the warm summer air in the forest, we could feel cold air flowing […]

Links We Love | @Vvanedwards

Are you ready to be terrified? In today’s cool links post I have a pretty horrifying (and intriguing) picture to share… #1: Want to see what you will look like in 40 years? There is a crazy new tool that lets you see how your face will age. It’s incredibly fun and awful at the same […]

To Catch Someone On Tinder, Try This


Let’s take an expansive approach to online dating. A new study found that there is a trick to getting someone to like your Tinder profile picture, take a listen, or read on: Ugh, Online Dating: Do you remember the movie “You’ve Got Mail”? This is the classic 90s film about how Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) and […]

A Full Bladder May Make You a Better Liar


Here at the Science of People, we love studying deception and human lie detection. We’ve discussed the different types of lies, debated if Bill Cosby is lying or not and have even taken a deep dive into the dark, yet oh so interesting science of lying. We recently stumbled upon a fascinating tidbit of lying science. And […]

Top Ten TED Talks of All Time

Top 10

We can learn so much from TED Talks–not just from their content but also from their delivery. In our lab we have done research on what makes a TED talk go viral and found that the best TED speakers indicate charisma, credibility and intelligence incredibly quickly. The best way to learn what they do is to […]

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