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59 Winter Date Ideas That’ll Warm Up Your Love Life

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Data1 shows that people tend to change their Facebook relationship status to “in a relationship” most often in the winter months. Perhaps cuffing season2 is a real thing. 

Whether you are a single seeking a date or you are in a partnership and hoping to keep the excitement alive in the winter, you’ve come to the right place!

Even though it might be cold outside, you can keep your romance warm with these winter date ideas.

Outdoor Adventure Winter Date Ideas

One study3 found that when couples spent 90 minutes per week doing an exciting, new activity for four weeks straight, they felt more excited about their relationship for the subsequent four months.

Try these winter date ideas to bring some adventurous spark into your relationship. 

  1. Snow sculpture building

If it’s snowing out, this can be a fun way to get creative together.

You could build a snowperson with a carrot nose, a snow fortress, or anything in between.

  1. Ice skating

Find a local ice skating rink and rent some skates! Even if you’ve never been before, it can be fun to learn together and to soak up the pleasant, fun-loving atmosphere.

  1. Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is a phenomenal way to explore snowy trails in a local park or nature reserve.

Snowshoes are designed for you to walk on snowy terrain without slipping. The snow has a way of quieting everything around. So it can be a serene and mystical experience to venture off into a white winter wonderland together.

  1. Skiing/snowboarding

Try hitting the slopes for a day of snow-filled fun! Skiing can be a great adrenaline rush, but it also offers a beautiful way to explore nature.

If you’ve never been skiing or snowboarding, you can rent equipment at the mountain. However, be prepared because renting equipment and purchasing a lift ticket can be pretty expensive.

  1. Sledding or tubing

If there is a hill of snow nearby, consider buying a sled or intertube! It can be a childlike blast of joy to soar down a mountain.

You can race each other, or even both sit in the same jumbo tube.

  1. Ice climbing

For an adrenaline rush, try ice climbing with a guided group.

You’ll get pickaxes and will learn how to scale an icy, mountainous wall.

Here are some ice-climbing courses4 . See if there are any in your area!

  1. Horse-drawn sleigh ride

If your city offers it, consider embarking on a romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride.

It can feel magical to sit in the back of a carriage and observe the city behind a horse’s trot.

  1. Snowball fight

If you’re feeling playful, challenge your partner to a snowball fight! 

When I was in college, there was a tradition that on the first snow of the year, everyone would gather in the school’s central green area and engage in a massive thousand-person snowball fight.  

While you might not be able to recruit that many people to join you, if you have a group of friends to wrangle, more people can bring extra excitement to the experience.

  1. Winter hiking

If it’s not snowing out, you won’t need snow shoes! Bundle up, and you can still enjoy the great outdoors with a scenic hike.

AllTrails5 is a site that can help you find hikes in your area.

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Cozy Indoor Winter Date Ideas

Sometimes, the best way to deal with winter is to get as warm and cozy as possible inside. Try one of these ideas to capitalize on the warm glow that the indoors can provide in contrast to a bitter winter day.

  1. Board game night

If you enjoy board games, what better time to hide indoors and play together than a winter night?

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are 30 board game ideas.

My personal favorite games for two people are:

  • Pandemic6 : a cooperative strategy game that will help you build your decision-making and teamwork skills.
  • Unstable Unicorns7 : an easy-to-learn and zany 1-on-1 strategy game.
  • The Mind8 : a cooperative game that’ll put your psychic skills to the test.
  1. Build a fort together

This is a great way to let your inner children out. Gather all your pillows and blankets and put them in the living room.

Then, get creative and build a fort where you can hide from the world together, eat snacks, and hang out.

  1. Virtual travel night

Choose a country you both dream of visiting and create an evening around it. 

Watch travel documentaries, check out images of the area on Google Earth,9 listen to music from the region, and cook or order food that matches the cuisine.  

This is a fun way for adventure buddies to explore the world from their living room and dream up future trips together.

