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20 Ways to Make Her Laugh (She Won’t Forget!)

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Studies1 have shown that a good sense of humor consistently ranks as one of the most desirable traits in a partner across different cultures and demographics.

In this article, we’ll review how to make her laugh, possibly leaving you with a great first impression or a deeper relationship.

Here’s a quick summary of the article: Humor unites us with a shared understanding and laughter. It adds a spark to conversations, making the mundane moment extraordinary. From observational humor, proper timing, and noting personal quirks, these strategies can be a game-changer for making her laugh.

Why is Laughing Important?

Having a good sense of humor and making others giggle can help us deal with tough times like champs. When we laugh, it’s like we’re hitting the “reset” button on stress, saying, “Hey, life might throw lemons at us, but we’ll just turn them into lemonade” with a side of laughter!

This is super important when it comes to building relationships. Oftentimes, relationships can be ambivalent or even toxic, and humor can lighten the atmosphere, bringing a sense of ease and shared joy that nurtures the relationship.

Studies have even shown that humor plays a significant role in attraction. When someone makes you laugh, you tend to feel more positively toward them. This effect is often seen in romantic contexts, where individuals who can make their partners laugh are perceived as more attractive.

But when someone uses humor effectively in flirting, it can signal intelligence, confidence, and warmth, all attractive qualities. According to more research2 , women were more likely to give their phone numbers to men who used humor in their approach than those who didn’t.

Let’s now explore the different ways to make it happen in the next section.

20 Tips to Make Her Laugh (While Still Being Authentic)

Without further ado, let’s delve straight into the most dazzling strategies to make her laugh.

Watch Funny Movies Together

Whether you’re cackling at on-screen antics or quoting lines weeks later, movie nights create enduring bonds through shared hilarity. You can also build on the funny scenes in the movie you watch.

Here’s a list of timeless classic hits that are sure to have you both in stitches:

  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)3 – A classic British comedy that’s filled with absurd humor and memorable quotes.
  • Airplane! (1980)4 – A hilarious spoof of disaster films with rapid-fire jokes and slapstick humor.
  • The Naked Gun: From the Files of the Police Squad! (1988)4 – A slapstick comedy featuring Leslie Nielsen as the bumbling Detective Frank Drebin.
  • Dumb and Dumber (1994)5 – A hilarious buddy comedy starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels as two well-meaning but dimwitted friends on a road trip.

Feel free to pick any of these movies and get ready for a night filled with laughter!

Find The Funny in Everyday Things

Have you ever noticed how the most mundane things can become hilarious when seen through the right lens?

Observational banter6 is about spotting the funny in everyday stuff or quirks in someone’s actions.

Creating funny is about finding the funny side of the mundane.

Here are some funny examples:

  • Airport Security Rituals: Joking about the oddity of having to take off your shoes and belt just to get on a plane.
  • Coffee Shop Names on Cups: The amusement of seeing how baristas creatively misspell even the simplest of names.
  • Smartphones at Social Gatherings: Pointing out how everyone looks at their phones instead of talking to each other at parties.
  • Pet Behavior: Observing how a cat can spend hours deciding on the perfect spot to sit down.
  • Gym Behavior: Noting how people will drive around the parking lot to find a spot close to the gym entrance to avoid walking too far.
  • Watch some Seinfeld videos to see how to make the mundane seem funny. You can also share these jokes with her to give her a giggle. Even if you didn’t write the joke, you get credit for sharing it!

Send a Funny GIF

Injecting visual humor into your text conversations can add a delightful touch of laughter. Visual gags use images, gestures, facial expressions, and actions to deliver comedic moments, making them perfect for texting banter.

Tips for Using Visual Humor:

  • Sprinkle in memes or GIFs that fit the vibe. I like to use GIPHY7 .
  • Share hilarious cartoons8 or funny comics9 related to to to the topic
  • Play with visual wordplay10 for extra laughs
  • Keep it context-appropriate and tailored to your audience

For example: 

Laughter is contagious, and by incorporating visual humor, you can create moments she’ll remember with a smile.

