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Get Direction

Learn the 12 people skills the world’s most successful people use to communicate with confidence. Identify the specific skills holding you back so you can immediately have a more memorable presence, increase your impact and gain more respect in your interactions. Accelerate your success so you can reach your goals FASTER.

Implement the Tools

We took the guesswork out of it. Easy-to-follow frameworks and scripts help you to make changes right away. Whether you’re starting a new job, asking for a promotion, speaking to a group, networking, leveling up as a leader, starting your own business, improving your relationships, or asking for a promotion.

Live Workshops with Vanessa

Every month Vanessa hosts a Live Workshop exclusively for People School students. She shares the latest people skills, science, and timely advice, so the learning never stops. Ask your own personal questions, practice with real-life examples, and learn in real time.

Leverage Life-long Benefits

What you’re about to learn in People School will immediately begin to improve your life and help you get more of what you want. Eliminate the frustration and confusion. People School teaches you precisely what’s working and what’s not on your journey toward success. Best of all, once you learn these skills, you can’t unlearn them! You’ll leverage these skills for the rest of your life. Talk about a lifetime investment in yourself!

Access anytime, anywhere

Need a quick review before a big meeting, client call, or social event? What about a script to remember how to negotiate, what to say when you meet someone new or how to be interesting? We’ve got you covered! Access People School via phone, iPad, laptop, or desktop. We’re here for you!

Students come from companies large and small in more than 50 countries.

Special Launch Bonus

When you join People School by 5/26, you’ll get complimentary access to Powerful Presentations, Vanessa’s detailed training that lets you captivate any audience on stage, on video, and in meetings.

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Why Students Love People School

Clarity. Confidence. Community.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Got the job!!
$30K more per year!”

… Less hours, more vacation, better bonuses, and less BS. Thank you.

Keith M.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Nailed my first keynote speech!”

I’m seriously high on dopamine after nailing my first keynote speech at a business women’s luncheon. And I attribute much of the success to my learnings already on this course.

Nicky M.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“It’s official. I landed the senior manager role and achieved my 1 year goal!”

Claudia W.

I love the science behind each skill! Positive priming stood out for me and I’m already using it everywhere – such a great skill. As a whole the course taught me: ‘how to be the best me I can possibly be’ – the journey is not over yet & I will definitely watch this over and over, picking up the finer nuances each time.

Thank you for an AMAZING course!


This course was worth every penny and every minute invested. I feel encouraged by what I’ve accomplished up to starting people school. I’m realizing I have good people instincts. And now, after People School, I am seeing where I have been operating in the dark – where my blind spots are – and that’s so valuable.

Monique A.

For the first time in years, I got a review at work that said I’m exceeding expectations!

You have freed me from the bondage of ‘introvert’. I wish I had learned this a long time ago. But I have hope now. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Several people came up to me and said they were impressed with how engaging and confident I seemed. That would have never happened before.

All of my arguments are resolving much faster now.

Not only do I know what to do now, I actually *like* doing the things that People School has taught me!

Since People School, I have never had such engaging and fun interviews in my life… Last Friday I accepted a senior position with an increase in my total package of $100k.


Now I have a structure or plan to follow that I understand and do with purpose.

This was a great course, I just wanted to say in the past would obsess over doing things differently in conversations or interactions including emails. I never knew why I would write an email 3 or 4 times before sending it but this course put a label on it. It helped me understand that the things I had been doing was right but I feel that I can start working on getting my point across in interactions much easier. Thank you for the course.


I’ve been able to close all 5 of my offers this week. I would have never imagined a 100% close rate!

People are actually listening to me!

I can see in people’s eyes when I speak to them now, that they’re actually listening. They aren’t just waiting to talk.

I have finally been accepted to my program of choice at school. During that process, I did try to prime every email I sent out and used a lot more hand gestures during my interviews. Knowing that I have a good plan, vs. wondering if I should do this or that, certainly had a big impact on my confidence. And I think confidence makes all the difference.

People are actually saying “Yes” to my ideas, and when I invite them to go do things with me on the weekends and after work.

It’s time to get more for your efforts. Go from being overlooked, no matter how hard you work, to UNSTOPPABLE.

12 Advanced Skills. 12 Powerful Secrets.

Here’s what you’ll learn in People School:

Skill 1: The Charisma Formula

Make a great first impression every time. I share my relationship operating system for all of your interactions.

Skill 2: Powerfully Share Ideas

Get the results you want from your interactions — every time. Get people to take notice of your ideas.

Skill 3: Be Engaging

Learn to be engaging on video, in person, and in writing. Master the nonverbal cues of trust and power.


Start interesting conversations, keep them going, and pitch your ideas in a way that leaves people curious and excited.


Rapidly build trust and mutual rapport for lasting and meaningful relationships.