  1. At-home art studio

Transform your space into a personal art studio for the night. 

Gather supplies for painting, drawing, or any other art form you’re interested in. You can work on individual projects or create something together. 

Put on some music, and enjoy being creative in each other’s company. You could also follow an online art class together.

  1. Puzzle fest

Another option is to purchase a large jigsaw puzzle and spend the day relaxedly chipping at it together.

You could play some tunes or even a podcast in the background as you fit the pieces together.

  1. Movie marathon

Binge on a new series under blankets or pick a your favorite movie series. You could even go for a classic like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.

Give yourselves permission to totally veg out together.

  1. Crafting together

If you are both creative types, try getting a craft project to work on together.

It could be knitting a blanket, putting together dreamcatchers, or beading matching bracelets together.

  1. Read together

Try purchasing the same book and reading it side by side. You can cozy up under the blankets and even cuddle while you immerse yourself in the same world.

  1. Wine or cocktail tasting from home

If you both like to drink, you could create a tasting experience with different wines or cocktails at home.

Cocktails can be especially fun because they will let you experiment and get a little creative.

  1. Karaoke night

You don’t need to leave your living room to sing your favorite songs together!

Try the YouTube channel Sing King. Just put the karaoke version of a song on the speakers and sing your hearts out!

  1. Online cooking class

Sign up for a virtual cooking class and learn a new dish together!

These classes are taught live, and you can bond in the kitchen with your loved one and enjoy the rewards afterward.

Check out Cozymeal10 for some online cooking class options.

  1. Write something together

Spend an evening creating something beautiful together—write a short story, a poem, or even a song. This can be a fun way to learn more about each other’s thoughts and creativity. 

If you’re writing a story, each person can take turns writing a paragraph. If it’s a song, perhaps one can write the lyrics while the other works on the melody. 

This date idea is a unique way to collaborate and express yourselves.

Holiday Spirit Date Ideas

Another option is to get into the holiday spirit together. It can feel warm and cozy to enjoy holiday traditions and festivities.

  1. Visit light displays

Which neighborhoods have the best holiday and Christmas lights? Either take a slow drive or stroll together to take in the beauty of holiday magic.

  1. Decorate together

Make a date out of putting up your holiday decorations! Whether it’s a menorah, a wreath, a Christmas tree, or lights in the front yard.

This is a creative and crafty project that’ll put you in the holiday spirit.

  1. Watch holiday parades

Are there any holiday parades in your area? Try attending one together and soaking up the atmosphere.

If not, you could also enjoy one on TV together.

  1. Volunteer together

So much of the holiday cheer is about warmth, kindness, and giving back. It might be nice to lean into the holiday spirit together by finding a local charity to volunteer at.

Try VolunteerMatch11 to find a charity in your area.

  1. Make holiday cards

It can be a sweet gesture to send holiday cards to loved ones. Consider making a date out of it!

You could either create a standardized card that you send out to your network or write a few handwritten notes to loved ones.

  1. Gingerbread house building

Here’s a fun date idea. Build a gingerbread house together!

Get out your gingerbread squares, frosting, and gumdrops.

You could either collaborate on the same house or compete to see who can build a better one.

  1. Attend a tree-lighting ceremony

Some cities and towns host a public tree-lighting ceremony. This can be a fun way to gather with your greater community and feel a connection with both your partner and your town. 

  1. Holiday cooking or baking

Team up with your partner and cook some traditional holiday dishes or cookies together.

Whether it’s a family recipe, latkes, or eggnog, this can really put you in the spirit.

  1. Holiday movie night

Watch classic holiday movies with hot chocolate. There are some timeless holiday movies that’ll lift your mood.

If you’d like to go the Christmas movie route, here is a list of the top Christmas movies.12

Weekend Getaway Winter Date Ideas

One of the best ways to take advantage of Winter is to leave home and settle into a weekend vacation together. Try one of these ideas.