Create Your Story Bank

Thinking of funny things to say on the fly can be tough—so why not prepare? Keep a vibrant arsenal of funny stories from your life ready to go—think of it as your personal humor toolkit.

Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Gather Your Stories. Start by reflecting on your life experiences—those awkward, unexpected, or just plain silly moments that everyone encounters. For example, you might recall the time you walked into the wrong restroom at a crowded venue or when you tripped over nothing on a first date. These stories are relatable and highlight your human side, which is incredibly endearing.
  • Step 2: Know What Makes Them Funny. Identify the element of surprise or absurdity in your stories. Humor often lies in the unexpected, like the time you accidentally texted a “thinking of you” message meant for your date to your boss instead. Analyze why these incidents were funny, focusing on the buildup and the punchline.
  • Step 3: Practice Your Delivery. The way you tell a story can make a huge difference. Practice your timing and emphasis on key moments. For instance, when recounting the text mishap, pause right before revealing who received the message to build suspense. Practicing in front of friends or even a mirror can help refine your storytelling skills, making your delivery seem natural and engaging.
  • Step 4: Tailor to Your Audience. Before launching into a story, consider your audience. What might she find amusing? Adjust your stories slightly to better fit her sense of humor or background (more on that later). If she’s a pet lover, she might particularly enjoy the tale of how your dog ate your cooking right off the counter.
  • Step 5: Engage and Involve. Make your storytelling interactive. Instead of just recounting events, involve her by asking hypothetical questions like, “Guess what happened next?” or by relating the story to her own experiences. This engagement makes the conversation more of a shared experience, which is more likely to provoke laughter and a deeper connection.

Want some inspiration? Check out comedian Jim Gaffigan recounting a story about his encounter with a wild bear:

By crafting a well-thought-out approach to sharing your funny stories, you not only get to make her laugh but also show your ability to be open, self-deprecating, and relatable—qualities that are highly attractive in any social interaction.

Do You Feel Funny?

One of the biggest mistakes of trying to make a girl laugh… is if you’re not feeling funny yourself.

Before diving into making someone laugh, check in with your own emotional state. If you’re genuinely in a good mood, your attempts at humor will come off as more authentic and infectious.

However, if you’re feeling off, acknowledge it. It’s okay not to always be the life of the party. In such cases, owning your mood can actually be a humorous angle. You could say something like, “I’m about as cheerful as a cat in a bathtub today, so bear with me!” This honesty can be refreshing and surprisingly humorous, allowing you to connect on a more genuine level.

Interested in learning more about humor? We’ve got the best article on humor here: How to Be Funny: 8 Easy Steps to Improve Your Humor

Create a Humor-Infused Environment

To consistently evoke laughter in your interactions, immerse yourself in environments that inspire humor. Subscribe to funny YouTube channels, listen to comedy podcasts, and keep a collection of jokes or comic strips handy.

For example, before you meet her, watch a short stand-up comedy routine or read a funny comic. This not only boosts your mood but also stocks your conversational arsenal with fresh, funny material that can naturally flow into your dialogues.

Here are some excellent resources that can help you create a humor-infused environment:

YouTube Channels

  • Good Mythical Morning11 : Hosted by Rhett and Link, this channel provides a daily dose of fun through quirky food tests, experiments, and games.
  • Jenna Marbles12 : Although Jenna has stopped uploading new videos, her channel remains a popular source of humorous takes on everyday life.
  • Comedy Central Stand-Up13 : This channel offers clips from stand-up comedy specials featuring a wide range of comedians and comedic styles.

Comedy Podcasts

  • Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend14 : In this podcast, Conan O’Brien brings his unique comedic style to the podcasting world, mixing humor with heartfelt conversations with celebrity guests.
  • The Daily Show With Trevor Noah15 : This podcast version of the popular TV show offers a humorous take on news and pop culture, perfect for staying informed while being entertained.

