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Fight Fake. Fight Awkward. Fight Boring.

Dear Friend,

I want to make you three promises right now:

  1. No more fake people and fake interactions.
  2. Banish awkwardness forever.
  3. Never be boring again.

My name is Vanessa and I’m a recovering awkward person. For many socially painful years my life was filled with endless coffees, stressful (and fruitless) networking events and people constantly forgetting my name.

Feel familiar? Soft skills shouldn’t be so hard!

I desperately wanted a better way. Was there a way to approach interactions more scientifically? I needed less guesswork, more formulas.

I created Science of People, a human behavior research lab, to find it. Over the last few years we developed our science based framework for interaction.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

  • Everyone deserves fulfilling relationships without being fake.
  • You can be in control and be confident without being a bubbly extrovert.
  • You are worth knowing.

I’m so excited you found us. Let’s start your people adventure together.

To your success,

Vanessa Van Edwards, Lead Investigator, Science of People

Begin Your Adventure

Step #1: Get Our Free Course

Learn the 3 Steps to Amazing Conversation

Make every conversation count. Learn our 3 step formula for being a master conversationalist without losing your authenticity.

With each lesson you will learn different aspects of mastering advanced small talk for your day to day conversations.

Step #2: Buy the Book

Ever wonder what makes people tick? Want to know the hidden forces that drive our behavior? Vanessa explains a simple blueprint for hacking human behavior. In this science packed, anti-boring guide you will learn:

  • How to walk into a room full of strangers and make a killer first impression
  • What to do to increase your impact and income using people skills
  • The art and science of understanding people

Learn the new, science based way for winning friends and influencing people.

Step #3: Join People School

People School is an online learning experience designed to increase your interpersonal intelligence. It is geared towards high-performers who want to earn more money, build their network and level-up their career.

The advanced, science-backed curriculum was created by bestselling author and behavioral investigator Vanessa Van Edwards.

Become a Body Language Trainer

As a Body Language Trainer you can have a career that fulfills you, makes a positive impact on the world around you, and brings you financial freedom.

How to Be a Human Lie Detector

Never miss a lie again. Learn how to spot deception and uncover hidden emotions. Follow our science backed framework and unlock the secret language of lies.

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