SKILL 6: Communicate with POWER

Be taken seriously, interrupted less, and command authority and respect.


Be more magnetic, memorable, and likable in any situation.

Skill 8: Decode People

Improve your emotional intelligence. Read cues to eliminate confusion, and connect with anyone.

Skill 9: Master Conversation

Move beyond small talk to create powerful connections and never run out of things to say.

Skill 10: Assert Yourself

Develop social assertiveness and get what you need and want out of interactions.

Skill 11: Increase Your Influence

Lead with authority and authenticity and get your ideas adopted.

Skill 12: Strengthen Connections

Become indispensable at work and thrive on a team, or leading a team.

Live Workshops with Vanessa

Every month Vanessa hosts a live workshop exclusively for People School students. She shares the latest people skills science and timely advice so the learning never stops. Ask your own personal questions, practice with real-life examples, and learn in real-time.

Course Overview

How many of these statements sound like you?

  • You have great ideas but have trouble getting them adopted. (And the typical elevator pitch makes your skin crawl!)
  • You know you’re incredibly talented but dread asking for a raise, raising your rates, or negotiating for what you know you deserve.
  • You have trouble saying no — to events that drain you, social obligations, and toxic people.
  • You are often under-appreciated for your hard work because you don’t always know how to showcase your strengths.
  • You want a strong network with high-quality contacts without going to a networking event every night of the week (or be a smarmy salesman).
  • You want to influence without being inauthentic.
  • You’ve already achieved a certain degree of success, but you know you can do much more. Now you’re ready for the next level but aren’t sure what steps to take. (This doesn’t mean you aren’t busy! Your to-do list is jam-packed, but your 5-year plan is worryingly ambiguous.)

If this sounds like you, I want to help.

Here’s the problem: Most of us have not been given all the communication tools we need to succeed. We learned technical skills and job skills in school but were barely given any communication skills training. No matter how talented you are, you cannot succeed if you can’t interview effectively, negotiate your worth, or be indispensable on a team.

I want you to be recognized for your talents. I want to get your ideas heard. I want you to be paid what you deserve. To do this, I have created the ultimate people skills training. People School will teach you all the soft skills you were never taught in school.

My goal is to give you a foundation for effective communication you can use for the rest of your life to help you achieve your mission, up your impact, and share your ideas with the world.

Is People School right for you?

After working with thousands of students, we’ve learned a lot about who can truly benefit from People School.

People School is right for you if:

  • You’re driven to get more out of life and want the one universal skill that will help you, regardless of where your future takes you.
  • You want to strategically improve your communication, relationships, and how you’re perceived — and you’re willing to spend 1-2 hours a week to get there.
  • You’ve tried improving your communication in the past and are ready to accelerate the process by getting help.
  • You’re willing to try new things and expand your comfort zone.
  • You’re tired of just getting information and want a plan for implementing things so you can truly change.

People School is NOT for you if:

  • You want to learn how to manipulate people: We teach you to be the best, most authentic version of yourself when you communicate, not how to play mind games with others. If you’re here to learn how to “trick” people, you will be sorely disappointed.
  • You want a “quick fix”: For every skill we teach, we leave time and space to turn it into an actionable part of your People Development Plan — your personal step-by-step plan for applying the knowledge. But it only works if you do the work. If you aren’t willing to do the work to make a lasting change, please don’t join. We want to work with committed students.
  • You aren’t willing to commit 1-3 hours a week: The course gives you lifelong access to the core video modules and you can take it at your own speed, that said, we recommend spending an hour or two a week on it until you’re done.

People School Helps You:

  • Get more clients and sales
  • Access more opportunities
  • Get promoted
  • Be unforgettable
  • Get more time and attention from stakeholders
  • Be seen as a trusted leader in your field
  • Get access to more opportunities
  • Better understand yourself and others
  • Get your ideas heard 
  • Decrease your stress and anxiety
  • Be seen as the leader you are
  • Stop being overlooked or underestimated
  • Start being recognized for your efforts
  • Improve your relationships
  • Get invited to social gatherings
  • Enjoy more of the good stuff in life!
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After years of developing and testing with thousands of students, I’m so confident that this course will provide powerful results that I offer an unbeatable guarantee:

Take the entire course, and if you’re not satisfied, get every penny back.

I’m certain this is the absolute best social skills course out there — my students often come to me having tried everything else.

I’ve spent over 10 years researching, testing, developing, and tweaking this training program based on the feedback I’ve received. It’s helped homeschooled adults from rural Iowa land jobs at Fortune 500 companies. It’s helped entrepreneurs get funding in half the time they expected. And it will work for you.

My guarantee is simple: Take the course, implement the exercises, and see what happens. If you’re not satisfied with the results, email me and show me you did the work, and I’ll give you every cent back.