  1. Cabin retreat

Rent a secluded cabin in the woods for a weekend of relaxation, nature walks, and cozy fireside evenings. 

This is an ideal option for couples seeking tranquility and a break from the hustle and bustle.

  1. Tropical vacation

If you experience seasonal affective disorder,13 you could escape the cold weather and chase the sun together!

Consider going to a warm, sunny, and tropical location to bask in the sun and get some vitamin D together.

  1. Ski resort stay

Even if neither of you skis, it can be a great time to rent an Airbnb in a ski town. These small villages have a friendly winter vibe. You can get chili in the lodge and watch skiers come in and out.

Bonus if you both enjoy skiing and snowboarding. This is a perfect vacation for active couples who enjoy winter sports and the mountain atmosphere.

  1. Coastal escape

Even in winter, the coast has its charm with dramatic waves and fewer crowds. 

You could find a beachfront hotel and enjoy a weekend of seafood dinners. The ocean is just as powerful and beautiful in the cold months as it is in the warm ones. 

  1. Historical town adventure

Are there any historic towns or villages near you? It can be a magical escape to explore a historic town with well-preserved architecture, antique shops, and cozy taverns. 

This can be a fun way to bond with each other as you learn about the area’s history and enjoy a slower pace of life.

  1. Luxury hotel splurge

Another option is to treat yourselves to a weekend of luxury. Spend a few extra bucks on a fancy hotel with fine dining, an indoor pool, and other high-end amenities. 

This can be a chance to pamper yourselves and enjoy each other’s company in a lavish setting.

  1. City exploration

You could also pick a city within a few hours’ drive that neither of you has yet explored. Or it could be a city you love!

The idea is to get away from home and break the routine together. Experience something new, different, and fresh. Visit museums, sip tea in cafes, and dine out. 

This is an ideal date weekend for urban adventurers.

Relaxing Winter Date Ideas

In nature, winter is when nights are long, animals hibernate, and leaves decompose in the ground. You can align with the seasons and make this a time to lay low, relax, and go inward. 

Soon, spring will come when flowers bloom and birds chirp, and that could be a time to be more active together.

  1. Make s’mores by the fire

If you have a fireplace, try building a fire together. It can be a fun teamwork activity that will reward you with hours of warmth and soothing flames.

To make the fire even better, get some marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate squares and feast on some s’mores together while melting into the cozy vibes.

  1. Home massage exchange

You don’t need to go to a spa or hire a massage therapist to get a massage!

Try trading messages with each other. You could do short trades of five minutes or go for something longer, like 45 minutes.

You could also go the extra mile and make a relaxing playlist, buy some massage oil, and bring essential oils.

  1. Spa day

Book a couples’ spa day. Enjoy a couples massage, saunas, jacuzzis, and cold plunges.

Let this be an experience where you both deeply relax.

  1. Yoga date

It can be a nice, relaxing date to practice wellness together.

You could go to a yoga class together, put on a yoga YouTube video at home, or just do postures alongside each other.

You’ll leave feeling centered, and like you’ve supported each other.

  1. Cozy coffee date

Find the coziest café around and enjoy a warm drink together.

It’s a simple date, but it can be nice to meet somewhere new and soak up the cozy atmosphere together.

  1. Quiet bookstore date

If you’re both readers, find a small bookstore and explore books together.

Notice what piques both of your curiosity. Read a few pages and then swap books. Let the time drift away as you explore ideas and stories together.

  1. Planetarium

A planetarium is a domed theatre designed to simulate the night sky while providing you with educational and entertaining shows about astronomy and the universe. 

If you want a sense of awe and wonder, try this idea for some indoor, cozy star-gazing where you can step into the cosmos together.

Cultural Winter Date Ideas

Here are some winter date ideas that’ll help you enjoy arts and culture together.

