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Vanessa’s dynamic presentations leave attendees motivated, ready for change, and armed with strategies and tactics they can use immediately. For more than a decade, she has been delivering keynotes, workshops, and corporate training for the world’s most innovative companies and events, including:

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About Vanessa Van Edwards

Known for masterfully blending powerful performances, research-backed people skills, and practical advice, Vanessa is consistently ranked a top speaker.

You are contagious | Vanessa Van Edwards | TEDxLondon
Motivational Keynote: WDS


Learn the new Science of People

From keynotes to half-day workshops to full-day training, Vanessa customizes each speaking engagement according to your goals and audience, leaving people energized and with concrete ways to improve.

Charismatic Communication: The Art and Science of Presence, Confidence, and Trust

Better communication skills pay dividends in every conversation for the rest of your life. There are no downsides to becoming a better communicator, but the upsides may be more powerful than we know. Studies show that people with high interpersonal intelligence (PQ) perform at higher levels, have higher salaries, have better immune systems, and help generate more revenue for the companies they work for.

In this research-based and reflective keynote, Vanessa Van Edwards teaches attendees powerful communication strategies based on new science they can apply at work and in their personal lives.

Vanessa was phenomenal, and the highest-rated speaker out of the three we had.


Topic Specific

Vanessa covers a variety of sub-topics under communication and people skills. Many can be combined or added to the presentation curriculum Vanessa builds for you.

The Science of Teams: Understanding Work Personalities Using Science of People

The Three Levels of Connection: Build Stronger Relationships by Using the Science of People

Mastering Virtual Connection: Applying the Science of People to Digital Communication

Cues: The Power of Nonverbal Communication

Function Specific

Vanessa frequently speaks to function-specific audiences and teams, such as leadership, sales, marketing, HR, technical, and manager groups. 

Communication in Leadership: The Science and Tools for Effective Communication

Sales Cues: Improving Sales Skills to Drive Results

Marketing Cues: How the Science of People Can Amplify Campaigns and Empower Brands

Manager Cues: Communication Tools to Drive Collaborative and Productive Teams

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Vanessa’s interactive keynotes and workshops engage audiences both in-person or online.


Cutting-edge research and relatable real-world examples that lead attendees to ‘aha’ moments.


Dynamic, authentic performances that inspire change and drive audiences to realize their highest potential.


Practical insights and actionable steps that help participants uncover and build upon existing communication skills for years to come.

Vanessa exceeded all expectations! She did a wonderful job tailoring the content to our needs & providing relatable examples based on the information we shared prior to the session. Her energy captivated the audience and she sent everyone off with actionable takeaways that they could start applying in their day to day immediately.


In Person

Vanessa’s dynamic in-person presentations can supercharge your off-site, conference, or meeting.

  • Keynotes
  • 2-3 Hour Workshops
  • Half-day Training
  • Full-day Training
  • Corporate retreats, offsites & conferences
  • Custom events


Engaging live or recorded online workshops are for teams of all sizes and can be tailored for your group’s goals.

  • Keynotes
  • 2-3 Hour Workshops
  • Half-day Training
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Webinars
  • Virtual Offsites

That was fabulous – thank you!! We had people on the live stream from all across the world. I saw people in India, Costa Rica, Egypt, Spain, and our different offices in the U.S. Your energy was excellent – everyone was completely engaged – there were so many comments in the chat and people were sharing lots of great information. It really built an amazing feeling of community and connectedness.


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Communication comes in many forms. Whether your group primarily uses phone, text, email, video, or in-person communication, Vanessa can help!

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Need a Keynote Speaker in Austin, TX?

Vanessa is based in Austin, Texas, and loves speaking locally in and around Austin. Previously a speaker at SXSW she is happy to be the keynote speaker at your Austin event or for your Austin-based company. Vanessa loves to tailor her speaking and presentations to your group (and can always throw in a few local Austin jokes as well). Discounts are available for events in Austin and surrounding areas.

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Learn how Vanessa can help your group and request detailed speaking information