Comic Strips and Web Comics

  • Dilbert16 : Scott Adams’ famous comic strip satirizes office life, offering a daily chuckle for anyone familiar with the quirks of corporate culture.
  • XKCD17 : A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language, XKCD is a nerdy, clever take on life and technology that can spark ideas for witty conversations.

And if you’re looking for a list of the funniest videos on YouTube, we’ve got you covered: 30 Funny YouTube Videos to Watch During Your Lunch Break

Timing is Everything

A joke delivered at just the right moment can work wonders—it can brighten her day, strengthen your connection, and even smooth over bumps in the conversation. However, a joke with poor timing can backfire, leading to discomfort or offense.

Consider these scenarios:

Imagine you’re on a casual date, walking through a park. She’s sharing something about her day, perhaps a minor mishap that happened. Here, slipping in a light, witty comment about the situation can spark laughter, making the moment lighter and more enjoyable for both of you.

On the other hand, picture a more serious conversation where she’s discussing something personal or challenging, like a problem at work. If you throw in a joke to lighten the mood without sensing her readiness to shift from serious discussion to humor, it might seem dismissive of her feelings. This can make the situation uncomfortable and may even hurt the trust and rapport you’ve been building.

The lesson here is clear: timing in humor is not just important, it’s everything. Jokes are powerful, but when misplaced, they can do more damage than good.

Action Steps:

  • Notice her mood: Is she already upbeat or relaxed? Noticing her mood and emotions helps you on the perfect timing when to introduce humor to her.
  • Feel her vibe: Is she open to jokes and banter, or does she seem serious? Match her energy to make your humor more effective.
  • Watch for moments of openness to laughter, such as light conversations or shared jokes. Avoid forcing humor in serious situations.
  • Start with subtle humor18 if you’re unsure of her reaction.
  • Watch our class on likability:

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Remember, always pay attention to the tone and mood of the conversation, and adjust your humor accordingly. If the conversation is serious, it may not be the best time to crack a joke.

Embrace Lightness

It is important to remember to not take yourself too seriously. If your jokes miss the mark or you’re feeling off, don’t sweat it—not all jokes will make people laugh. Keep at it and enjoy the moment.

Studies have shown that not taking yourself too seriously can lead to improved relationships, better mental health, increased creativity and problem-solving skills, reduced stress, a positive self-image, and a more enjoyable environment.

With a little effort and a lot of confidence, you can make any girl laugh and create a memorable experience for both of you.

Example: You’re sitting in a café, waiting nervously for a date. As she arrives, the air is thick with tension from the anticipation. Greeting her warmly, you notice the mutual nervousness. To ease the mood, you decide to inject a bit of humor. With a light-hearted smile, you say, “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?” Her laughter echoes around you, instantly lightening the atmosphere and setting a relaxed tone for the rest of your evening.

Bonus: Watch this video of famous YouTuber BigDawsTv picking up girls in the goofiest ways:

Find Common Ground

What kind of humor does she enjoy? Self-deprecating humor? Deadpan? Satirical? Finding common ground and understanding her sense of humor is key to making her laugh genuinely.

Action Step: Know her before you go all-in with a specific type of humor. Different people have different senses of humor, and what’s funny to one person may not be funny to another. Try these:

  • Find out what type of humor she enjoys
  • Start by paying attention to her reactions to different jokes and humor, which can give you an idea of what works for her and what doesn’t
  • Ensure that you don’t come off as obnoxious or offensive

Remember: Laughter connects people. Find that perfect joke or witty remark. Add some humor and genuine warmth, and you’re on track to make her laugh fast!

Go for the Cheesy

Sometimes, a little cheesiness can create a giggle. Sharing a cheesy joke can be a fantastic way to bring a smile to her face and lighten the mood. These light-hearted quips are perfect for sparking laughter and showing off your playful side.

