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Vanessa leads dynamic workshops for small teams to large groups. From one hour keynotes to multi-day retreats. From science backed trainings to inspiring, motivational talks. She has spoken for some of the world’s largest and most progressive companies.

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Vanessa’s unique approach has been featured on CNN, NPR and in Entrepreneur and Fast Company magazines. Vanessa has presented her groundbreaking research around the world, presenting at MIT and the Consumer Electronics Show. She has presented at SXSW Interactive with a 2.5 hour sold-out workshop.

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Workshops and keynotes are in demand with limited availability. We encourage early bookings as soon as dates are known.

Live Training

Vanessa delivers presentations tailor made to fit any need. Her dynamic live presentations can supercharge your offsite, conference or meeting. Vanessa combines TED-Talk style engagement with science backed strategies to give attendees actionable tips they can use right away.

  • Keynotes
  • Half-day trainings
  • Full-day trainings
  • Corporate retreats, offsites & conferences
  • Custom events

Virtual Training

Do you have a remote team? If you have a virtual team or hybrid workplace you need Vanessa’s virtual team training. In Vanessa’s virtual trainings she will lead remote attendees in her powerful communication methodology. These engaging live or recorded online workshops are for teams of all sizes and can be tailored for your group’s goals.

  • Lunch and Learns
  • Webinars
  • Virtual Team Trainings
  • Virtual Offsites

Our most popular workshops:

The Science of Leadership

Are leaders born or made? In this talk Vanessa explores the latest fascinating neuroscience and psychology research of leadership.

Vanessa helps attendees turn the science into practical tips. Whether she is speaking to managers, employees, or doctors everyone needs to know how to harness the power of leadership.

Attendees will leave both energized and inspired to try new leadership strategies in their personal and work lives.


The Science of Communication

The science is clear: With higher interpersonal intelligence, we increase our income, we take less sick days, we feel more bonded with our team and we are more loyal to our companies. But how can we improve interpersonal intelligence?

In this talk Vanessa goes through a series of activities to increase participants PQ immediately. This includes communication strategies, relationship builders and speed-reading clients and colleagues. It’s one not to be missed!

The Power of Body Language

Do you know the science of nonverbal communication? In this talk Vanessa will delve into how to use body language to communicate, influence and connect with others in a professional environment.

Body language science can also help attendees understand how to decode emotions, uncover truth and increase the accuracy of work place communication.

Participants will be able to use these tips both inside and outside the office. This science-based talk will be lively, entertaining and have actionable tips.


The Science of Teams

In this workshop Vanessa helps teams reset priorities, change communication patterns and develop deeper bonds. Vanessa will lead team members on fascinating activities, exploratory exercises and science based communication strategies.

Participants will learn the groundbreaking new science of teamwork and how to benefit from it.

Specifically, Vanessa will cover:

  • The Psychology of Team Dynamics
  • How to Increase Communication Effectiveness
  • Building Rapport & Loyalty

Need a custom curriculum or an online workshop or webinar?

We want to make your event as powerful and successful as possible. The three workshops above are proven to be both engaging and transformative for attendees. We are also happy to craft custom curriculum for your needs. We have a number of online workshops your attendees can join at any time, at your own pace and at any location. Let us know in your enquiry which you prefer.


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Reserve your date

Workshops and keynotes are in demand with limited availability. We encourage early bookings as soon as dates are known.

Reviews for Vanessa

That was the fastest 3 hour presentation I’ve ever attended. Terrific!

Dan Condie

Solutions Architect, Demand Solutions Group

The presentation was both interesting and valuable. I have received many compliments on you as a speaker.

Steven T. Seguin

Chief Operating Officer, Sussman Shank LLP

Vanessa Van Edwards’ speech to our club of hundreds was a welcome break from the standard speech.  It was always engaging, at times uproariously funny and very informative.  As I looked at the audience, everyone was leaning forward and feeling each moment together. We all came away feeling more light-hearted and armed with insights about human behavior that we didn’t know at the beginning.  It was a treat to hear her speak!

