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30 Funny YouTube Videos to Watch During Your Lunch Break

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According to Kimberly Elsbach, a research professor at UC Davis, our brains, just like our muscles, get tired when we engage in intense activities for prolonged periods, causing us to become less creative as the day goes on.

Taking breaks, especially when you add in laughter, lets your brain relax and refresh, ready to keep working. This is where funny videos come into play.

The Benefits of Laughter

Research suggests that laughter affects the body in many positive ways, including:

  • It relieves tension. I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I’ve been working for several hours, my body feels stiff and uncomfortable. Laughing relieves much of that built-up tension and leaves your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after.
  • Laughter can help your immune system.  Some studies have shown that laughter boosts the production of immune cells and antibodies. This allows you to get sick less often, giving you even more to laugh about.
  • It releases endorphins. Endorphins are the feel-good chemicals responsible for the light-hearted feeling you get after a bout of genuine laughter. If you’re having a rough day, an endorphin rush is a perfect way to improve your mood.
  • Use Laughter to Strengthen Bonds. Would you feel awkward laughing alone at work? Invite your coworkers to watch your funny videos with you. Not only will it help put them in a better mood, but laughing with your coworkers is an easy way to strengthen your relationships.    

Everyone should watch funny videos—try a new funny video (or two, or ten…) every day—especially great during your lunch break! These videos will make even the most stoic individuals chuckle.

My Top 10 Funny Videos to Start With:

  1. Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective #1
  1. Nerd Raps Fast in Compton
  1. Real People, Fake Arms with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels
  1. Andy and Ariana Grande’s Haunted House Adventure
  1. Science of Twerking
  1. The 12 Different Kinds of Awkward Laughs
  1. Adele- Hello [Parody] Maid of Honor Wedding Toast
  1. Kid Theater with Matthew McConaughey
  1. Dennis Quaid Has Some Hidden Camera Fun!
  1. My TEDx Talk in London (I’ve gotten good at laughing at myself)

20 More Funny Videos For Every Situation

From interviews to shorts, highlights, commentaries, improvs, bloopers, and more, funny videos can be virtually anything.

Here are 24 more crème de la crème videos on the internet today, including some of the best YouTube videos!

  1. Ryan Reynolds’ Twin 

When Gordon Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds’ twin, walks into a bar, people give the two a wide berth. They are not dangerous or anything, but because of their roasting session (targeted mostly towards Ryan Reynolds). Here is the interview in full rigor as the two go at it. 

  1. Ryan Reynolds’ Twin Pt. 2 

And the twins meet again. Here is another crack of the comedy (and marketing) genius Ryan Reynolds as the two go at it. Of course, there is the Aviation Gin marketing element in the video, if you can separate it from the comedy aspect. 

  1. How Long Have You Been Married – Graham Norton Show 

When four happily married individuals meet on the same couch, Graham starts asking questions that may not be as comfortable for everyone to answer. And there are some fun stories associated with each—especially for Toby Jones. 

  1. Jennifer Lawrence Cannot Handle Jack Whitehall’s Poop Story – The Graham Norton Show

There are comedic anecdotes, and then there are reactions to those anecdotes. If that is your idea of funny videos, here is Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy reacting to a very European story. Not only is the story hilarious, the verbiage, actions, and reactions of everyone in the video are the hallmark of what a funny video should be like. 

  1. Sulfur Hexafluoride Blooper

Mixing comedy and knowledgeability is a great way to learn and potentially get hurt in some cases. You may have inhaled helium gas from time to time as a fun party trick, but what if you took sulfur hexafluoride instead? 

It gives room for some of the best YouTube videos and funny videos, as your voice gets deeper instead of higher. And inhaling isn’t the best part, though. How do you get a gas heavier than the air out of your lungs? You stand upside down, of course.

  1. Nice, Ron

Ever had to stay extremely still to attract one of those shy animals? Ron’s better half managed to attract a small deer herd, only to have Ron screw it up with a loud sneeze. You can hear the anger and frustration of the person filming through their tone, suggesting that this type of thing happens quite often. That “you” at the end – oh, she’s out for blood.

  1. Caesium Is Scary

Another chemist that has a knack for giving away knowledge while being funny (and quite addictive) is Nile. This short has all the information you could need to learn the basics of Caesium, and there’s a bit of a surprise for you at the end. 

