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Your guide to advanced and actionable social skills in business, life, and love. Learn science-based communication tips that uncover the hidden forces that drive our behavior.

Science of People teaches you how people work. Working confidently with people is essential for your success. Yet we aren’t taught people skills in school. We’re here to bridge the gap. By bringing the latest science-backed, practical and actionable social skills strategies you can use in your professional and social life.

“People Skills are the new career skills”

Vanessa Van Edwards
Founder, Science of People

While we use more technology than ever in the workplace, HR professionals and leaders list social skills as the most important trait in successful and rising employees.

Science of People reaches millions of curious minds every month. Whether you’re reading our articles, watching our videos, or taking one of our courses, our mission is to demystify the world of human interaction – giving you actionable and fun ways to be people smart.

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