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You Laugh Differently With Friends Than With Strangers

You Laugh Differently with Friends Than Strangers

One of the things I love most is sharing a good belly laugh with my best friend. You know, the kind where you’re laughing so hard it hurts with happy tears streaming down your face as you try your hardest to catch your breath but you just start laughing all over again. But have you […]

Why Saying F*** Benefits You

Why Saying

Go ahead. Say it. Drop the F-bomb. Don’t feel bad if you blurt out “sh*t” when you miss the bus or “damn it” when you misplace important paperwork, or even “f***” when you stub your toe. It’s time to stop apologizing for swearing. Quit giving dirty looks and yelling “you kiss your mother with that […]

Be an Angel Day

Be an Angel Day

Did you know that an·gel·ol·o·gy is the theological study of angels? If not, now you do. Why? Because today is National Be an Angel Day. And with today being a national day, I am going to help you find your angelic self. Yes, today we are going to celebrate your inner angel. It’s a big […]

Who Will You Vote For?


So we have a crazy idea. We want to know if we can guess who you will vote for in the upcoming US Presidential Election…just by looking at your personality. Here is our hypothesis: We will be able to tell who you will vote for just by giving you a simple personality quiz. Want to […]

The Power of Happiness

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.30.52 PM

The Science Behind Happiness, Applied To Your Life The search for happiness is your key to greater success. Do you know what makes you happy and how to get more of it? Most of us have no idea what drives our internal joy triggers. In this course you will learn that happiness is concrete and […]

What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Personality


If you want to get some exclusive insight into someone’s true personality, all you have to do is watch them sleep. …Or how about they just tell you? That’s a little less invasive and creepy. Researchers, psychologists and sleep scientists alike have been studying the most common sleep patterns to get an inside scoop about […]

The Science of Voting

The Science of Voting

With all of the controversy surrounding this year’s election, I think it’s time to put aside all of the politics, scandals and heated opinions to look at voting from a purely scientific perspective. In this article I’m going to answer questions like: Why do we vote? What influences who wins elections? And why do we […]

If You Have These Personality Traits, You Will Live Longer

The Personality Traits that May Help You Live Longer

Do you want to live longer? I’ve always been fascinated by the science of aging and even more so, by the concept of immortality. This may or may not be related to a small crush I had on Jesse Tuck, played by Jonathan Jackson in the movie, Tuck Everlasting. In it, a young girl named […]

The Psychology of Pokémon Go

Untitled design

Unless you’ve been on a remote island since early July, you’ve probably heard of Pokémon Go. But if you are not much of a gamer, you may not have thought much about the augmented reality app and its real world benefits. Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm and believe it or not, there […]

How to Change Someone’s Bad Behavior

How to Change

Let me tell you why a visit to the dentist changed my life. First, I should mention that I do not have a great track record with dentists. I freak out at needles, gag when cotton chunks come near my mouth and am disgusted by every flavor of polishing paste (really, can someone disrupt the […]

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