Of course, I ask that you do the exercises and practice daily because I know how powerful the results are. If you passively consume the information but don’t implement it, the program won’t work. But I guarantee that if you do the work, you’ll feel better about your social skills and relationships than you ever have before — and you’ll finally have the skills to open up new opportunities.

Here’s What You Get Today:

Join People School and you get:

  • IMMEDIATE 100% Virtual Access to People School from anywhere in the world, anytime you want. Go at your own pace and never lose access. If you have an upcoming presentation three years from now, you can rewatch the videos and use the workbook again and again to refresh your skills.
  • The 12 Core Skills for Interpersonal Communication: Learn the 12 skills that the most effective communicators, most influential leaders, and highest performers use to reach success. Packed with fascinating research, real-life case studies, helpful exercises, and skill challenges to activate your new knowledge. You are about to become UNSTOPPABLE. A $1495 value!


Signup now and we’ll unlock these trainings, scripts, and frameworks to help you get ahead:

12 months LIVE training workshop with Vanessa ($2000 Value)

Learn the latest people skills science and timely advice to continue learning and reaching your goals. Ask your own personal questions, practice with real-life examples, and learn in real time. (This is the ONLY way to get feedback and coaching from Vanessa. She does not take on private clients, so take advantage of these live workshops!) 

Email Concierge ($349 Value)

We’re always here for you. Questions about a people skill or a specific situation? Something you want to learn about? Want to celebrate a big win? Email us. Expect a reply from my team within 24 hours, or Vanessa will answer your question during our live monthly workshop.

People School on many devices

Ready For Anything – Knowledge Library ($800 Value)

✔️  40+ hours of every Live Workshop training Vanessa has ever filmed and a library of previous students’ questions, all available to you in an easy-to-search document, complete with timestamps. If there’s something you want to learn, ask us. Vanessa often creates new training based on your questions and adds them here! Access for one full year.

✔️  3-Steps to Eliminate Stage Fright Course Our friend, Roger Love (world-renowned voice coach to stars like Bradley Cooper, Selena Gomez, and Tony Robbins, to name a few), has gifted EVERY single People School student a free copy of his 3-Step Sequence to Eliminate Stage Fright Course.

PLUS! Get access to Vanessa’s video tutorials to help you handle any situation thrown your way, including:

✔️  Cold Approach – Develop the confidence to walk up to any group, network with people you don’t know, and talk to people you’ve just met like they’re friends!

✔️  How to Ask for a Raise or Raise Your RatesUse our formula to get paid what you’re worth and reduce the anxiety of asking.

✔️  Find Your People – Learn how to build your network (even from scratch), refresh an old or neglected network, and get more high-quality contacts.

✔️  How to Work a StageRefine your public speaking skills, improve stage presence, and look more confident in front of groups while reducing speaking anxiety.

✔️  How to Take the Perfect Profile Photo Make a great digital first impression with our profile picture tutorial. Save this for every time you need to refresh yours.

✔️  Captivate Bonus ChapterGet our conversation blueprint swipe file and the insider resources that jump-started my career.

✔️  Social Exercises Download – Practice your new skills and wield them like an expert.
✔️  Social Meditation Get in the right mindset before any social event.

Custom Workbook and Swag Box! ($250 Value)

Get your own 150+ page workbook full of customized worksheets and lessons to help you follow along with the lessons and objectively view your progress, plus a few fun gifts from me to you! Ships worldwide.


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98.5% Student Satisfaction

Students frequently watch People School more than once.

600,000+ Students

Have taken Vanessa’s courses over more than 10 years.

200+ Countries

Students from around the world and from more than 100 companies.

Vanessa Van Edwards

What you do today will change what your future looks like 6 months from now. I know, because I’ve seen it happen for thousands of students all over the world. And I’ve seen it happen in my own life. I believe that things can be different for you. And I believe that the time for you to take control of your opportunities is right now. I’ve spent my career training and researching, just so that, right now, I could help you. 

Frequently Asked Questions…

After working with thousands of students, we know there’s some common questions people have about People School. We’re here to help you answer them:

What is People School?

People School is the only science-based people skills program that’s been developed with over 50,000+ students. It’s jam-packed with specific strategies, live examples, formulas, starter scripts, and a step-by-step plan.

If you work with people, you MUST learn and master these skills to perform at the top of your industry. Without these skills, you’ll never reach as much success, impact, or influence as you could. Learn the skills you need to succeed at work and in life. 

How long does it take to complete People School?

Typically, it takes 10-20 hours to go through the entire course. However, because you have lifetime access, you can go faster or slower, depending on the pace of learning that works best for you.

