Powerful Presentation Skills

Powerful Presentation Skills

Learn to captivate any audience on stage, on video, and in meetings in this livestream training.

All You Need For Every Presentation


Craft powerful presentations

Make your ideas more impactful; make sure your audience walks away loving your idea.


Project Confidence

Presence is essential. Learn to be confident in any setting.


Enhance Vocal Charisma

Deliver your ideas with power. How you say something is sometimes more important than what you say.


Presentation Templates

My five favorite presentation structures to use in any situation.


Pitch Brilliantly

Learn to effectively engage VIPs, build trust, and motivate people.


Power Body Language

Use the latest social neuroscience to develop a new attitude and assertiveness.


Increase Engagement

Increase your audience’s engagement, retention, and trust.


Open and Close Strong

Kick off your presentations (and meetings) right. And use my favorite closers.

Let’s add presentation skills to your professional toolbox.

Successful presentations all possess the same elements. Whether video calls, conference calls, sales presentations, virtual trainings — any venue where you’re sharing your ideas with others. 

The good news? I’ve found the best presentation skills are 100 percent teachable.

Whether you’re already a speaking pro or simply have an idea you just need to share, I’ll help you elevate your speaking game.

I developed the perfect format for helping you become an amazing presenter, and we are going to do it together in an amazing one-day training. This presentation skills training will cover everything you need to know about presenting.

Vanessa in the Media

Share your ideas.

I believe everyone has ideas and stories that make this world a better place. So often those ideas stay just an idea, and stories remain untold.

Usually this has more to do with how you communicate an idea than the quality of the idea itself.

You deserve to have your ideas heard. You can have a memorable and authentic presence that enables you to share, teach and speak confidently.

Together, let’s build, hone, and perfect your presentation skills. Let’s get people talking about your ideas.

About Vanessa

I’ve spent the last 12 years crafting presentations.

Over hundreds of events—in person, on stage, and virtually—I’ve figured out what it takes to deliver a great presentation. I’ve been fortunate enough to speak on stages from MIT to SXSW, lead meetings at Fortune 100 companies like Microsoft and Google, and even host virtual trainings for thousands of attendees for companies like Amazon.

My best career opportunities came from specific presentations.

List iconMy editor saw me on stage in front of 2,500 people, and offered me a major book deal with Penguin Random House. Two years later, Captivate hit the best sellers list.
List iconI’m delighted my TEDx London talk has been viewed millions of times—introducing me to new audiences and opportunities.
List iconMost important of all, my presentations allow me to make an impact and connect with a global audience of incredible students like you.

A few of my past engagements.

What Makes Our Approach Different


A Science Based Approach

No more guesswork or generalities about presentations.

Real Life Case Studies

We’ll use real life presentation examples to explore critical concepts.

Workshop Your Presentation

Have a presentation in mind? Apply what you learn immediately.

Bottom Line: We present ourselves and our ideas every day.

We constantly present: from opening a meeting, to giving a toast, to hosting a video call, to speaking up on a conference call. My presentation skills framework trains you to present your best self. Every time.

Who should attend?

Ambitious professionals who present or share ideas in meetings

Entrepreneurs presenting to customers, VIPs, or investors

Salespeople seeking a better pitch

Introverts & ambiverts wanting to present authentically and powerfully

Extroverts wanting to become masterful public speakers

Authors, inventors, side-hustlers, and aspiring professionals who need presentation skills to break through their career walls 

Self-development lovers who want to add presentation skills to their toolkit

If this is you… then I would love to work with you. 

Who shouldn’t attend?

This training is not about becoming a professional public speaker. It is about equipping yourself with advanced presentation skills for your unique career goals.

Powerful Presentations

Recording + Bonus


Get full, lifetime access to the recorded teaching so you can rewatch it any time.

Get access to these exclusive bonuses:

  • How to crush your presenting fears
  • An expert guide to interacting with your audience
  • How to be funny
  • My favorite strategies for powerful slides and visuals
  • How to prepare and practice before your presentation
  • Confident question and answer sessions
  • How to tell powerful stories
  • How to effectively use props (and podiums, clickers and microphones)
  • How to up your verbal power and be more persuasive
  • What to wear (and NOT to wear) to your presentation
  • What to eat (and drink) before your presentation
  • The best 5-minute vocal warm-up

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