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15 science-backed tips on how to focus and hack your life, including strategies for managing internal and external distractions at your workplace, and in life.
How To Effectively Pitch Your Ideas In 5 Easy Steps
A successful pitch grabs attention, gives a crystal clear picture of your idea, and ends with an irresistible call to action.
8 Polite & Assertive Ways To Stop People Interrupting You
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Captivate Summary & Review (What Can You Learn In The Book?)
Use this interactive book by Vanessa Van Edwards to learn the science of people, so you never feel awkward again.
15 Effective Ways to Connect With Absolutely Anyone, Anytime
Get past surface-level conversations and forge deeper bonds with these actionable tips for daily social connection.
Stop Caring What People Think of You in 7 Steps
What do people think of me? Why can’t I just be myself? If you constantly worry, you’re not alone. Here’s how to stop caring what others think of you.
15 Ways To Solve the Most Common Communication Issues
Good communication can be a game-changer in relationships and the workplace. Use these 15 tips to prevent and resolve issues where necessary.
Monotone Voice: How to Improve Your Vocal Tone
Do people say you have a rather bland voice? Adding emotion and flair to your voice is a learnable skill! Here's how to practice it.
40 Jargon Words to Eliminate from Your Workplace Today
Here's why and how to identify and eliminate buzzwords to improve employee satisfaction and business success.
11 Happiness Statistics: Stats About Happy People
What makes people happy? Learn about why happiness matters, the impact of relationships on happiness and health, and in-depth happiness statistics.
How to Handle Criticism Gracefully: 12 Pro Tips
Criticism can help you achieve personal growth or be discouraging—depending on the type. Learn more about criticism and how to respond positively.
How To Explain Things Better (Make People Understand You!)
Whether you’re giving a speech, leading a meeting, or teaching something new, here is how to make your explanation clear, enjoyable, and memorable.