Mike Pendergast

Business Development Consultant, Rotary International

Vanessa is a dynamic and polished speaker. Everyone who joined her presentation on “Reading Your Audience” enjoyed her practical tips on gauging honesty and interest through non-verbal cues. Her photo and video examples brought the subject to life, and it was well-tailored to the group and time frame. We would definitely ask her back for more presentations.

Emily Ediger

Marketing Assistant, Portland State University Business Accelerator

Vanessa’s presentation to our group was informative, educational and fun. Everyone loved the topic’s that she made and all agreed that it would be useful in their jobs and daily lives. I did not realize that people’s body language could tell you so much by detecting certain things to look for, Everyone could use these tools that she presented.

Nancy Swaffield

Conference Chairman, Credit Professionals International

We have had such amazing feedback from Vanessa’s presentation! Our group loved the presentation and found it both informative and entertaining. Vanessa is a great speaker and presenter and tailored the stories, tips and science to our group. I highly recommend her for any event and group.

Daniela Anjos Rigsby

Process Engineer, Lam Research

Vanessa was the keynote speaker for our Women Living a Richer Life Summit. Her PQ is the new IQ presentation rocked the house and got rave reviews! It was funny, informative and inspiring! Vanessa is wonderful and I highly recommend her.

Michelle Williams

Program Manager, Women Living a Richer Life

Vanessa’s presentation got rave reviews from my team. Her presentation style is so engaging and entertaining that I believe everyone in any job function will get something extremely useful out of it.

Monica Enand

Founder, Zapproved

As an expert in human behavior research and body language, Vanessa Van Edwards was the ‘WOW factor’ we needed to close out the 2016 Texas WIC Nutrition & Breastfeeding Conference. After two full days of educational sessions, our 600-plus attendees were engaged and absolutely mesmerized by Van Edwards’ ability to translate scientific and personal studies into a powerful, interactive and humorous presentation on excelling as leaders to succeed in business and in life. Van Edwards didn’t come with an in-the-can presentation – she tailored it perfectly to our audience of women, infant and children providers. Feedback from our attendees was excellent!

Kari Robillard

Event Coordinator, Swift Solutions

Vanessa Van Edwards provides an informative and entertaining presentation on reading non-verbal cues in our clients, our colleagues and ourselves.  She recently had the sales staffs from all divisions of the Neil Kelly company laughing, note-taking, and eagerly anticipating future work meetings where they would be able to practice their newfound  skills.  Now, several months later, her presentation is still recalled as one of the highest-rated presentations of the last five years.

Randy Hudson

VP Sales, Neil Kelly Company

We all were blown away with the great information that was applicable to our business. You provided much discussion through out the rest of our sessions and outings.  The information was just perfect, I know that everyone regardless of their specific role had some great take aways, not only the work related ones, but for their personal life as well. Thank you so much for your work on this, it really made our overall event great and one we will be talking about for years to come.

Susan Filyau

Partner, Demand Solutions Group

Vanessa inspired our membership with her artful delivery of an incredibly useful set of tactics to level up communication, leadership and teamwork. This was a “science” workshop that moved everyone from the lab to the edge of their seats. It provided insights that could be applied immediately. We only had an hour keynote with Vanessa and we wish we could have had more!

Sue Parham

Board Member, Women's Center for Leadership

Please send my huge, gigantic thanks onto Vanessa.  She rocked once again!  Her presentation was lively, informational, extremely helpful, great fun, entertaining and just the best. All the members and guests were thrilled and people asked that we have her return to the Town Club down the road.  Many also stated once again, she is the best speaker we have had.  The books were sold out and I believe many guests will be looking into more of her work online.  I hope that might lead to some of them signing up for classes.  We so appreciate her time, effort and kindness that she has given so freely.

Barbara Francis

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