  1. Museum visit

Dive into a world of art, history, and culture with a visit to a museum. Whether you’re art enthusiasts or history buffs, a museum offers a unique blend of educational and emotional experiences. 

It can be a bonding experience to explore ancient artifacts or breathtaking paintings and discuss what ideas they bring up for both of you.

  1. Theater performance

It can be a magical experience to attend a live play, musical, or ballet.

You and your partner can get immersed together in the amazing world of performance. It’ll give you loads to talk about on the way home.

  1. Concert

Consider going to a live music performance! Whether it’s a band or a DJ, live music has a way of bringing a group together and infusing them with inspiration.

It’s also a good opportunity to dance with each other if that’s something you enjoy.

  1. Indie movie night

If there is a local theater around that shows indie films, this could be a fun date.

Indie films tend to be unique and take you on a totally new movie experience. Sit back, hold hands, and munch popcorn together while you enjoy the show.

  1. Art class

Look online for an art class in your area! Whether painting, pottery, or photography, it might be a blast to learn some new creative skills together.

You’ll also leave with creative artifacts to remind you of your date.

  1. Opera or symphony

If you’re feeling fancy, consider going to the opera or symphony!

It can be a great excuse to wear your nicest clothes together and enjoy high-brow entertainment.

  1. Trivia night

Go to a local pub for a trivia night! You’ll get to team up and put your brains and memories to the test.

If you want some practice, check out this ultimate list of trivia questions.

  1. Go to a drag performance

For a lively dose of humor, music, and activism, consider going to a drag show together. 

If you’ve never been, it can be a fun experience to hop into this subculture and enjoy the transformative beauty of drag.

  1. Go to a standup comedy show

Going to a comedy show can be a fantastic way to bond with another person because you will be sitting next to each other and sharing endless bouts of laughter!

See if there’s a comedy club near you where you and your partner can go with the intention of having a blast.

  1. Poetry night

If either of you likes poetry, consider going to a book reading or poetry night.

It can be a fun outing to experience the power of spoken word together. 

And if either of you two is a writer, the experience could create some creative fodder. Maybe when you get home, you could even write some poetry together.

Food and Drink Winter Date Ideas

A great way to celebrate the winter weather together is through food and drink. Bond with your loved one by cooking together, breaking bread, and imbibing.

  1. Chocolate tasting tour

Take your passion for chocolate to the next level with this unforgettable winter date idea. If you are both chocolate lovers, try a chocolate tour together.

Seek out local chocolatiers, chocolate shops, or factories that offer tours. You’ll get an insider’s look at the roasting, grinding, and refining process.

  1. Winery or brewery tour

If you are both drinkers, this could be a fun option. It can be enjoyable to explore local vineyards or breweries and to refine your pallet in the process. 

It could be even more memorable to seek out a scenic winery or brewery, where you can enjoy breathtaking views while you enjoy your beer or wine tasting. 

Lots of breweries and wineries will offer guided tours where you’ll witness the drink-making process from initial fermentation to the final bottling. 

  1. In-person cooking class

Bring some spice into your date night by enrolling in an in-person cooking class together. 

In this hands-on experience, you’ll learn new recipes, techniques, and the art of cooking from professional chefs. It’s a fantastic way to bond over the shared task of preparing a meal. You’ll also get to practice teamwork and communication. 

  1. Homemade pizza night

What’s better than pizza night?

Spend the night in and make a variety of awesome pizzas together. Try red sauce, white sauce, and green sauce pizzas.

This is a nostalgic way to hang out and bond over food together.

  1. Go to an expensive restaurant

You could use the winter as an excuse to dine in style. Pick a top-rated restaurant in your city and lavish yourselves with the pleasures of gourmet, cooked food.

Takeaways on Winter Date Ideas

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t go on awesome dates! Hopefully, one of these ideas inspired you.

If you’d like some icebreaker questions and activities to bring into your next date, check out this list of 131 non-awkward dating icebreakers to try on your next date.

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