Here are some clever icebreakers to make her giggle:

  • “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”
  • “Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot?”
  • “If you were a burger at McDonald’s, you’d be the McGorgeous!”
  • “Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes.”
  • “Do you like Star Wars? Because Yoda one for me!”
  • “Are you made of grapes? Because you’re crushing it!”
  • “Is there an airport nearby, or is it my heart taking off?”
  • “Do you believe in love at first swipe, or do I need to unmatch and match again?”

Remember, the goal is to make her smile and feel comfortable, so choose an icebreaker that suits your personality and the situation.

Want more funny and clever pick-up lines? Check out our best list: The Single Best Pick-Up Line That Always Works

Laugh at Yourself

The secret to winning her over with humor? Be your own comedic fan first. Studies have shown that being able to poke fun of yourself even makes you happier. If you can chuckle at your own mishaps, you’re halfway to capturing her laughter. 

Here are some sample jokes to make her giggle by your mistakes:

  • “I attempted to impress you with my culinary skills but ended up burning the toast so badly it could qualify as a charcoal sculpture. Who knew I had such talent in the art of kitchen disasters?”
  • “I attempted to send you a witty text, but autocorrect decided to turn it into a cryptic message only decipherable by ancient scholars. I guess my phone has a secret agenda to keep you intrigued.”
  • “I tried to strike a suave pose for you but ended up knocking over a stack of books with the grace of a startled cat. I guess my attempt at sophistication was just another chapter in the book of clumsy charm.”

Reminder: While it’s okay to laugh at yourself, be mindful not to cross the line. Avoid any jokes that might accidentally veer into self-hatred or disrespect territory. Focus on highlighting your quirks or minor flaws rather than belittling yourself.

More Fun: Have you ever noticed that different people laugh in different ways? Here’s a great video covering the different types of laughs (which one is yours?):

Teasing Banter

According to research19 , playful teasing can increase liking and closeness between people, strengthening social bonds20 . This is because teasing can create positive, shared, humorous experiences, enhancing social relationships.

Push witty banter post here?

For example: You’re out for dinner with her, and she hesitates between two dessert options. Playfully, you might say, “Can’t decide? No problem, let’s get both and make it a dessert tasting adventure!” This playful remark acknowledges her dilemma, adds humor and might lead to a fun chat about sweet treats.

Of course, it’s probably best to stay away from any disrespectful banter. Mind her body language and carefully gauge how she reacts to your banter.


Pun banter21 involves wordplay and clever twists on language. If you or your date is a word lover, using puns or word banter is a no-brainer.

Studies have shown that puns even light up parts of our brain linked with humor and language. They’re linguistic jokes, playing with words to spark laughter by making multiple meanings or creating wordplay.

Here are some of the punniest punchlines you could text:

  • “I told my computer I needed a break, now it won’t stop sending me vacation ads.”
  • “I’m writing a book on reverse psychology. Please don’t read it.”
  • “I’m friends with an elevator. We have our ups and downs.”
  • “I’m reading a book on mazes. I got lost in it.”
  • “I’m reading a book on gravity, it’s quite heavy.”
  • “I tried to make a belt out of watches, but it was a waste of time.”

Action Step: Can you think of a funny pun? I challenge you to think of one pun before continuing on. It can be anything, but here are some categories to get you started: Pets, movies, weather, food.

Clever Comebacks

Adding wit and charm to your conversations can leave a lasting impression. Clever comebacks inject humor and intrigue, making interactions memorable.

When teasing comes into play, don’t take it personally. Instead, use it as an opportunity to showcase your quick wit. Here are some lighthearted responses to keep the banter fun:

  • If she jests about your height: “Good things come in small packages, right? Like dynamite!”
  • On the topic of your messy room: “It’s organized chaos, my dear. Keeps life interesting.”
  • If your cooking skills are under fire: “Just give the smoke alarm some exercise. It’s all part of the culinary adventure.”
  • If she playfully calls you a nerd: “Nerds are the new cool. I’m just practicing for my future empire, like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg.”
  • And if she claims you talk too much: “Think of it as me generously sharing my wisdom. You’re welcome to join the conversation anytime.”