And you can always go back and repeat modules if you’ve got a big meeting or event coming up and want to hone your skills. Many of our students retake portions of the course before important negotiations, networking events, or interviews.

How is this course different from other soft skills training or your book?

Vanessa’s book and other courses are set up to get people started on the right track with people skills — this course is designed to help you MASTER them once and for all.

Who teaches People School? Who answers my questions?

The curriculum was developed by Vanessa Van Edwards after 10+ years of research, experimentation, and trials with over 50,000+ students all over the world. Vanessa answers questions during live office hours, and our People School coaches facilitate the discussion forum.

$1495 seems like a large investment, what do I get for my money?

We totally agree. $1495 IS a large investment, which is exactly why we also offer the option to make 12 Monthly Payments of $149. That works out at $4.90 a day–just a little less than a daily latte.

If you can’t commit to investing $5 a day in yourself, we definitely wouldn’t recommend signing up for People School. 

But if you can, if you want to discover and apply the skills you’ll use to accelerate your career, command the respect of your peers, and be seen as an invaluable member of any team, we’re confident you’ll have made a life-changing investment.

Can I  Cancel? How does it work?

If you aren’t fully satisfied within 30 days of enrolling in our course, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Can I buy this for my team/company?

Yes, we can help your team or company’s employees get access. Email us at [email protected] and share your request and we’ll contact you with more information. 

Can I get reimbursed by my work?

Some employers offer tuition reimbursements or allow you to use education credit. We provide a receipt for reimbursement if you want to try submitting to your manager or HR department for reimbursement. And you’re welcome to send this PDF to your HR person. It never hurts to ask!

How long does it take to get through the course?

You have lifetime access, so you can go at whatever speed you want to go. People typically complete the course in 15-20 hours.

What if I’m here to learn how to have better friendships and romantic relationships?

That’s great! People School will absolutely help with that, but it’s geared towards helping you succeed in your professional life. If you decide to apply it in your personal life, it can create dramatic transformations there, too.

Can I take the course if I live in Finland, Mexico, etc.?

Absolutely! The course is online, so you can access it from anywhere in the world.

Can you ship the workbook to my country?

Yes, we can ship your workbook to anywhere in the world.

How long will I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the course and automatically get access to all bonus materials. You’ll get also 12 months of access to our Live monthly workshops!

Can I take People School with a friend or purchase for my organization?

Yes, we offer significant discounts for those looking to purchase more than one seat for People School. Please reach out to us for details and we’d be happy to help.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer significant discounts for first responders and veterans around the world. Please reach out to us with your proof of status and we’d be happy to help you get started.

What kind of people join People School?

We have students from over 50 different countries and companies of all sizes, including entrepreneurs. Most of our students identify as:

Adventurous Introverts: By joining People School, they learn how to be heard without being loud and how to be in control of social interactions while wielding their own unique brand of confidence. Joining People School helps them understand how to intentionally create great conversations and relationships, improve how they’re perceived (even if they don’t change how much or how loud they speak) and become the best version of themselves.

Ambitious Intrapreneurs: By joining People School, they learn how to get more out of relationships, work, and life. They learn how to optimize and highlight their natural strengths without having to fake it or force it — and finally figure out why they can perform so well in some situations and get flustered in others. (And are able to intentionally perform well whenever they want to.) Joining People School shows them how to build on what they already know to get the most powerful results possible.

Goal-Oriented Entrepreneurs: These folks often know they’re good with people, but don’t know why. Entrepreneurs and extroverts gain the knowledge of what they’re doing, why it works, and how to do it more often. Paired with their natural love of people, People School helps them turn something that comes effortlessly into a super-charged skill that helps them succeed.

Don’t see your question answered here? Email [email protected] and we’ll happily answer them for you.

Where do you want to be
6 months from now?

Vanessa Van Edwards behavioral investigator

Change takes changing. And if you want your life to look and feel different, you have to do something differently. You don’t have to do everything differently today; you just have to take one step toward a new direction.

When I was first started my career, I would have never thought my life would be where it is today. Communication skills are powerful and have made my life better in countless ways — but it didn’t all happen at once.

I sincerely hope that if you’ve been struggling to find your groove in work or in life; if you’ve been feeling stuck in your career; if you’ve been constantly questioning if you did or said the right thing; or if you just want to get out of the passenger seat and intentionally drive your life forward — that you invest in the one skill that will help you get more out of life no matter what you do.

What you do today will change what your future looks like 6 months from now. I know, because I’ve seen it happen for thousands of students all over the world. And I’ve seen it happen in my own life.

I believe that things can be different for you. And I believe that the first step in seizing control of your opportunities is taking this course.

Whether you want to flourish within your company, start a company of your own, or simply communicate with purpose and authenticity — This is your chance.

I hope to see you inside.

Vanessa Signature