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Here’s the ultimate guide to take your LinkedIn profile to the next level. Follow these 15 tips and tricks and you can create a more attractive and interesting profile.
How to Be a Hero: 3 Essential Tips to Find Meaning in Life
Learning how to be an everyday hero is an admirable skill. But most people think heroes are born—but the truth is heroes CAN be created! Being a hero means being …
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Employees respond to gratitude when it is genuine and specific. Here are 30 unique ideas to get you started today.
8 Ways to Build Rapport with Clients (Professional and Fun!)
Are you looking for ways to connect with a client and build more rapport from the moment you first meet? Here are 8 simple ways to do that.
What to Do With Your Hands in Social Situations (& What NOT to Do)
Imagine you're at a networking event or party. Where do you put your hands during a conversation? Don't be awkward—learn this hand etiquette.
Employees need frequent feedback and encouragement to stay motivated and work at their highest potential. These strategies can help any manager create a fun, inspiring workplace.
140 Funny Things to Say In ANY Situation
Laughter is a social superpower. Need some hilarious things to say via text or IRL? Check out these 140 one-liners for extra funniness!
How to Write Minutes For a Meeting
Taking minutes is an important part of any meeting. Learn how to level up your minute-taking skills with these 6 steps and tips from experienced minute takers.
20 Best Teambuilding Questions For Work (That are Non-Awkward!)
Here are twenty team-building questions that get straight to the heart and help you build rapport as a team.
How to Welcome a New Employee to The Team (The Awesome Way)
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What Makes a Good Manager? Lessons From 4 Great Leaders
We dive into the character qualities of what makes a great manager by looking at people like Aragorn and Queen Ramonda.
Here’s How to Expertly Deal with Rude People (& What to Say!) 
Rude people can be stressful to deal with—it impacts us on a deeper level than we sometimes realize. Here are 10 tips for dealing with rude people effectively.
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30 Funny YouTube Videos to Watch During Your Lunch Break
According to Kimberly Elsbach, a research professor at UC Davis, our brains, just like our muscles, get tired when we engage in intense activities for prolonged periods, causing us to …