These comebacks are all about turning the tables with wit and charm, leaving her speechless at the beginning but laughing in the end.

Role-Play Banter

Role-playing can increase creativity and empathy while providing a fun escape from reality, allowing individuals to temporarily set aside their everyday concerns and immerse themselves in a different world, according to research22 .

Role-play banter involves adopting fictional personas or scenarios for humorous effect.

Example Scenario: You’re out on a date with a girl who’s as into cosplay and geek culture as you are. You suggest hitting up a comic book convention together, and she’s totally on board. At the convention, you both decide to cosplay as rival superheroes: you as Captain Gigglepants, the hero who can’t stop laughing, and you as Professor Serious, the super-serious villain who hates laughter. Throughout the day, you stay in character, cracking jokes and trying to make her crack a smile while she stays stoic and serious.

The result? Loads of laughs, playful banter, and a stronger connection between you two. It’s a date you’ll both remember for all the right reasons.

And it doesn’t have to be at a comic convention, either—you can roleplay while driving in the car, while out shopping, or even at a networking event.

Remember: The key to successful role-play banter is commitment and spontaneity—if you’re both on board, it’ll likely be a good time! If one of you is only half-heartedly in it, try something else.

Check out some of my favorite clips on role-playing:

Spice it Up With Sarcasm

Sarcasm and irony spice up humor, making ordinary chats lively and can be great ways to make her laugh. If you’re good at sarcasm, you can use it to make fun of yourself or the situation in a light-hearted way.

But remember, too much sarcasm can spoil the fun and can also come across as rude or mean if it’s not done correctly, so better to keep it light and use it with care. Err on the side of caution when in doubt.

Action Steps:

  • Check the vibes: Make sure she’s in on the joke before you dish out the sarcasm. Pay attention to her reaction and make sure everyone’s on the same page.
  • Keep it gently silly: Use sarcasm to bring on the giggles, but avoid sensitive topics. Aim for lighthearted topics to maintain a positive atmosphere.
  • Mind your tone: When deploying sarcasm, tone is key. Let your vocal inflections convey the intended sarcasm, emphasizing the words to show you’re joking.

Example Dialogue:

Her (waiting in line at the zoo): “Yay! I think the line is getting shorter.”

You: “Oh, definitely. It’s moving so fast we might even age backward by the time we get in!”

Caution: Sometimes, sarcasm can be hurtful. Read on to find out how to avoid it: What is Sarcasm? And How To Stop It

Use Physical Comedy

Physical comedy23 can be a great way to make someone laugh. You don’t have to be a professional mime, but simple gestures and movements can be hilarious.

For example, (almost) silent comedian Mr. Bean doesn’t just tell a story—-he inhabits it, using facial expressions, body language, and actions. But you don’t have to be a professional clown to use physical humor to make her laugh.

Action Step: Watch the following of Jim Carrey in the early 80s performing physical stand-up comedy:

Notice how even a subtle lift of the eyebrows or a different way of walking across the stage enhances the story he’s telling. You don’t have to go all-out like Carrey, but incorporating subtle exaggerations here and there can make you look more expressive and funnier. You could also make silly faces24 , do a funny dance25 , or act out a silly scenario.

Reminder: Be careful not to be too over-the-top, as this can come across as inappropriate.

Don’t Be Funny at the Wrong Times

Being funny is great. Being a clown is not.

Being goofy can rub some people the wrong way. If you notice you’re always cracking silly jokes and acting out, it might be time to dial it down and turn up the seriousness.

Here’s how to strike the right balance and bring out your goofy side:

  • Read the Room: Always assess the mood and context before diving into your comedic routine. Spontaneous dance parties or goofy jokes at home are fantastic, but such actions might not be appropriate in more formal settings or when the timing is off.
  • Match Her Energy: Pay attention to her mood. If she’s not in the spirits for jokes, it’s wise to dial back the humor. Matching your partner’s emotional state can prevent your humor from feeling forced or inappropriate.
  • Be Sensitive: If she’s visibly upset or stressed, it’s crucial to prioritize her feelings over a moment of levity. Use your humor to uplift, not to overshadow or ignore the real issues at hand.