There are numerous similar videos on the channel. Each is explained with humor and relatability to give you a better learning experience and a chuckle from time to time. 

  1. Ahhhhh!!!

How can a funny video express itself as a masterpiece without giving away too much? Ask the 56 million viewers who watched Kirin J Callinan’s scream on vistas and landscapes. These are some deep, emotion-instilling lyrics.

  1. Indoor Plant Serial Killer 

Gotta go green, right? There’s a certain appeal to planting your tomatoes and having live, growing flower plants in your own home. But what if you have a red instead of a green thumb? This is what happens… to you and the plants around you. 

  1. History Of The Entire World, I Guess

The video is about 20 minutes long, but you are most likely going to keep on laughing through it as you understand just how accurate and ludicrous Bill Wurtz’s explanation is! Get ready to hit some sore spots laughing as you discover tangents quickly and learn quite a lot in the process. 

The video does cover the history of the entire world, along with as technology goes crazy (15:35) to create the world order we recognize. 

  1. Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video

This is where roasts and passive-aggressiveness went pro. Within 21 seconds (including the PlayStation intro and outro), Sony gave the entire Xbox marketing team a run for their money. This was the pinnacle of the 8th Generation Console Launch Massacre, where Sony took advantage of all the mistakes Microsoft made and led the launch with almost double the pre-orders.

You can see quite clearly throughout the video that the executives are having a hard time holding their laughter!

  1. If iPhone Commercials Were Honest

Considered easily one of the best YouTube videos, this isn’t your traditional funny video with people telling stories or doing something hilarious. Instead, this is a video-based on what everyone is thinking, but not many are willing to say on a public platform. Check out this iPhone commercial if it truly represents what the phone offers. 

  1. If Andriod Commercials Were Honest

Of course, this video was coming. We had quite a bit of a chuckle while going through rob’s take on Android, dissecting some of the best and the worse components of Android OS—just like he did (and still does) for Apple. This video is a true example of how equal rob is. He hates all companies equally. 

  1. Just for Laughs Gags – Toilet Boardroom Surprise Prank

Tasteful pranks that don’t hurt anyone have always been our go-to enjoyment, but recently, pranksters have taken their “jokes” a bit too far. This prank is an oldie, but goldie, solely because of how much work goes into each prank, and everyone has a heartfelt laugh afterward. The show has been on for quite a while, employing harmless pranks on people—all while making sure they executed them in the safest way possible. 

  1. Nathan Fillion Trolls Hodor And, Well, All Of Us

Watch this video on Yahoo News.

What started as a very serious joke turned into a worldwide sensation fairly quickly. It was one thing for Tiktokers and Instagram influencers to use “Hold the Door” to create content; it was entirely something else to see Nathan Fillion, a beloved actor for many, troll Hodor himself – and all of us in the process.

  1. Honest Trailers: Titanic

Also ranked among the best YouTube videos, this funny video revolves around reviewing Titanic, a world-famous and award-winning movie. The entire trailer feels completely accurate, down to how they compare the characters within to the events within.

  1. Tom Cruise And Ben Stiller Are… Brothers?

This is a short between Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise where the two have a truly joyous moment—one that you can watch repeatedly. Tom Cruise found himself caught off-guard here, and the short pause between laughs says it all.

  1. Chris Cohen’s Upside-Down Crow

Chris Cohen is known for his rather full commentaries on various animals. In this video, he caught a hanging crow upside down, trying to be a bat… of sorts. And then comes his friend, Jeff. Watch this hilarious exchange between the crows and how Chris managers to bring new life into the animals.  

  1. Chris Cohen’s Cat Vs. Printer

This is one of his first videos, bringing Chris to the front on the internet. This hilarious exchange between this cat and the printer has been a joy for many years and is still considered a masterpiece!

  1. Awkward Celebrations in a Restaurant

Ever been trapped in a restaurant on your birthday—but didn’t want to make a big deal out of it? We’ve all been there…, and we’ve all dreaded the possible public (and embarrassing) situation that singing happy birthday in front of many strangers might bring.

Done with videos and want to do something? We’ve got you covered: 40 Productive (And Fun) Things to Do When You’re Bored

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