Find Your Personal Quirks

What are some uniquely funny things about you that don’t necessarily apply to most people? These are your funny quirks.

Pro Tip: Mix and match your quirks with a dash of self-deprecating humor for extra charm.

Here are some whimsical examples to kickstart the laughter:

  • “Confession time: I have a habit of naming all my houseplants after famous historical figures. Meet George Washington, the bravest fern you’ll ever meet!”
  • “I possess an uncanny ability to trip over invisible obstacles in broad daylight. It’s like my feet have a secret vendetta against gravity!”
  • “I have a special talent for getting lost in my own neighborhood. Google Maps is my best friend and worst enemy—it’s a love-hate relationship, really.”

Action Step: Jot down a few different quirks that apply to you. What are some things you often forget? Perhaps you’ve got a unique hobby? Come up with stories around them!

Bonus: Be You

Making a girl laugh boils down to authenticity. Pretending or overwhelming yourself won’t cut it. The real comedy gold comes from someone genuine, confident, and aiming to spread joy.

Have you ever heard of the film Jiro Dreams of Sushi? Jiro has been acknowledged as one of the best sushi chefs26 of all time.

So how did Jiro become so great? He had one simple mission: to pursue his lifelong quest to create the perfect piece of sushi. For Jiro, it was as simple as that. He didn’t aspire to have a chain of restaurants or create the largest sushi mall in the world. Just one perfect piece of sushi.

And for you, your mission might be to become the best version of yourself, too. If so, we’ve got the guide for you: 10 Life-Changing Steps to Become the Best Version of Yourself

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on How to Make A Girl Laugh

How do I find common ground for humor with a girl?

Start by getting to know her preferences and reactions to different jokes. Pay attention to what makes her laugh and what doesn’t, and avoid topics or styles that may come off as obnoxious or offensive.

How can I incorporate physical comedy into making a girl laugh?

Physical comedy, like silly gestures or funny faces, can be a great way to make someone laugh. It’s important to be mindful of the situation and avoid being too over-the-top. Simple movements or actions can add an extra layer of humor to your interactions and create memorable moments.

What is self-deprecating humor, and how can I use it effectively?

Self-deprecating humor involves making humorous remarks about oneself, often poking fun at one’s own flaws or quirks. It’s important to use it sparingly and avoid dwelling on negatives. By embracing your imperfections with grace and humor, you can make her laugh and showcase your authenticity.

How can I share my personal quirks in a humorous way?

Embrace your unique eccentricities and invite her to laugh along with you at the wonderfully weird aspects of your personality. Mix and match your quirks with self-deprecating humor for extra charm and authenticity.

Key Takeaways To Laugh Together

To make a girl laugh, you need to find your own sense of humor, have appropriate timing, and understand what tickles her funny bone. By finding your own funny jokes, sharing lighthearted stories, or engaging in playful banter, you can get her laughing in no time.

Let’s unravel the ultimate pointers to make her laugh out loud:

  • Timing matters: Ensure your humor fits the moment’s vibe to avoid awkwardness. Read the room before cracking a joke.
  • Know your crowd: Tailor your humor to match their style and mood. What’s funny to one person might not work for another.
  • Break the ice: Use humor to create a relaxed atmosphere and bond with others. Clever banter can lead to memorable interactions.
  • Mix it up: Experiment with different humor styles to see what clicks. Adapt your approach to suit the person you’re trying to make laugh.
  • Be yourself: Authenticity is key to good humor. Let your personality shine, and don’t be afraid to be spontaneous.
  • Balance confidence: Be confident but mindful of others’ feelings. Avoid jokes that could be offensive and prioritize kindness.
  • Embrace quirkiness: Share your quirks in a lighthearted way to invite laughter and intimacy.

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